What’s been going on in my world……..

Hello friends 🙂
Thought I’d pop on and give a bit of an update on why I’ve not been posting on here. Will has been on a mission to make sure we experience all that parents can and it’s not been pleasant.
We have been struggling with the school to have Ariel tested for learning disabilities since she barely made passing grades to get her credits. We have been working on this since she was in grade school and finally the last week of school they finally said indeed she has problems and beginning the next school year she will have some modified classes, Guess it’s better late than never.
Jasmine has been breaking in hives for a long while so we need to see an allergists for some testing since we can’t get any ideas on what can be causing it.
I have been having some health issues since January with my lungs and have been getting various tests trying to figure out what’s going on it’s not cancer just some spots in the left lung. I had a hospital stay they were thinking I was having a heart attack but all tests came back good so they think maybe something to do with my hiatal hernia and esophagus ??? I don’t know it’s all been one thing after another and I’m just ready to get it all figured out it’s so tiring.
Yesterday Levi had is tonsils and adenoids taken out and a piece of his uvula snipped off. He was a brave little trooper and did well. Had us a bit worried he didn’t stay awake much yesterday but was more alert today.
This post is not a feel sorry for me one just a peek into what’s been going on. On a bright note Heather and the boys are doing well she got a new job last week and is settled into her little house and starts school in the fall to be a medical assistant. Jordan and Melissa are great and Melissa graduated with high honors a few weeks ago and will start her new job working from home this coming school year. Sierra, Levi and Jasmine all passed with straight A’s which makes us all so proud. Jereme’s band had a its first performance last week and it was successful. My hunny is ramping up his summer job he is such a fine Husband, Father and Pampy as the kiddies call him I appreciate him so very much.
Melissa and I are joining a hula hooping fitness class which is pretty exciting and I’m looking forward to it I think we will have a lot of fun. We have surprised ourselves that we can actually do it, not all fancy but we are going to give it our best efforts 🙂
So there is much to be to be grateful for. I sincerely hope each one of you are doing well I know you all have your own ups and downs just as we do around here. I appreciate each of you and thank you for your friendship.
Take care . Big hugs and lots of love,
P.S. I’m still loving my crafty corner 🙂


Blog art not as easy as I thought

Hello Friends !!
Seems adding my blog art to my blog header is not as easy as I had first thought. I am currently getting my files transferred from old computer to the new one which I should have done already. I am keeping the old one for the girls to use for school stuff ect this way I can keep an eye on what they are on you know a Mom can’t be to protective when it comes to her babies 🙂 We ae nearing the end of the school year only about 5 weeks left. This will be the last school year watching the grand babies, Melissa will be finished with her schooling and next year she will work from home which has been her goal. Bittersweet but it will all be good. We are still thinking about the house just a big step to take and we want to be sure it is the right thing for us, I really want it but my Hunny is the financial advisor and I know he will weigh all the pros and cons and we will make our decision then. A plus is we would be close to Jordan and Melissa and the kiddies 🙂 Jereme has expressed interest in wanting to put down some permanent roots and closer to us is a maybe so that would all be nice he has lives away from us since he left for college in 2000 plus Amanda his girlfriend seems like she’d fit right into this crazy family lol.
We lost Brian’s younger brother Brett the 13th of march he was a year younger than Brian and I and it’s been pretty rough for the family. He leaves behind 3 children and a grand-daughter which was the apple of his eye. He was a wonderful person and he is missed very much. Brian’s Mom Carol is holding up well I know it’s been so hard for her losing 2 of her sons in the past couple of years. I love her to pieces she has always loved me like one of her own girls and I worry about her.
My Dad had cataract surgery on both of his eyes and he doesn’t have to wear his glasses any more I told him he was going to be like steve Austin the Bionic man lol So that’s a little bit of whats been happening in my world. Take care my friends.
Love and hugs,

Video of my craft room

Hello friends !!
Today Sierra and I have a video of my craft room and some art we made today. My assistant has been home with am ear infection and we were able to get into the crafty corner and do some playing. We have been working on a blog sign. She made one and so did I. I will be using them in all of my future posts and maybe on my YouTube page as well. I think that Levi will need to have a chance to make sign also as he has long been my crafting partner. Please excuse my rambling we were in a hurry to get this post up before the others come home from school. I will have to work some more on the lighting issues so I am sorry about the glare from the window. We will bid you all farewell for now and talk to you all again later.
Big hugs from us to you
Shelly and Sierra

I will be getting my laptop back soon :) and a quick check in

I have high hopes of getting my computer back sometime this weekend. I have been in my room creating Valentine’s cards and crafting with the kids which are taking turns being home sick. I havent gotten a day alone it seems since Thanksgiving. We’ve had ingrown toenail surgery with Jasmine and she is getting relief but her toes are still quite sore (don’t help that they get stepped on at school and home by the other kids accidentally). Levi is on round 3 or 4 of strep throat and Sierra and Aiden have had terrible ear infections. Ariel has been fighting sinus infections. Brian and Will had Bronchitis and I have been getting over pneumonia which has kicked my butt since January 1st. I’m not complaining just saying whats been happening around here. With a brood this size we are bound to have the crud this time of year. I am hoping we all get it so we can have the rest of the year free and clear.( delusional thinking I know but a Girl can wish can’t she lol) I am enjoying my room and have spent many evenings in there even if I’m not crafting. It’s a peaceful place to gather my thoughts and write down my hope to do list. Leslie I have been trying to follow your posts and videos but my phone don’t always cooperate with me and I cannot post comments from it no matter what I do. I have 2000+ emails sitting in my inbox so I imagine they will take me a bit to weed through when I get the regular opportunity to spend on them. I have been thinking of the best way to set up my tripod, I seem to have pretty good lighting in the daytime with my window so we will have to see how it all works out. I hope this finds you all well, safe and warm.
Big hugs from me to you ((( you )))

Giving this another try :)

Hello friends I am finally able to get some photos uploaded of the new craft room. It will need more organizing and putting together but it is fun getting in there creating even with all the mess. When I get full use of my laptop back I can do another in-depth post. I hope you like it, if you have any questions or suggestions I welcome them.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.
Hugs to you all !!

Back to school soon

Hello Friends
We are getting ready for the new school year to start on the 24th. Wow the summer has just flown by. Soon I will be home alone with many crafting ideas swimming around in my brain. I am in the process of getting a new planner set up I haven’t decided if I want a larger one than I have been using. I am also painting a paper machete rooster for Melissa’s kitchen. I still have a great mess in my crafty corner so it takes me a few minutes to get my stuff shifted so I can work in my space but that’s ok. I have this problem with getting more crafty stuff even though I don’t have room for it. 🙂 While Brian gives me a hard time about it he is still an enabler and brings goodies home to me. Oh how I love that man of mine. Well I’m off here to get ready for Zach and Aiden to get here we are keeping them over night and Sierra and Levi will be here at 7 in the morning. Wish me well Brian will gone all day tomorrow at a leadership conference so I’ll be solo with all the kiddos.
Take care Friends.
Love and hugs,

The flu 1…. Brian 0… my hunny is down for the count

Hello Friends 🙂
Hope you are all well with your health and weather. As I post here we are getting some snow yes you heard right snow 🙂 Today is early dismissal and the beginning of Spring break for our schools. I am happy for Brian because it will give him time to get back on his feet this flu has bowled him over, it’s been a long time since he’s been this sick. the kids will be disappointed if it stays colder they were hoping for some of the high 60’s mid 70’s temps we’ve had. No problem I’m sure we will have an enjoyable break anyway. My craft dreams pushed to the side this last week to let my man have his rest away from the brood in our bedroom/my crafty corner. So how have you all been ? Leslie how is the new job going ? How is Joe as he travels from here and there ? Was the bad weather outbreak close to you ? How are the twins ? getting big I’m sure. Lynn how are you and Rod? Are your gardens is bloom yet ? How are your grand children? Like I said the other day we are well around here except for the bugs being passed around but I am hoping that over break we can put a stop to them. We are thinking of moving this year to a house instead of our mobile home. This place has served us well but we are thinking a change may be in order. Kinda exciting we’ve been here almost 20 years and that’s longer than either Brian or I have lived in the same place our entire lives , both our families moved a lot when we were kids and we followed suit in our early married life. So I say bring the adventure on 🙂 Don’t know how long it will take to find a place but that should be half the fun right lol.
Well gotta run some errands hope to hear from you soon

Love and hugs ‘