Update and stuff :)

Hi Everyone ,

Just an update and Many thanks to everyone who has been commenting I really appreciate you taking the time to stop in and share in my ramblings and such.   We are getting the little ones settled in and my children are all taking it in stride. The baby ( Levi ) is recovering nicely from his ear infection and we survived getting baby shots for both of them, Sierra was not to pleased about them at all. We sold our large van and bought a smaller one and I kove it 🙂  We have been having some craz;y weather an unusual heat wave and some pretty chilly nights  I am ready for fall.  My headaches are still ongoing but I’m not wrapped around the commode sick so all is ok for now. My Dr. visit was not what I had hoped for He gave me a new med to try that only made my hands and feet numb and I felt like I was being choked all the while having a pounding headache 😦 guess there is always the next visit I know that stress is a big factor here but don’t think that is all Just need to get them to listen to me. Hope you all are faring well in your different parts of the world.

until later ,

Happy stamping




Whew……. am I happy that this week is rolling to an end not that I’m wishing my time away just a long and tiring week at my busy abode. We sold our 12 passenger van on Monday and  so did the adventure to find a 7 passenger mini van that can tote around all these kids around here lol  🙂 .  We have had an unusually hot bout of weather the last few days and that made it more difficult with my migraine that has lasted since last Saturday!!!!!  Note a little frustration here 🙂 We pick up the new van @ 11:00 A.M. today and that will be out of the way except for a few minor repairs we want to do to it …Brian wants new tires since I will be hauling the kids all over Gotta love that Man of mine 🙂 Daughter in law goes back to work next week so I will be working on getting the Babies into a good schedule that fits with ours better and Naps are going to be in there as well as a much earlier wake up and down to bed routine. I hope this post finds you all faring well.

Love and hugs to you all,


Lazy Sunday

Hello all  🙂

Just a lazy Sunday for me Kinda nursing a headache that seems like it could turn into a whopper 😦  So the plans are derailed for a bit I wish I could get these things under control…… again no cleaning of the awful closet been wanting to get that under control since the water heater went out at the beginning of summer. Yikes am I behind soon I will be babysitting the grandbabies more ofter so I need to get my buns in gear because I won’t get it done while I have them to give me lotsa help  🙂    I guess there’s always tomorrow and it sure isn’t going anywhere. What are my chances that the closet cleaning fairies will strike while I sleep tonight???  …….. umm….. I’ll let you know tomorrow  lol  🙂  Til then  happy stamping to you all.


Some cardmaking :)

Ok…. so it’s not me…. but at least some card making going on at my house  🙂  This is my little Granddaughter Sierra making her Daddy and Grandpa Don’s birthday cards today. I had planned to stamp right along with her but was having  fun with her instead. We had a grand day stamping , watching Jimmy Neutron boy genius, and playing with the dishes and kitchen set and having the favorite Mc Donalds kids meal we later picked up Levi her little Brother ( I’ll have to get a shot of him up on here too.)  What a great day.  I still need to make my Son’s card so maybe there will be another post today if only with photos. 

Thanks for stopping by,  Check out our video upload   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNa1r8XyboM


Just a quick check in

Please contine to remember all who lost their lives and their families and all those who worked and gave so much of themselves following the horrible tragedy of 9-11-01.  

Well today was lovely no rain and sunny skies but,  getting all caught up on the laundry… which means no crafting for me again     😦     Good thing though we found a used dryer for very little expense so it saves me having to wash everything up then carry it all to the laundromat to dry it all so I can’t comalain.  We have the grandbabies tonight and they are asleep by midnight  🙂   Had my own down by 9:30 again not complaining I so love them both and am happy that we get to spend as much time with them as we do. So I’m off to get some shut eye before the middle of the night Bottle duty.

 Take care all and God Bless.

Best laid plans…….

 Hello everyone 🙂

 Well my best laid plans were upset by the loss of my dear old clothes dryer….. my she rest in pieces ….lol .  She was a good old dryer keeping up with all 6 of us and she died happy drying oldest Daughters Mc Donalds work uniforms What a way to go out  🙂

I had big plans to get my photos and video posted and again “my life got in the way”    🙂   So no postings crafty yet but I still have all these ideas floating around that I’d like to share with anyone who is interested. I am thinking of doing an oldies but goodies series of tips and projects.  I will continue to get this ironed out and try again real soon.

 Thanks to all who are checking .

God Bless,