Best laid plans…….

 Hello everyone 🙂

 Well my best laid plans were upset by the loss of my dear old clothes dryer….. my she rest in pieces ….lol .  She was a good old dryer keeping up with all 6 of us and she died happy drying oldest Daughters Mc Donalds work uniforms What a way to go out  🙂

I had big plans to get my photos and video posted and again “my life got in the way”    🙂   So no postings crafty yet but I still have all these ideas floating around that I’d like to share with anyone who is interested. I am thinking of doing an oldies but goodies series of tips and projects.  I will continue to get this ironed out and try again real soon.

 Thanks to all who are checking .

God Bless,


2 thoughts on “Best laid plans…….

  1. Good grief! I think you have more excitement in your life than I do, girlfriend! At least it lasted through your daughter’s uniform before it finally lost all heart.

    I’m excited about your “Oldies but goodies” ideas. There are a lot of beginners that could benefit from your wisdom. I’m especially looking forward to what you have that I can learn 🙂

    Love you – Leslie

    • I guess my excitement is just different than yours lol. We have had that dryer fixed several times and it sure gets a work out around here with all 6 of us and the grandbabies. I figure I do at least 20 loads a week so it got worked to death 🙂 Alls well that ends well. I have almost gotten everything caught up so that makes me happy, I just hate having everything all piled up. So I have big plans for this week if I don’t have another house hold disaster 🙂

      be safe, tell Joe, Patti and Les hello from Illinois
      Love and hugs,

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