Some cardmaking :)

Ok…. so it’s not me…. but at least some card making going on at my house  🙂  This is my little Granddaughter Sierra making her Daddy and Grandpa Don’s birthday cards today. I had planned to stamp right along with her but was having  fun with her instead. We had a grand day stamping , watching Jimmy Neutron boy genius, and playing with the dishes and kitchen set and having the favorite Mc Donalds kids meal we later picked up Levi her little Brother ( I’ll have to get a shot of him up on here too.)  What a great day.  I still need to make my Son’s card so maybe there will be another post today if only with photos. 

Thanks for stopping by,  Check out our video upload


6 thoughts on “Some cardmaking :)

  1. Girlfriend, you are really getting with the program. A blog and a YouTube video!!!! AWESOME.

    By the time your video ended I was in tears. Your Sierra looks so much like my Carissa when she was little like that. What a treasured time you had with her. Sierra’s cards are BEAUTIFUL and will be treasured, if only in these photos. Way Cool!

    Love you – Leslie

    • Thanks for the encouragement Leslie 🙂
      Sierra’s cards were a big hit. Don her other G-Pa made a huge to-do about her art and she was very sheepish but way proud of herself. I have been blessed to have her alot since Son and Wife both work so we have had many a Bottle (formula kind) over youtube cardmaking videos. My Son loved his card and really appreciates her time spent on it since he was my original little card making helper many years ago (still have his stamps so she can use them too)
      I am hoping for my real video but gotta do something about the Canned music for the cover need to research more on that.
      While I got you here … Do I need a host place for my photos? and how do I get a photo instesd of a link to shao up ? If you know where I can find this info that would help me greatly. Thanls for shecking in on my little corner of cyberspace 🙂

      Love and Hugs (I’m off to check you out )


  2. On both my Windows laptop and Mac computers….I find the photos I want to upload then change the image sizes in the photo program to 600 x 450 pxls. I can’t remember right off how I do it in Windows…I’ll have to check on that.

    Then I drag and drop the photos to my desktop. While you are in the “Dashboard” of WordPress and writing your post there are some boxes as the top of the area you write your post. The far left square (hover over it with your mouse) will say something about uploading a photo. I click on that icon thingy and then click on “Browse”, then I go to “Desktop” and select the photo I want then click “Upload”.

    There is a box that will hold your photo separately. You can choose the photo to be put to the “left, center, right” in your blog space and you can choose the size to be from “Thumbnail to Full Size”. Enter a “Caption” and then click the “Submit” button or whatever is at the bottom of the screen and your photo will be loaded into your blog.

    Once the blog entry has been posted then I delete the photo(s) from my desktop. Otherwise I’d never find the desktop for all the photos 🙂

    Hope this helps.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Thanks for the Info Leslie I will have to do more looking in the dashboard I have only did new post and copied and pasted the youtube link. Hoping to get to play tomorrow while kids are at school after Dr. appointment in morning. I appreciate all your help.
      Love and hugs,

  3. Oh what a little darling Sierra is Shelly! Our little grand daughter, Kim, loves stamping too and now has her own craft box at home.
    Thank you for the youtube link so we could have a peek.

    ove and hugs
    Lynn x

    • Thanks Lynn 🙂 Sierra is an awesome little stamper, We went to great grandmas rummage sale this past weekend and she got her three little paper punches since she didn’t have any of her own She is so stinkin cute with her craft supplies. Gotta find the time to get some crafting in. Gotta love the grand kids 🙂

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