Update and stuff :)

Hi Everyone ,

Just an update and Many thanks to everyone who has been commenting I really appreciate you taking the time to stop in and share in my ramblings and such.   We are getting the little ones settled in and my children are all taking it in stride. The baby ( Levi ) is recovering nicely from his ear infection and we survived getting baby shots for both of them, Sierra was not to pleased about them at all. We sold our large van and bought a smaller one and I kove it 🙂  We have been having some craz;y weather an unusual heat wave and some pretty chilly nights  I am ready for fall.  My headaches are still ongoing but I’m not wrapped around the commode sick so all is ok for now. My Dr. visit was not what I had hoped for He gave me a new med to try that only made my hands and feet numb and I felt like I was being choked all the while having a pounding headache 😦 guess there is always the next visit I know that stress is a big factor here but don’t think that is all Just need to get them to listen to me. Hope you all are faring well in your different parts of the world.

until later ,

Happy stamping


2 thoughts on “Update and stuff :)

  1. I’m glad to hear that Levi is recovering from his ear infection nicely. Just in time to get “shot” though. Poor babies. A necessary evil in these days and times.

    Glad you are liking the new van and it is running well. Must feel like you have half of the back end missing when you drive it 🙂

    You will remain in my prayers. Those dratted migraines and seemingly no remedy that doesn’t cause other ill effects or strange sensations.

    I, truly, am glad to hear that your life is settling a bit, even with all the munchkins running around your home spreading love everywhere they go.
    Love you – Leslie

  2. Hi Shelly, sorry to hear your headaches are still continuing do hope your next doctor’s visit will be more fruitful.
    Poor little kiddies having those dreadful vaccinations, they don’t believe us when we tell them it is for their own benefit 🙂 Poor mites.
    So how many children do you still have at home and how old? How many grandbabies are you looking after?
    You must be worn out! Glad to hear the new van is good, bet it will be cheaper to run too.
    I shall come back often to catch up with you.
    Lynn xx

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