Windy :)

Well We are surviving the HIGH WINDS ….. Crazy weather here I think the cold front is finally making it cold tonight.  We are blessed  in that we had no damage to our place  which is great. We have no trees or cover and our home faces the west with nothing but open fields across from us so we get slammed  by the winds. I was wondering how we’d fair since in the past wind storms we’ve had our siding blown off and our screen door right off the hinges almost catapulting  Will our son into the front yard !! Yikes that was scary !!!! So far So good.  On the home front the sicknesses seem to be on the mend and for that I am thankful  🙂  I have been getting some of what I think is much-needed Cleaning and rearranging done around here and that makes me happy.

Well I’m off to bed I think …. want some sleep…… want to stamp…… GRRR …… I think the sleep is gonna win…..

Hugs and love to you all,



A huge Thank You

I just want to say Thanks so much for all your kind and flattering words of encouragement on my blog posts. I truly appreciate every one of you and what you have to say. I am loving this blog since my time for socializing is very limited ( not too many people are keen on being invaded by my crew) and feel like I am connected to other woman who love crafting and such like I do, I am so thankful that I have had you all turn to lately since my life has been so crazy I am very blessed to have met each one of you. Now to the tower IT is a lot of steps to climb but well worth the view even while carrying Levi like a 20 pound sack of potatoes 🙂 He loved it by the way. We are still hoping to go back to the Bridge route without all the traffic and dust to get some better photos but not sure how soon yet. Thanks for the kind remarks of my family they are an awesome bunch of kids a bit of a handful at times but I am a better person because of them. Thanks too for the personal compliments (I am a blusher) I turned 44 the beginning of this month although some days I feel 104 lol 🙂 so I guess I am still rather young. Now Leslie. Crapazoid was a word uttered, Thank you for inspiring me to post and start this blog I’m really enjoying it. Thanks to all who has prayed for me I can tell 🙂 I’m off to see what you all have been up to then to bed, We have the little ones overnight for church tomorrow. Talk to you all later.
Happy crafting,

Covered Bridge photos

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 Ok so here they are finally 🙂  I had Brian help me edit them on his computer since time just was flying by today, but I said I was gonna get this done and so without further ado Here we go:  SO I’m hoping this is right I did it as a slide show without captions  but will give you a little heads up of who is who and so forth. The first picture is of Brian and ny youngest children Will ,Ariel ,and Jasmine at Bridgeton Indiana .The second is me by the dam that the grist mill You can buy freshly ground grains in there along with other stuff. The next one is the Mill its self very pretty with the reflection in the water.The next 2 are of some of the covered bridges along the route from various towns.the next few are from one of our county parks called Forrest Glen , The fa;; tree shot is from atop the tall observation tower which is seen in the next 2 photos. After that is one of Myself and Levi our Grandson on my shoulders He very much was enjoying our hike in the woods  🙂 Another Bridge shot then the young couple is our Son Jordan and his bride Melissa the parents of Levi and Sierra. After them is another shot of my youngest children Jasmine is on the left Will is in the middle and Ariel is on the right .Shot of the dam again at Bridgeton then another shot of the tree tops at Forrest Glen. The last one is from our hike with all five of the kids This one has Sierra and Levi along with Will, Ariel and Jasmine  It was quite a chore to get them all to stand still in the same spot for long , Arent they a motley crew?  I tell you my life is never too quiet and definitely not boring 🙂  I love them all and we had a really great time hanging out and the weather was just perfect. I will try to include the other 2 children in the next photo session. Thanks for stopping and checking me out.

Until next time Happy Crafting  ( one day I will get some crafty stuff posted )

Hugs and love to you all,



Need to vent . Can’t say much nice right now and really want to cuss Angry face since I don’t know how to make one ( ). I am so sick of constant lies. and sick of trusting people who are uopposed to have your back NOT!!!!! until later
Thanks I needed this

Woo Hoo :)

Weather was perfect today and Brian and I had a wonderful day out without the kids. We went to another bridge that we hadent seen before and got some pictures of it and have plans to go back on Monday while the kids are in school and the little ones are home since both Mommy and Daddy have the day off from work. I am hoping to get some nice photos without lots of people since the festival ends tomorrow Lots of dust from all the cars traveling on the backroads. Brian found some treasures for his Ebay business and I got my pink atg tape gun with 2 refills so I am super excited. Can’t wait to put it to use I have some halloween ideas for the young ones. I always make them special treats so this year I want to use my stampin up sweet treat cups with candies. I think I may have a couple weekends off from babysitting since the other grandparents will be in town and want to visit with the little ones too.
Leslie I successfully cropped a photo last night but couldnt get to the downsizing for anything so I guess I need some more practice 🙂 I think I am just not real computer savvy but am determined to get this thing taken care of no matter how long it takes me.
I think the drama atround here should be calming down this week as Daughter left us a message on answering machine that she plans to move out this week sometime. On the upside of this all I think this will help my headaches lessen and that in itsself is a good thing. Hope this post finds you all Having a great weekend.

Happy crafting and other stuffs 🙂

Have to try this a different way…….

Well photo saga continues. It seems that since I have windows 7 none of the photo programs I have work with it ACK!!!! So I downloaded Gimp and I;m not savvy enough to get it to crop let alone downsize anything so after much web surfing ( both Brian and myself I find that I have a windows live thingy and alas it did crop my photo but I can’t blog it or email ir since I don’t have that kind of email account and I don’t want one that downloads into my computer…..So the newest option is just to do all my editing on Brians desktop amd put them on a card and put them on this laptop and bla bla bla you know the rest.
Who would have thought it would turn out to be this much of a fiasco????? Oh well thats the plan I have the weekend without little ones and only plans to revisit the covered bridge festival on Sat. Looking to get an ATG tape gun Pretty good deal on one at a scrapbooking booth. Wish me luck and that Idon’t run into anymore snags or else I might think I’m not sopposed to share my Bridges 🙂
Talke care and Keep well

Howdy there :)

Another quick update : Kids still sick, had a nice time at the covered bridge festival last weekend,Pictures still on camera card, 18 yr.old Daughter making me CRAZY…. Man is she different than the Boys.I mean when they turned 18 it was a walk in the park compared to this, seems like a constant soap opera. Is it wrong to just want her to find somewhere else to live? I mean does this make me a rotten Mother? Can’t say it was like this with the older boys when they left. Feeling guilty here and fussing way too much with Brian about it all 😦 Massive headache coming on.
Side note : one day this will be the crafty blog I’d hoped for 🙂

Until than Happy stamping and Crafting