A nice day for laundry…… not :)

Hello all 🙂

Well I managed to get most of my housework finished yesterday and finish up the mountains of laundry today. Ahhh that feels good to say. We have a 4 day school week followed by a 4 day weekend followed by another 4 day schoolweek . I think weather permitting we will take the children to a local park to see the changing leaves ,we have a county park that has a high tower to climb and you can see for miles Very pretty when the leaves start to change. The Grandbabies are getting settled into their new schedule nicely and Mommy (Daughter in law) is getting settled back into her work schedule.Little Sierra went home to stay the night with her parents and will be back early in the morning and Levi is down for the night at 7:30 so that gave me some time with my own little ones we watched Shark tails (again) and had a nice quiet evening.I think that the Kiddies may still stay with us for a bit longer but Daughter in laws depression meds seem to be working very well so God willing the babies will be back where they belong soon. Not that we mind them being with us 🙂   OK …  Lynn this is for you since you asked about my family just an overview :  I am happily married to my high school sweetheart for 26 years  We have 6 children 2 biological and 4 adopted Three boys and three girls. Jereme is soon to be 28 and lives about 30 miles form us, Jordan just turned 23 the past month and is the one married with the grandbabies He and Melissa have been married for 3 years and have Sierra age 2 and Levi 8 months.They two older boys are our biological ones. We were teenage parents our boys born when we were 16 and 21 after Jordan was born I was told I could not bear any more children and we decided that If God wanted us to have anymore children He would make away for it……and He did  🙂  We are foster /adoptive so i our oldest daughter Heather now 18 was placed with us when she was 17 months old and we adopted her when she was 4. We had a son Dameon that we lost at 15 months due to extreme medical problems we never got to adopt him but he is our son none the less, Then came Will he is 13 and we got him when he was 5 weeks old We took some time away from fostering and thought maybe we were done but Brian had a friend at work that told him God had 2 little girls for us We said sure,… since we had not kept our liscense and training current but again God did have those girls for us and 2 weeks from hearing about the girls Ariel now soon to be 10 then just 3 and Jasmine soon to be 9 then just 2  moved in( on Jazzys 2nd birthday). So we are quite a busy and sometimes complicated family but all is good indeed. I am very blessed to love and be loved by my wonderful family.       My headaches are a lot of stress related issues but with this group that’s just normal. Many of my children had very hard lives before they came to be with us so to have some issues are to be expected . Well enough of this book for now hope I havent bored you all too much. I fully intend to get some crafting in sometime soon, Umm well that’s the plan anyway.  Take care and until later.

Happy Stamping and crafting   🙂


2 thoughts on “A nice day for laundry…… not :)

  1. Yay. I figured out how to post a comment from my iPhone.

    I can fully understand the mayhem in your household. Being a foster parent is no easy job. Taking in children with abandonment issues is not easy. I know, I am one. A child with abandonment issues. Thankfully I found my permanent home with Joe and I don’t act out any longer.

    Giving those kids a permanent home by adopting them and loving them has a whole different set of issues but at least they will grow to know that they have a place to be in this world and they mean something. No longer trash blowing in the wind.

    I thank you and Brian for being the people you are. Even though it adds stress to you and brings on migraines, I’m sorry to know that, you two are awesome.

    Woohoo. Mount Washmore is getting under control. Most excellent for you!!!!

    You will continue to be in my prayers.
    Love you – Leslie

  2. Phew Shelly no wonder you have migraines! Where would those kiddies be without you and Brian though? At last they have love and stability in their lives and will appreciate these things as they get older and, especially, when they have children of their own. I admire you both very much and then to care for your grandchildren too!! Do hope your DIL’s depression improves – takes a while as I know from first hand experience but luckily we didn’t have little ones when I was going through that.
    I can only imagine the loads of laundry that needs to be done, I bet your washing machine groans!!
    I very much hope thoug that you can soon have some very much needed ‘me’ time because you sure as heck deserve it and then perhaps your stress levels will decrease especially if you can ‘lose’ yourself in some crafting.
    Take good care
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

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