Howdy there :)

Another quick update : Kids still sick, had a nice time at the covered bridge festival last weekend,Pictures still on camera card, 18 yr.old Daughter making me CRAZY…. Man is she different than the Boys.I mean when they turned 18 it was a walk in the park compared to this, seems like a constant soap opera. Is it wrong to just want her to find somewhere else to live? I mean does this make me a rotten Mother? Can’t say it was like this with the older boys when they left. Feeling guilty here and fussing way too much with Brian about it all 😦 Massive headache coming on.
Side note : one day this will be the crafty blog I’d hoped for πŸ™‚

Until than Happy stamping and Crafting

6 thoughts on “Howdy there :)

  1. Oh Shelly don’t let daughter send you on guilt, teenage daughter’s are great drama queens and baiting mum is one of their pet sujects and oh those guilt trips they send us on! I swear they learnt how to do this at a very early age πŸ™‚ No you are not a roten mother nor are you being cruel. At 18 she is old enough to fly the nest now, heck I was married and had a child of mine by then and had 3 stepchildren!! I couldn’t wait to fly the nest now youngsters seem to want to stay forever – I think we make life too easy and cozy for them.
    You stand your ground Shelly, I’m rooting for you.
    Sorry to hear the kiddies are still sick – hope they recover real soon.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • I can spell and use proper grammar but if I don’t read my message through properly before hitting send I realise my keyboard has acted up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Love and hugs
      Lynn xxxx

  2. Thank you Lynn I needed to vent somewhere safe πŸ™‚ I have just gotten subbed to your new blog and Wow there are some awesome photos posted there. My Brian likes to take photos and wven sold a couple a few years back I’ll have to post some of his artwork too. Well off to bed more excitement to have tomorrow.
    Happy Crafting and photo taking πŸ™‚


  3. Would love to see some of Brian’s photos and art work. Many thanks for subbing to my blog and for your comments. I must make time to put something else on there πŸ™‚

    Lynn xx

  4. I’m so sorry you are having difficulties with your daughter. Lynn is correct, when the girls get that age (usually starts about 16) the
    Bill Cosbys comedy stuff begins to sound about right….”I brought you into this world and I can take you out”. Been there, multiple times.

    Joe and I laid down the law. They had to get a job and begin paying for their own stuff. We no longer supported them since they were of “emancipation age”.

    Surprising how much less of a problem they become when they have to work at McDonalds or a grocery store.

    You are not a bad Mother!! Don’t even go there. Our girls thought they knew it all and Joe and I were dumb as rocks. The baiting and trouble didn’t all of a sudden stop, it lessened enough that I was not ready to kill them any longer.

    The most stunning thing happened, each time (4)…they had a bit of money they earned and ACTUALLY offered to buy groceries with the money for the household!!!

    You will survive this. So sorry you are having another headache from all of your stress, little ones sick and dealing with the daughter.

    Girlfriend, you feel like venting then go on ahead. I do regularly and you can also.

    Good for Brian selling some of his photos and art work. Yes, I’m with Lynn…put some up so we can share in your pride πŸ™‚
    Love you – Leslie

    • Thank you Leslie and Lynn πŸ™‚ This is like a soap opera series around here lately. She has always been the one to “stir” the pot to see what she can cook up but lately it has just really gotten under my skin more than usual. The thing I fear most is for her safety since she is making some very poor choices since she is now an “adult” Super long story 😦 Thanks again for your continued support I will do a long share when I have time and energy to post.

      Love and hugs to you all,

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