Have to try this a different way…….

Well photo saga continues. It seems that since I have windows 7 none of the photo programs I have work with it ACK!!!! So I downloaded Gimp and I;m not savvy enough to get it to crop let alone downsize anything so after much web surfing ( both Brian and myself I find that I have a windows live thingy and alas it did crop my photo but I can’t blog it or email ir since I don’t have that kind of email account and I don’t want one that downloads into my computer…..So the newest option is just to do all my editing on Brians desktop amd put them on a card and put them on this laptop and bla bla bla you know the rest.
Who would have thought it would turn out to be this much of a fiasco????? Oh well thats the plan I have the weekend without little ones and only plans to revisit the covered bridge festival on Sat. Looking to get an ATG tape gun Pretty good deal on one at a scrapbooking booth. Wish me luck and that Idon’t run into anymore snags or else I might think I’m not sopposed to share my Bridges 🙂
Talke care and Keep well


4 thoughts on “Have to try this a different way…….

  1. I use Gimp on my laptop and run Ubuntu on it. Here is what you do….

    Select the photo you want to crop, open it with Gimp. When Gimp opens and you see the photo…the left side of your screen will have a bunch of icons. Click on the square, it is at the very top left.

    Go to the section of your photo you want to begin the crop. You will see “a crosshair” thing. left click at the place you want to start and let go of the left button, drag the square (which will be a rectangle) over and down to encompass the cropping area. When you have the crop area all in the “square” then left click again to hold the box. The photo will change to the cropped area.

    If you have made a mistake then go up to Edit and select UNDO. I’m very familiar with the UNDO thing.

    You can then go to TOOLS and look down the list for ZOOM and click on that. Move the cursor to the portion you want to zoom in on and left click.

    I then go to IMAGE and select IMAGE SIZE and change the pixel size to 600 in the first block (usually width) and the height size will change. Save the image and it will be ready to post on your blog.

    I put the photos I want to use on my desktop for easier selection for my blog.

    Hope this helps you out. If you have questions about LAYERING….don’t ask me because I don’t have a clue.:-)
    Love you – Leslie

    • Thanks Leslie 🙂 I will give this a try later this evening after by babysitting gig can’t seem to get much done with the wee ones wrapped around me all day…. go figure? 🙂 I guess we are going to the covered bridge again today simce my kiddos get out early. I will post some of Brians photos since he has his all edited. He changed cameras about a year ago and don’t like it as well as the other one, pictures arent as nice as before. I am learning this new camera too which has nice editing software if it’s compatible with your operating system. Hope you are having a great day 🙂

      Love and hugs,

  2. I was really intimidated by the Gimp thing, because it was unfamiliar to me. With some button pushing and tons of going to EDIT and selecting UNDO I figured it out.

    Hope you have a good time at the covered bridges once again. I’m really hoping the weather stays good for you and the threatened rain storms don’t move too fast to your area. Don’t need your wee ones, nor yourself, sick again now that they are feeling better.

    I will patiently await your photo uploads.
    Love you – Leslie

  3. Well done Leslie for being able to help Shely with Gimp. I had heard that it is a good programme. I use Paint Shop Pro so could have advised you on that but not Gimp. I love PSP’s undo button too, it is well used 🙂

    Looking forward to the photos and hope you got yourself the ATG and managed to stay dry.

    Lynn xx

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