Need to vent . Can’t say much nice right now and really want to cuss Angry face since I don’t know how to make one ( ). I am so sick of constant lies. and sick of trusting people who are uopposed to have your back NOT!!!!! until later
Thanks I needed this

7 thoughts on “GRR……

  1. Awww…I’m so sorry Shelly! Is there something I can do to help? I can teach you how to do an angry face! I’ve actually never done one but my niece does them all the time! lol It’s like this 😑 So it’s a pointy bracket, a colon and then a round bracket. I hope things get better for you soon. If you need an impartial ear, please know you can email me anytime! :o)

    • Thank you Nancy πŸ™‚

      Things seem to be ending up in a family backstabbing event since Daughter tells so many lies. I know I should just know how people act and how they have been to others it’s just I guess you trust them only to find out they treat you the same as they do the others 😦 Super long story and I guess what I need most is prayer that things will clear up quickly and I can get this household back in order. I still need to help the other kids come to grip with all thats going on since most of them don’t deal with change. Thanks for listening Not feeling like there are many around here that listen to what I say.
      take card and I am happy that I have a safe place to VENT πŸ™‚

      • Venting is very important! You have to get it out so it doesn’t bottle up! You need prayer? You’ve got it! I will definitely pray for you and your family!
        I don’t know what went wrong with my subscription to your blog! All this time I thought your blog was inactive because I didn’t get any notifications of any postings. I just went back and read all that I’ve missed. I’ve also made sure that everything is actually subscribed correctly now! lol So we’re on track now and I’ll be keeping a close eye on you! haha You hang in there, okay? Things really will get better. You’re not as alone as at feels! πŸ™‚

  2. Here, here!! I agree with Nancy! You have a safe place to vent and you just go ahead. We will listen and support you best as we can. Prayers are about all we can actively do but for you to know that you have friends that care you have Nancy and I.

    This might not help you, right now, but my California daughter – Heidi Jo – was a pure terror when she was of the same age as your daughter. I was so glad to see her move out and the house calm down. I was so conflicted at the time. Glad she was gone, sad she had to live someone all alone, so happy all the drama was over, yet I felt like such a bad Mother because at the time I had grown to not like her at all.

    Now, we finally have a good relationship. Took a few years to achieve but we do enjoy each other now and she has apologized for her bad behavior. She’s even asked me why I still love her. Want to talk about a guilt trip? There’s one for you.

    It will pass. Just know that we are here when you need us and also know that you are being prayed over.
    Love you – Leslie

  3. Oh Shelly so sorry you are having to go through all this grief right now. You vent as much as you like; as Nancy said it is so much beter for your health.
    Yes I second everything Leslie said too, some youngsters seem to have to put people through the mill and then finally they grow up.
    Thinking of you and hope all calms down soon for the sake of everyone.

    Lynn xx

  4. Thanks Friends πŸ™‚ I am feeling better about this situation as things are so much quieter and peaceful around here. Brain and I decided that we would pray about her like we always do and let go and just be here if and when she needs us. The other kids seem to be adjusting well and that is good.
    Love to you all,

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