A huge Thank You

I just want to say Thanks so much for all your kind and flattering words of encouragement on my blog posts. I truly appreciate every one of you and what you have to say. I am loving this blog since my time for socializing is very limited ( not too many people are keen on being invaded by my crew) and feel like I am connected to other woman who love crafting and such like I do, I am so thankful that I have had you all turn to lately since my life has been so crazy I am very blessed to have met each one of you. Now to the tower IT is a lot of steps to climb but well worth the view even while carrying Levi like a 20 pound sack of potatoes 🙂 He loved it by the way. We are still hoping to go back to the Bridge route without all the traffic and dust to get some better photos but not sure how soon yet. Thanks for the kind remarks of my family they are an awesome bunch of kids a bit of a handful at times but I am a better person because of them. Thanks too for the personal compliments (I am a blusher) I turned 44 the beginning of this month although some days I feel 104 lol 🙂 so I guess I am still rather young. Now Leslie. Crapazoid was a word uttered, Thank you for inspiring me to post and start this blog I’m really enjoying it. Thanks to all who has prayed for me I can tell 🙂 I’m off to see what you all have been up to then to bed, We have the little ones overnight for church tomorrow. Talk to you all later.
Happy crafting,


3 thoughts on “A huge Thank You

  1. Oh 44! How I’d love to be 44 again but here I am 10 years older. Just now feeling 104 too as I have caught a cold off my grandchildren who are very free and generous with their germs and bugs:) They all love kisses and cuddles but pass along whatever they have at the same time!

    It is great to have these lovely women as friends isn’t it? I am so pleased I have ‘met’ you all.

    Looking forward, when you have the time and energy, to seeing some of your craft work and more photos now that you have worked out how to put them onto your blog.
    Keep up the good work.
    Lynn xx

    • Yes Lynn I love all you ladies 🙂 I am so lucky to have met you all. I too am suffering the germs and bugs from all the kids here.I feel terrible 😦 I take poor little Levi to the Doctor tomorrow he still has an ear infection through several rounds of antibiotic , we will get referred to the ear specialist and they think he will need tubes in his ears, Poor baby he has been so sick.
      I have a short day on wednesday and hope to get some crafty stuff done Maybe just pictures but I hope to none the less. hope you get to rest and feel better soon I;m off to check out the blogs 🙂

      Hugs and Love,

  2. See!!! That’s what you get when you teach your children to share 🙂

    There are some things – like chocolate – that are to be shared….flu and cold bugs are NOT to be shared 🙂

    The weather is changing and it is time for the cold and flu season. My California daughter has been waylaid by the flu this week. I sent her a text message that when she calls to put a cloth over her phone so I don’t get her bug. Thought she was going to choke laughing at me. You know what? (No, but I know who! That’s what I always tell my kids when they ask that question) I’ve seen more people with the medical face masks over their noses and mouths recently in all our travels. Wonder how well that works?

    Yes, ladies. We have quite an awesome little circle here. I’m so proud to know each of you and call you Girlfriend 🙂
    Love you – Leslie

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