Windy :)

Well We are surviving the HIGH WINDS ….. Crazy weather here I think the cold front is finally making it cold tonight.  We are blessed  in that we had no damage to our place  which is great. We have no trees or cover and our home faces the west with nothing but open fields across from us so we get slammed  by the winds. I was wondering how we’d fair since in the past wind storms we’ve had our siding blown off and our screen door right off the hinges almost catapulting  Will our son into the front yard !! Yikes that was scary !!!! So far So good.  On the home front the sicknesses seem to be on the mend and for that I am thankful  🙂  I have been getting some of what I think is much-needed Cleaning and rearranging done around here and that makes me happy.

Well I’m off to bed I think …. want some sleep…… want to stamp…… GRRR …… I think the sleep is gonna win…..

Hugs and love to you all,



3 thoughts on “Windy :)

  1. Good grief. Bet you were rocking and rolling. According to what I’ve seen on the Weather Channel, you guys were in for some heavey rain. Looks like the wind blew it right away.

    Glad to hear your household is on the mend and you are feeling better. Enough to tackle some household chores. Stamping can be done another day….you need your sleep more.
    Love you – Leslie

  2. High winds seem to be everywhere just now. We have been battered here in the UK but since we planted lots of trees around us over the last 35 years we don’t have the damage we used to get – roof tiles would be ripped off and blown over the fence into the field a good 200 feet away. The tiles that weren’t ripped off completely would blow off and smash others on the way down. We once had the very large picture window in our kitchen ripped out complete with frame. That was very scary, even worse as my husband was away at the time.

    Yay you have finally been able to shake off the illness and you are all on the mend now.
    You will soon be able to get back to stamping – one step at a time!
    You certainly need your beauty sleep to get through another day.

    Lynn xx

    • Good grief, Lynn!!!! Sounds like you have “gale force” winds where you live. Yikes!!!

      Hope you weren’t near the kitchen when the whole window left, frame and all!! That would be scary. Hey, I guess at least it went OUT and not IN!
      Love you – Leslie

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