Some crafting and a BIG mess

brayered doilies

Hello everyone¬† ūüôā

I cannot believe this crazy weather¬†we are having here in central Illinois yesterday it was 70ish¬†degrees with tornado watches and torrential¬†rain and tomorrow morning freezing rain and sleet possible only in the 20’s¬† can you say bizarre????

Okay now I did get some of my crafting for my table decorations finished last night and get this I figured out my photo editing program !!!!¬†¬†Ye Haw ¬† ME¬† ūüôā¬† I will post some pictures later in this post Now to the BIG mess…… OK now I said that we got some torrential¬†rain right…. like several hours worth…… Here goes…. I thought¬† Brian was gonna¬† murderize¬†me for sure this morning and I was just sick.¬† Let me give some insight here, last night before the rain started I went to help Melissa with the babies for a bit, came back home got the kids here in bed. Turning on my music I set to crafting really in the groove and was just feeling really relaxed about it not all stressed like I have been lately. Brian and I had been talking earlier about how I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed with all the CRAP happening around here of late ( more to come on that later when I get it all figured out ) and that I can’t seem to get my time to myself to seem productive to me … Well Brian being the loving husband he is( Gave me the swift kick in the hinney¬†I needed ) says you know making cards and stamping is what makes you happy but you don’t do that when you have free time instead¬†you watch other people on youtube¬†make cards( insert swift kicking sound effect here) and he’s right. Well not last night ūüôā anyways during the crafting session the rain started and WOW did it ever rain, Thunder and winds blowing like mad. Brian says teasingly to me you made sure that all the van windows are up right???? I can hear the groans starting….¬† whew…. mmmm…..Ok so this morning at 6:00 my sister in las calls and says “Shelly you know your van DOOR is open don’t you???? I’m like What!!! NO!!! OH my Gosh (many times repeated) running to the front bedroom I don’t see the door open I mean the driver door is closed¬† I’m like are you sure ?? Yes she says I noticed it about a half hour ago but couldn’t find my phone to call you. Are you sure I say still peering out the window ,Yeah she says the passenger side door is open.What????? I¬† didn’t have anyone with me last night Then it hit me …We have electric sliding cargo doors!!!!!¬† Then I really freaked out ( all this took about 2 or 3 minutes to transpire) running to get the key with the remote I ran back to the window and started pushing the button ,Barb ( my sister in law) says there it goes it’s closing now……..YIKES and DOUBLE YIKES . I start babbling Brian is gonna kill me …… the door has had to be open all night long ….the rain….. the new battery……the rain….. Brian is gonna kill me for sure……. we don’t have the other van here for him to get to work ….he’s gonna kill me….. I think I’m gonna get sick……Barb the ever optimistic one says :maybe it’s just got opened when I seen it.¬† WHAT…. I say I got to go I need to tell Brian……Ok she says see ya later. now heading back into the bedroom I see Brian heading towards¬†me ( I must have looked a fretful sight) I start Oh my Gosh Brian Barb just called ( he thought the worse)¬† the van door is open…. all night …. the rain…. the battery….. you’re kidding right…what…….. Out the door he goes…..Back in he comes¬† Yes it had been open throughout the whole night And get this guess which way the rain was blowing ….. yup…..¬†¬†¬† you guessed it¬† straight into the open door. Levi’s car seat had standing water several inches deep,seats soaked ,carpets drenched. Poor Brian worked all day on getting it dried out and it’s still pretty wet in spots But hey tonight its going to freeze since it’s 22 degrees out right now. Oh yeah¬† did say I was taking the kids to see the Doctor today ( med check only) well seems we have another case of the flu…Poor little Jasmine is feverish and sick, Will has an injured thumb from basketball yesterday so has it splinted and wrapped, Ariel seems to be the odd man out and feels well (for now) and we¬†got cookies bagged up for her sale day tomorrow. All we have to do is get through tomorrow and school is out til Monday and we can get on the mend¬† I hope¬† ūüôā¬† Now here are the photos ,Leslie I have yet to get my thankfulness cards done but I still have tonight and tomorrow so I can still do it¬† ūüôā

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