My crafty spot and ATG dressed up :)

Hi ……. long time no post  🙂

Well I am pretty proud of my self I got a tiny crafty project done……. I dressed up my ATG  with some American craft rubons ,Stampin up rhinestones and black flourish stones ,plus a glittery rose Kids tatoo Kinda much but I like it. So here it is :

  Ok so I got the atg done and I feel a little spunky 🙂 

Tatooed ATG

yellow rubons with rhinestone centers
So the next thing to do is show you where I like to play when I get the free time I am going to do this as a slideshow so I can upload it faster if you have any questions about anything I’ll just have to answer you 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you are all having a great new week and those who have been sick are on the mend (we are having another round here seems like a never-ending cycle) I hope to get a start on some other stuff but won’t say out loud since when I do I never seem to get to it. Man I hate it when my life gets in the way if my crafting  LOL  🙂  I’m off to check a few things before I turn for the night.
P.S. don’t mind the dusty shelves I still haven’t gotten to  them yet  :0   kinda a small cramped space and hodge podge decorated but thats just me 😉
Happy crafty stuffs everyone
Hugs and love to you all,

6 thoughts on “My crafty spot and ATG dressed up :)

  1. LOVE, love, love your decorated ATG!!! Looks like you had a blast.

    Your craft area is great. So many tools and gadgets to play with. I hope you do get to play in there on the date and time you have set for yourself. Thanks for sharing your space with us.

    So glad you have figured out how to post photos to your blog. The hardest part is now behind you 🙂
    Love you – Leslie

    • Thank you Leslie 🙂 I had a great time with the atg, I started and cleaned ir off several times til I got what I liked. I’m much to picky 😉
      I am indeed Blessed with way too much stuff, I’ve been in a monthly stamp club since 2001 so I have been able to aquire my goodies a little at a time and I use sale a bration months to the fullest. When we get our tax returns Brian always allots me some extra and that is a good time to earn extra goodies 🙂 My Space is not big but just right for me to hide out in 🙂 Hope you are able to play in your room today and that you got much done on your paperwork yesterday.

      Gotta jet Only get a few minutes in here with the little ones running at my feet 🙂

      Much love,

  2. Oh just love the ATG’s new coat – you will never get that mixed up with anyone else’s nor will anyone be able to walk off with it!!
    Love your craft space too – my mouth dropped open at the sight of all those inks! I am green with envy here – I just love seeing a tidy stash of inks.
    Hope the second (or is it third?) round of illness passes quickly.

    Lynn xxx

    • Thank Lynn, I love this atg works really nicely.
      When I was a demonstrator I held classes at my house so it was nice to have all the colors of ink to match the papers 🙂 My business was more of a hobby so I just reinvested my paycheck with the thought that I’d get the stuff I wanted without having to spend household money for it. not to mention I’ve been part of the stamp club for so long, nice way to get the things I wanted. Plus I have enough to share with my family when they need crafty projects. I am a visual crafter so if I don’t see it I don’t use it therefore I like to have it displayed nicely and if it’s a wreck it makes me crazy I’m really anal about it 🙂 Thats why my house makes me crazy I just can’t keep up with all the stuff for Brian’s business and what the kids drag in So I’ve had to let some things go 😦
      I’ve been checking your blog are you feeling better? I’ve lost count on what round we’re on lol I haven’t got it again so I am happy 🙂

      Take care of yourself
      Love to you,

      • Hi Shelly
        I saw your comment on Leslie’s blog about how you all could help me create a list! I so appreciate your kindness 🙂
        I am feeling better thanks although the cold has left me with a hacking cough. Most of the time it is okay but why do coughs and sneezes come upon you when you need to pee???? Not a good combination 😦 Do I run to the bathroom quick or cross legs and cough or sneeze?? Such are the dilemmas of life. The problem with so many of these cold/flu viruses is that we seem to spend so much time passing them back and forth and, of course, being viruses they take some killing off.
        I hope you manage to steer clear of it all and that your family are soon on the mend.
        Lynn xx

      • I vote for cross your legs and run!!!!just be careful that you don’t run into the wall or something since our eyes close when we sneeze now if you’re coughing then you should be ok 🙂 lol We are getting along ok here still passing the germs around but we will all have so many new antibodies built up when this is over ( gotta stay positive here ) I hope you are continuing to get better also.
        Hey just say the word and I’m sure you can get all the help you’ll need making your craft list 🙂 Take care and get well.


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