Hi pals :)

Hey everyone 🙂

Just a quick pop in to say I’m fee;ing bettor tonight and can’t wait for this flu to hit the road!!!!!!  I mean I have been sicker these past few months than I have in Years….. I’m SICK of it  🙂  I seen Leslie’s Post earlier and She is just so sweet makes me weepy that she would take the time and effort to make such a nice batch of gifts for us her friends Just very heartwarming to me Thank you again Leslie for encouraging me to dabble at this fun world of blogging and sharing my crafty creations. I love you Friend   and am Blessed to call you Friend.  So enough of the weepy stuff I need to go to sleep because I still need to get the kiddies around even If I don’t feel like it.  Lynn hope you are feeling better .

Love to you all,



8 thoughts on “Hi pals :)

  1. I’m happy you are feeling better, bet you will be ecstatic when that flu finally leaves your house!!!

    I’m so glad to know that you like the tote bag. I so appreciated you girls taking the time to read my blog while I was out on the road and being so supportive and making me laugh when I did not want to be where I was. It meant so much to me!!
    Love you – Leslie

    • I love reading about all your adventures Leslie makes a homebody like me seem part of the big world out there 🙂 I find it really cool that I’ve been places you have and through or headed to, jogs this old memory of some of Brian and my youthful and not always so wise adventures 🙂 Plus this is sorta like gettin on the ole phone and chatting with your girlfriends sorta 3 way calling only more of us lol . The tote bag is just a hoot I’m still giggling when I think about it especially the reference to keroke lol . I know it’s meant to be used but I think I will have to find a way to display it after I show it off of course 🙂
      well I think I may get my thursday post up finally of my hike with Brian I got a few pics that day, plus got some crafting in go figure ???

      Love ya ,

      • It is really cool that you have been to many places and know where I’m referencing. I bet you and Brian had some conversations going on while I was out on the road….”Hey, Honey, remember when we were in Salt Lake and the water was trying to drown us?”

        I’m so glad you like the tote bag. It will be put in the mail to you on Friday. Have to let the glitter stuff dry for a couple days. Can’t figure out how I forgot THAT!

        Love your newest post. Fantastic pictures and the information of your area is totally AWESOME!
        Love you – Leslie

  2. Hi Shelly 🙂 I really do wish that flu bug would leave you and let you get back to normal and fitting fit again.
    My cold is almost gone but has left me with a cough. My poor grandchildren have it and are so bunged up with catarrh, ear infections and the youngest is teething too so not much sleep happening in that household 😦
    Oh I love this chance to chat and give encouragement and support to one another!

    Lynn xxx

    • Me too Lynn I am so tired of being sick 😦 I feel like I’m one of the kids 🙂 except I don’t have a Mommy living with me to care for me 🙂 lol
      I can relate with your Grandchildrens illnesses Poor Levi is still fighting the ear infection we are waiting on the appointment with the specialist He was just beside himself today Poor baby 😦 Plus I am still gaining my strength since I had been unable to keep anything down since late last week made for a very tireing day for me. I have the babies the rest of the week and will get a short break from friday night to saturday afternoon so heres to a speedy recovery for us all 🙂 Wishing you all there renewed health.

      • Levi’s ear problems sonds like the bout ou poor little grand daughter had. Last winter she was deaf with ear infections and she finally got to a specialist who said to contact them if it happened again. So this time our daughter contacted them as soon as Kim was showing signs of deafness and complaining of ear ache – the earliest she can be fited in is January!!!!!! The doctor won’t prescribe antibiotics unless or until the poor little mite is screaming with pain!
        To get Kim’s attention we have to tap her and make sure she is looking at us before speaking, she gets upset because she can’t always hear what is going on in class.

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xx

    • Lynn, I’m sorry to hear that you are still fighting that bug, glad to hear that it is nearly gone though. Your grandchildren seem to be having a tough time getting through this, as children usually do. I’ll add you to my growing list of prayers for healing.

      I, too, love this place to come to give encouragement and keep up on the events of each others lives. Like a “coffee clache” with girlfriends 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

  3. Lynn, AWW poor little Kim. Terrible that they can’t get her in sooner. I am worried about Levi’s hearing since he is so small he can’t really tell us what is going on. He too does that high pitched scream for no apparent reason and I will be so hard to console just breaks my heart. I am hopeful we may get some answers next week as to what is going on with the poor baby. I will keep Kim in my prayers along with you all.


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