The Great Mouse Hunt

Hello Everybody,

All’s well that ends well right?  Ok so I hate the thought of icky things in my kitchen, just creeps me out  :0  I took the day off from babysitting on Monday since I was still feeling under the weather but had to do a bit of laundry since some people didn’t have undies /socks ( don’t know how the kids go through so many pairs each???)  Any way I did some towels because I could leave them in the dryer overnight and not have to worry about the wrinkles so I know that everything was clean up to that point. Resumed the babysitting on Tuesday and Levi was a CRABBY little man to say the least (finally has an appointment with the Ear specialist on Monday of next week though) Got my laundry put away on Tuesday and that was about all I accomplished besides homework help. Started to feel better by Wednesday Morning and was feeling hungry for the first time in about a week so decided to bake some cinnamon rolls (tube type) got everything all set up and baked went to get a hot mit and found Mouse POO in my dish towel drawer!!!!!!  How disgusting  I was really freaked out. ( I think I hate this so because of how we had to live as a child Think condemned house )Well to spite the crabby kids and how I felt  I spent the entire day washing ,Bleaching and scrubbing all the kitchen drawers and cabinets and the contents of said cabinets and drawers. A bit over board??? maybe but I would not have been able to be in there if I had not. We( whole household)  also have this thing about killing said mouse so we By this I mean Brian had to go search the shed for our live mouse trap and get it all set up. He got the cheese and peanut butter put it in the trap wound it all up and set under the sink. He went to work came home checked the trap……no food … mouse 🙂  So he set it again got it all baited waited a while ……. checked it again… food … mouse  🙂  Wednesday came and went no mouse and it was getting to eat pretty good. Thursday Morning we checked again …same thing and  Brian was starting to think we needed a new trap. After messing with it a bit he got it all set up again and let it set awhile ….. Click…..Brian went to check and there in the trap peered out the tiny little thing maybe and inch or  inch in a half  big. Now he /she was the cutest little thing but not a welcome house guest so off Brian went to set it free far from our house in a wooded area so it could find a new place to live. I know Crazy right?? We have had to have a live trap since we moved in here and Jordan ( our second oldest son and Daddy to the grandbabies ) heard the scratch of one under the sink the first year we lived here ( never had one before this place) we went in search of a trap and he was so hysterical at the snap traps that we had to get the one we have now since the one he built (another long story) didn’t keep them trapped.  So I am hopeful that the mouse was the only one since we haven’t trapped anymore and If we stay like that all weekend I can get my kitchen put back together and stuff put where it goes and not cluttering my other kitchen spaces.

 I have high hopes to craft tonight/ tomorrow and have told my family I am off duty til tomorrow night and I am going to sleep in tomorrow  🙂  I got my smooch spritz and want to use it on my Thanksgiving project and try out the Champaign glass glitter with the Champaign glimmer paint.  so with my story somewhat finished here I am going to bid you ado and start to play with my craft stuff .

Hope you are all getting along well and are feeling healthy( I am feeling much better )

Much love to you all,


5 thoughts on “The Great Mouse Hunt

  1. You have had quite a busy couple of days! Cleaning out the drawers and cupboards and scrubbing them with bleach is no easy feat, I’m here to tell you. Glad you were able to find the culprit that left the unpleasant “calling cards” and have got it out of your house.

    The trials poor Brian had in getting the task accomplished. Yippee, he did finally have success :o)

    Ooooh, you have new goodies to play with? How exciting. I wanna see, I wanna see :o)
    Love you – Leslie

  2. So glad to hear that you are feeling much better and eating at last and that there is an appointment fixed for poor little Levi.
    Oh mice!! Every autumn/winter we battle against mice – as soon as the weather turns cold and wet they try to live in. It costs us a fortune in rodent bait; we can’t use any type of traps here because we had a rat problem and the rats would drag the traps away so now we use bait to eal with rats and mice 🙂 The rats (remember this is a rural area) came from the wood nearby where the local landowner was feeding pheasants for shooting, so obviously all that lovely food (mainly wheat) lying around caused the rats to build up in large numbers then the pheasant feeding would stop in autumn and the weather would turn colder so the rats would look for a cosy billet elsewhere.
    I hate rats with a passion! Yes very intelligent creatures but they really do give me the willies. It was costing us a huge amount of money every year in rodent bait. Luckily the landowner has decided not to raise pheasants for shooting – every autumn & winter it was like the outbreak of world war 3 around here – so no feeders going out and no rats for the last two years 🙂
    I know exactly how you feel and when a mouse gets between the upstairs floorboards and the downstairs ceiling you would swear an elepant had invaded the house 🙂 We have very thick walls to our house which consists of double skinned stone with a rubble filling between the skins and a mouse will find a small hole somewhere and climb up the inside walls negotiating the rubble. We have to do yearly patrols around the outside walls to ensure the mortar is all still sound.
    Ladybirds, bats and suchlike I can tolerate but mice – no way!

    Lynn xx

    • Oh my goodness Lynn! The adventures of rural life….being a “city girl” I don’t even think about things like that. Mice, yes, but not rats. We used to have stray cats around our trailer park and they kept the mice population down. Someone, in their infinite wisdom, had all the stray cats rounded up and I’ve heard there was an outbreak of mice problems.

      I’ve stuffed steel wool in every place I can that allows access from the outside. Some of the places I think I will be taking the old out and putting new steel wool in. Some places it has rusted and looks kind of crumbly.

      Rodents – yuck!
      Love you – Leslie

  3. yikes Lynn… Rats !! I will take the small mice here anyday although I don’t really want them either. To date we have cought 4 of the little rascals. I wish we would hurry and get them all so I can get my stuff put back away. I’m a city girl too Leslie and don’t mind missing out on some of the country living experiences. Wow Lynn rats for one 🙂 Pheasants Cool, we have them around here but its rare to see one. Got a glance once but it hed before we could get a photo. Keep sharing your stories I love to hear them.


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