Yoo Hoo !!!! Almost……..

Ok Leslie this post is inspired by you 🙂

Well as you all know I gave myself some time off from last night til @ 6:30 tonight No housework ,nothing , nada  and I stuck to my guns It sure felt nice to just do what I wanted to do  🙂  Brian being the sweet man he is  let me sleep in Way too late but it was great anyway. I made the kids fend for themselves and clean up at breakfast and than Brian took them with him to the Antique stores and then out to dinner They were gone all day !!!! Very peaceful around here, so I took myself shopping (Got another project in mind ) and got my place cards ready to be stamped decided to get the Video for youtube up while it was quiet. How hard can it be??? right just have lighting .the camera on the tripod,all my supplies ready to go. Yup that was easy enough Then I started the camera ( I need to work on the lighting Brian says but not really horrible for a first tome camera person)  All  was going good a few minor boo-boo’s but still not too bad then 2:34 into the video guess what NO more memory on the card    WHAT!!!!!! so I called Brian He says that’s the biggest card here at the house so I tried to connect right into my laptop and was unsuccessful  Sigh….. needless to say I had to finish the placecares while I could the other problem is I cannot delete the video off the card and I don’t know how to format the card so I need to wait for Brian to help me when he’s finished with ebay which will be around midnight , Too late to film anything else tonight. Leslie I’m going to get this done someday 🙂   Anyway I was way excited  and feel like I’m getting closer 🙂

Well I’m off to bed I have the 2 small ones and my youngest 2 to get ready for church in the Morning so I will be up early plus we are celebrating Ariel’s Birthday with family after church.   Lynn Hope you are all getting better and are staying warm.

Love to you all,

Shelly    (in now windy and cold Illinois)

4 thoughts on “Yoo Hoo !!!! Almost……..

  1. Woo Hoo is right!!! Glad you had the time for yourself. Your Brian is really a very supportive and wonderful husband 🙂

    You can chalk this videoing up to “Practice”. Boo boos always happen and there is editing software that takes the boo boos out and no one will know that this is your first time, unless you tell them 🙂

    I average about an hour of videoing when I make something. In the editing I take out the motor mouth parts and put in the relevant stuff to fit it in the 10 minutes allotted. I think YouTube has extended their time to more than 10 minutes.

    I’m so glad your first attempt was successful and you feel good about your efforts. Enough to give it another whack 🙂

    I’m so glad you are venturing out further. Your blog was the first step you have taken out of your safety zone and you have done a fine job with that. Now you are getting the courage up to add video into your repertoire. That is so cool.

    You Go Girlfriend!!!
    Love you – Leslie

  2. Woo Hoo to you have a whole day to yourself and Brian for giving you the chance to do it.
    You go girl with the videoing – if I can do it you can too and what a great feat that you did attempt it. What a shame technology got in the way – full card, etc. But you gave it a go and the second time around you will be successful.
    Looking forward to seeing it.

    Lynn xxx

  3. Yes Shelley we are all on the mend here now thanks. I was grandbaby sitting last ight and the little one is over his teething but is still full of sniffles as is his brother, constantly wiping noses 🙂

    Lynn xx

    • Oh the joy of nose wiping 🙂 I have that along with the bottom washing . Never ending chore around here with two of them in diapers. Levi seems to be better with his teeth at the moment he has 4 now and is figuring out how to use them 🙂 I’m happy to hear you are feeling better I will pray that it stays that way. we are all doing well here for now I don’t want to brag as I may jinx it. I want everyone well for the holidays. Take care I’m off to slumber.
      Love to you,

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