I got a sweet gift today :>)

Today in the mail I received my tote bag. AWESOME!!!! It’s just perfect Leslie I love it. I love it so much I don’t want to use It I think I need to find a way to display it  so I can admire it  🙂 Seriously I mean that.  It just cracks me up because I did drink margaritas and sing only I thought I could sing in spanish….. and I can’t  🙂  Brian got a good laugh out of it though.  Thank you for the charms I really love the locket I’m gonna have to find a special project to use it on. The leaves are cool too Maybe a fall project for them. Thank you for all your kindness and mostly your friendship I am very  to have you in my life.

Levi had his appointment today and it went ,well the infection is clearing up in his ear for now but his eardrum is still healing they say. He will be seen again in a month and they will discuss putting tubes in his ears then. He seems to be feeling somewhat better and has not  had a fever in a couple of days. On a good note he has been getting much braver and taking quite a few steps by himself I think he will be toddling around before we know it.  while he was at the Doctor I was able to have some stamping time with Sierra and get my napkin wrappers stamped and cut. One more thing sown sever more to go. I think I’ve figure out the problem with my video. I was shooting it on 10 megapixels so the file was way to big. Brian after much button pushing found the way to reduce them so I tried again today but the lighting just wasn’t good at all. Now to get that all worked out. I’m aiming for Wednesday since I don’t have to babysit an my kids will all be in school.   Wish me luck   🙂  How are you all faring? are you keeping warm? I know it’s been down in the low 30’s here so it is cold just seems colder since we had high 70’s last week….Yikes….. I want it to be in the 50’s Not to coldand  not to hot.         I’ve been thinking of you and how you have inspired me to get this blog going and make some videos. When will we see more of your work Lynn?  I really enjoyed your Christmas card. I’ve been thinking of snowflake cards for this year , I’ve never did that before. Trying to be creative yet something simple since I don’t get a lot of time to craft. I know I don’t when I start dreaming about stamping and my craft area 🙂

Well I had better get off here and in bed I have to get up in 5 hours and get the kiddies ready for school and I have th little ones til 5:oo p.m. due to Jordan having his management training class tomorrow afternoon, Melissa will start hers when his are finished. Good thing they work at separate stores.  Hope this finds you all happy and healthy.

Much love and bunches of hugs,



4 thoughts on “I got a sweet gift today :>)

  1. So glad all went with Levi and his appointment and it is marvellous that he is feeling better.
    I loved the look of the totes Leslie had made for us and can’t wait to see mine. Isn’t she the best?
    I will start writing and showing on my blog again soon but life is overtaking me a bit at the moment and, although I have loads to say, I just can’t get motivated. We are house hunting, lots of baby sitting on the horizon plus working for a very ungrateful and rude woman. I know that you and Leslie do far more than I am doing but there are times when I scream in my head for my time back again 🙂 Although some of the ‘stuff’ is great fun too and I must write about that on my blog bcause it is such an experience – I’ll keep you all in suspense for a while 🙂
    Shelly on the lighting front for videos I tracked down and bought some daylight bulbs; I even managed to find some enegry saving ones. Yes they are a little more expensive than ordinary bulbs but what a difference they make when crafting and when making videos. I bet you have thought of this but is there a function on your video/cam corder to change the settings to take into consideration the different light levels? My little video camera is a very cheap affair but I can change the settings to take into consideration that I’m operating under fluorescent lights.

    Lynn xxxx

  2. Hi Lynn, Yup Our Leslie is an awesome Friend I know you will Love your tote as much as I love mine. Leslie does fantastic craft work. I think she’s a keeper don’t you? lol
    My poor Levi has the Flu now had his poor Mamma up all night with the vomiting He just can’t get well poor little guy 😦
    We all understand how Life can get in the way of our crafting and postings. Hope your house hunting goes well I haven’t had to do that for years and don’t want to anytime soon.I can’t imagine packing with all these kids …Can you say nightmare? 🙂

    I can fully relate to the babysitting since I have my little ones 7 days a week. 5 because they work and I keep them Saturday nights so they can go to church with on Sunday and keep them for the afternoon so they can play with my kids.
    Sorry to hear that you have to work for ungrateful and rude people that makes it all the harder to put on a smiley face. I am just blessed that I am able to be a stay at home Mom, Was in the work world for a long time and know what it is to deal with unappreciative people not Good.
    We will all be here to see what you have to show us when the timing is right.
    On the lighting I am getting another light tomorrow to go with the one that I use but it is kinda dark in my corner of the bedroom. Brian hung up another lamp today for me and has some suggestions for me if this dosen’t pan out. I’m not to sure about this camera it’s one Brian got to take his photos with this past spring and he dosen’t care for it much and I didn’t mess with it much til lately when he gave it to me to use. It is sopposed to be easy to use but it has tons of settings and I am not a technical kinda girl 😉 We do have a video camera if all else fails that I should be able to operate…. I think 🙂 So I am excited to be able to try things out tomorrow as I will be kid free for the day and Brian will be here to give me a hand if I need it. Now to get something ready to craft… I finished my other project I started to show in the other video. Humm….. better get off here and get to thinking.
    Love to you,

  3. My goodness. You are really fighting the crud at your house. You poor thing. Sounds like you may have to resort to putting a mask on everyone until this blasted flu finally gives up and leaves.

    How handy is your Brian? Joe, being a camera nut, has some silver bowl shaped things that are specifically for camera lighting. I’ve “borrowed” two of his since he doesn’t use them anyway.

    My thought is, if money is tight, you can check around at your thrift stores for some stainless steel bowls, mixing bowl size. Brian can drill holes in the center of the bottom and push a lamp socket through the hole. You’d have to figure out how to suspend them in your area. I use “daylight” fluorescent bulbs in mine. They don’t get real hot. The bulbs that are used for these light reflectors get really really HOT and the bulbs tend to blow out if used for a long time. I like the fluorescent ones because I can leave them on for quite a while.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Well He is not the fixer type 🙂 I will look at sales since we do go to alot of estate,tag and rummage/ yard sales You never know what find at them 🙂
      Gonna go make a new post so I can share my newest video woes 🙂

      Much love to you,


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