Update on flu hosts @ and around my house :(

Hello all

Well no video from me today we have another one fall to the flu……Sierra  has been visiting since Levi has been sick and while getting my design finished th=onight She came to check out what I was doing and got as far as ” Nanny I feel….. ” good thing the trash can was right next to my desk  YUCK  :O  Any way I now have Levi who seems to be feeling much better Thank goodness. He was really happy to be back for a visit he took off running towards Brian ….he only made it about 7 or 8 steps but that’s the beginning ….Then we are all going to be in trouble  🙂  So  The lighting looks good and I have the stuff cut and ready to go as soon as I can film, I’m shooting for tomorrow We will have to play it by ear.

Til later

Love and hugs,


One thought on “Update on flu hosts @ and around my house :(

  1. You poor lady 😦 Well, at least there was a trash can handy 🙂

    You’ll get your video and lighting problems sorted out. Just consider this your “learning curve”. You know, once you master this problem then the rest will be a piece of cake.

    Love you – Leslie

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