Tales from the clip…..video that is

Hi there everybody  🙂 

Today those at my house who were ill all seem to be feeling so much better, The little ones ate today and kept it all down Very Good 🙂 Melissa went to work and is still a little tired .  Brian is feeling good too so all is good at my place.

Ok so here is the video saga…… first of all my perfectionist tendencies need to be curbed or I will never get anything posted. Brian asks me if I think the card police are gonna come and take me away and No I don’t think that I just get way to picky about my craftwork. I have cut several cards and keep changing my mind I find little what I call flaws and just can’t bring myself to share them  I know CRAZY .  Anyway I got everything set up , Lighting looked good .I took a short video clip showed it to Brian It looked really clear had nice focus ect. so I get all set up started to camera or so I thought…….YUP  Nothing , nada, zip !!!!  I don’t know if the batteries got low but it was froze up, Brian is clueless as to the problem also. I am thinking I’ll give this another try but it will be a few days before I can again since I will have all the kids tomorrow and Sunday. I am going to try to get some photos of what I’m doing though.

Now you are all probably thinking   Give that girl some Cheese with her Whine(ing)  LOL  🙂      I am getting a bit frustrated with my endeavors . But I think I will eventually get this all figured out I can always use the actual video camera if I have to so there is another option to think about. 

So how are you all doing? Leslie how is the paperwork getting along? How is Patti doing with Les being out on the road? How is Joe ? Will you all be home for the holidays?

Lynn how are your grandchildren doing? Kim with her ear infection?  Your work and house sales market? Are  you still having nice weather?we are getting pretty cold here 🙂

Nancy how are your headaches ? any relief ? I need to get over and check out your blog again I think I am subbed to it but can’t remember I had trouble figuring out one that I tried to sub to.

Well it’s that time again….                 1:40 a.m. and I need to be in bed sleeping but wanted to get a post in while I could. 

Take care My Friends

Many hugs and lots of love to you all,


2 thoughts on “Tales from the clip…..video that is

  1. Cute title!!! I’m sorry you are meeting one obstacle after another in your attempt at getting video made. You’ll either figure it out or chuck the entire project and stick with photos. Hope things do work out and you do get to make videos.

    Pati and Les finally got home Monday night. They were both totally beat. I got a short email from her. They’ve slept a lot, enjoyed being home with no moving and bouncing, loving not having to be up at the “crap” of dawn, and Tweety can be let out the back door to run and gambol all she wants without one of them being tied to the other end of a leash.

    Joe’s home so there is nothing happening on the paperwork, nor crafting. Won’t be either until Thanksgiving is finally over.

    So glad to hear that you and your family are on the mend from the flu. Woo hoo on that!!!

    You guys enjoy your Thanksgiving, eat too much turkey and fall asleep on all the furniture, then wake up and eat the pies and goodies 🙂
    Love you – Leslie

  2. Shelly those gremlins need to be kicked out of there and I bet those ‘flaws’ are non existent or, as we would say, a blind man would be glad to see them 🙂

    On the weather front it has been typically English November weather yesterday and today which means grey, wet and chilly but not as chilly as Nancy is suffering with minus 24C – brrr! It is supposed to be getting colder as the week progresses with snow expected in Scotland – way to the north of us.
    Kim is still suffering with her ear and is being dosed up with all sorts of kiddy meds with her appointment next month but she and her mum are suffering from a tummy bug which isn’t good as our daughter works in the kitchens at the local primary school so she is off work at the moment.

    On the house market front we are still waiting for an offer – the couple who are very interested are working out various costs such as house extentions and laying on electricity before making an ofer but do wish they would hurry up as we want to start house hunting. We have found an area we like and seen a coupe of properties we are interested in but can’t do anything just yet. Although to be honest we feel that the new year is probably the best time anyway. We have someone else wanting t come and view so that means tidying all my craft ‘stuff’ up and away again ;( I shall never find it at this rate as I stuff items in all sorts of places. One of the places we have seen and like the look of has a large study and that would make an excellent craft room 🙂 The area we would like to move to the properties are relatively cheap and you certainly get more space for your money so one way or another I shall have a craft area.

    If you have time to look I finally got around to adding to my blog.

    Take care
    Lynn xx

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