Getting ready for the Holidays

 Hi everyone  🙂

Been working on my crafty projects a bit tonight and checking out the blogs. Gonna take the day off tomorrow and just do what I want with no housework at all. This was the plan last Monday and I went on a cleaning binge and got not a bit of crafty stuff in…. I was so disappointed with myself. So  I need to get my stuff finished or my table will be bare of decoration   Yikes  I can’t have that. I am off to check out the Youtube videos for a few minutes and then off to bed. ………I know at 10:15 p.m. I get to turn in early tonight a rarity since its usually after midnight before I can even think of it.  So goodnight to you all.

Talk to you later

Love and hugs,



4 thoughts on “Getting ready for the Holidays

  1. Enjoy your early night. I was supposed to have one of those last night but started reading and didn’t get there until after 1 am 🙂 Trouble is then I don’t want to gt out of bed in the mornings especially on these darker days!
    Do hope your plans come together to have a full day of crafting – why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? Crafting is supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Hi Lynn,
      Got some crafting done last night without the stress of late and will post photos later tonight. We have Doctors appointments for the kids after school then an easy dinner, homework,baths,put up the kitchen stuff then beddy-bye for the kiddies and then I get to have some ME time. Have had a very eventful day to tell about too :>)


    • HI Lynn,
      We caught 5 total in the live trap through out the past few weeks. The last two died sadly one was in the holding part and the other got caught in the trap door thing Very sad since we didnt want to actuall kill them 😦 just relocate them . So I have been checking all the drawers and the trap with ni sign of any more ,So tonight I will put everything back where it goes in time for the holiday.


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