I got the flu for Christmas

Hi all

Well it was

not just a headache like I thought

Thanks to Levi it wa the Flu I got  🙂

But I’m feeling better today after much sleep and some soup. I didn’t get any crafting done and don’t think I will since my kiddies arent staying with the other Grandparents so I will be busy tomorrow. Christmas was nice even though I was sick We celebrated and opened gifts on the 24th since that’s when we were all together. I received a few new goodies from my kiddies  so I need to set to playing with them. I’m most excited about the beautiful butterfly bigshot die,and the lattice embossing folder. The family is all watching a movie together and then we will be off to bed for the night to get ready for the little ones tomorrow morning.  Hope you are all doing well.  I will try  to post again tomorrow and see how you are doing.

Hugs to you all,




Hi Friends I just wanted to stop by quickly and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed and  healthy 2011.

We had our gift exchange yesterday amid the falling snow before Jordan, Melissa and kids headed up north for their visit. Everyone arrived safely and only had  a few scary areas of travel . Today was spend straightening up the house and an easy lasagna dinner with Brian’s Mom and Step Dad  although I was Ill the rest had a nice dinner. I am feeling better now hopefully my headache goes away soon. We are getting ready to play a game of uno and maybe a game of boggle with the kids before a movie and to bed. We have a late church service tomorrow and then either a trip to stake & shake or home for leftovers. I received a very nice lot of Stampin up goodies from kids  🙂  If the kids stay with other Grandparents for a few extra days I will get to play !!!!   Yipee  🙂  Hope you all are having a great day and enjoying Family and friends.  I am so grateful for you.

Lots of Love and many huge hugs to you all,


Christams time updates :)

 Hi everyone and I Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2011   🙂

We are on round ……I’ve lost count here  lol  of sick babies.  Levi will see Doctors in January and get scheduled for tubes in his ears and right now is battling respiratory influenza Which means a very sick baby with a high fever.  We took him to Emergency room yesterday afternoon with a fever of 104.7   we thought it was his ears again but the antibiotic has that looking less red and the ear drum still not moving like it should due to the fluid behind it.  We had a long night since I kept them here because Mommy had to be to work really early and taking him in and out in the cold temperatures with the high fever. Doctor said we will all probably catch it from him since he is very contagious you know it’s not like he knows to cover his nose or mouth so the spread is probable. All is good though since we are out of school til after the new year . We awoke to no power because of wire problems at a local power substation and thankfully it is restored now. we are hoping to get to do our shopping today since they are forecasting MORE yucky weather through Christmas . Yipee more snow and freezing rain 🙂  I have still not finished my Christmas cards and it looks like they will either go out late or next Christmas . Leslie and Lynn my projects for both of you sit half-finished too so that means they will be late also . I still vow to make this a fun holiday and think soon we will have caught all of the winter yuckies and be done for the season I can hope can’t I  LOL  🙂    I have been checking your new posts but responding while Levi is glued to me is another story He sure thinks he can type on my laptop  🙂    Best wishes to you both in case I don’t get to post again til after christmas when I should be free of smaller ones while they visit the other Grandparents for a few days.

Much love to you and many warm hugs


Long time no post :)

Hi there 🙂 

Been busy with all the holiday decorating and school issues but did find some time to play tonight.  Yipee  🙂  I decided to try my hand at making some glimmery mist and feel like I have succeded. I will let you all know about the cloggy bottle sprayers ect. If ai have any. I had 7 empty travel sized hair care bottles that I had saved  well you know Just because some time back ( I have a bad case of packratism 🙂 lol any way I have been wanting to try this out since Leslies post on youtube. I grabbed to bottles water, white school glue, reinkers and pearl ex powders that had been sitting unused in my crafty stash and set to work. I will photograph swatches  of colors tomorrow since I will get the kiddies later than normal.  I need to jet off here and get to bed  but wanted to pop in and say hello and see how you are doing. We are well but cold here We ended up with 6 or 7 inches of snow last weekend depending on what news station you tune into and now the below zero wind chills are with us tonight.  I will take photos of the trees tomorrow too.

Love to yo all,


Poppin in quickly

Hi everyone 🙂 Been keeping bust with the youngones. We have had a small bit of snow and gotten our cold temperstures finally. Need to get the trees up this week and the other decorations out of storage Crossing fingers as I type this 🙂 Hope you are all faring well I’ve been thinking of you all. Off to get some web surfing done and my card designs down on paper.
keep warm,
Love to you all,