Long time no post :)

Hi there 🙂 

Been busy with all the holiday decorating and school issues but did find some time to play tonight.  Yipee  🙂  I decided to try my hand at making some glimmery mist and feel like I have succeded. I will let you all know about the cloggy bottle sprayers ect. If ai have any. I had 7 empty travel sized hair care bottles that I had saved  well you know Just because some time back ( I have a bad case of packratism 🙂 lol any way I have been wanting to try this out since Leslies post on youtube. I grabbed to bottles water, white school glue, reinkers and pearl ex powders that had been sitting unused in my crafty stash and set to work. I will photograph swatches  of colors tomorrow since I will get the kiddies later than normal.  I need to jet off here and get to bed  but wanted to pop in and say hello and see how you are doing. We are well but cold here We ended up with 6 or 7 inches of snow last weekend depending on what news station you tune into and now the below zero wind chills are with us tonight.  I will take photos of the trees tomorrow too.

Love to yo all,



4 thoughts on “Long time no post :)

  1. Am looking forward to seeing your colour swatches when you show them. I bought some small spray bottles and decanted some glimmer paint into one bottle and it works a treat but haven’t yet made any spray from scratch 🙂
    We have got rid of most of our snow now although we had a little this morning and the temperatures have been veeerrrrryyy cold 😦 We had freezing fog for two days and all the trees and shrubs are white with hoar frost. Brrrrr!
    So you have gone from torrential rain flooding out your van to snow, I bet the children love it! I don’t.
    Hope you are all on the mend now.

    Much love
    Lynn xx

  2. HI Lynn,
    I can’t get a good photo of the colors so I’m going to try tomorroe with the sunlight to see if that helps any.
    I am trying to get the Christmas cards in order and am working on them as time alots itsself for me so it’s slow going but I’m plugging along. We are in for another round of snow this weekend the weather man says, Yucky 🙂 I say but you are so right the kids are loving it. We have already had record amounts for the month of December for our area so I’m wondering how the rest of winter will be ?? I am very thankful that the torrential rain wasen’t snow because we would have been snowed in I’m sure. Freezing fog Can’t say I’ve seen any but it does sound like it would be pretty covering all the branches. As for the illness’ I think we are on the mend…. but I didn’t say that out loud as not to jinx myself lol.
    I’m off to work on more cards and those I know I can photograph when I’m finished so I can post them when I’m all done. Have you heard from Leslie? I hope she’s getting along ok with her paper chores and all. Take care and keep warm 🙂

    Hugs and love,

    • Haven’t heard from Leslie apart from her occasional blog so can only assume she is busy with her online course 🙂

      I am shattered and my back aches after spending hours many sweets for Christmas and cake making too.:) Another job done!!

      Hugs and love
      Lynn xx

    • Shelly and Lynn:

      Hey Girls – Sorry I have abandoned you. Home alone and totally uninterrupted I get Tunnel Vision.

      I’m so happy to hear that, Shelly, you are trying the “home made glimmery mist” and it is working well for you. Lynn, it sounds like you have had some fun with glimmer paint. This is the time of year for sparkle since the snows and frosts are here.

      Shelly, I hope you get to have some good sunlight to get some pictures of your swatches. Lynn, Nebraska and Ohio get freezing fog so I know what your trees would look like right now. White crystal trees. Trying to get pictures of them is tricky if you are outside doing it. Cold shivers make steadying the camera a bit troublesome so the crystals don’t show up well. When you are warm enough to get a great shot it is ruined by the fog from your breath. I guess I should change all of the “you” to I or my.

      Shelly, you had a house full of kids over the weekend and were busy. So glad you have had a few minutes to get some “You time” and do some experimenting and crafting.

      Lynn, did you say “CAKE”? Yum!! What kind? Sweets? Double Yum! What are you making?

      I’m trying to get all the blogs I read commented on so I can get to my blog and what is going on. So, I’m off to find out what more is going on in the outside world.

      Love to you both – Leslie

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