Christams time updates :)

 Hi everyone and I Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2011   🙂

We are on round ……I’ve lost count here  lol  of sick babies.  Levi will see Doctors in January and get scheduled for tubes in his ears and right now is battling respiratory influenza Which means a very sick baby with a high fever.  We took him to Emergency room yesterday afternoon with a fever of 104.7   we thought it was his ears again but the antibiotic has that looking less red and the ear drum still not moving like it should due to the fluid behind it.  We had a long night since I kept them here because Mommy had to be to work really early and taking him in and out in the cold temperatures with the high fever. Doctor said we will all probably catch it from him since he is very contagious you know it’s not like he knows to cover his nose or mouth so the spread is probable. All is good though since we are out of school til after the new year . We awoke to no power because of wire problems at a local power substation and thankfully it is restored now. we are hoping to get to do our shopping today since they are forecasting MORE yucky weather through Christmas . Yipee more snow and freezing rain 🙂  I have still not finished my Christmas cards and it looks like they will either go out late or next Christmas . Leslie and Lynn my projects for both of you sit half-finished too so that means they will be late also . I still vow to make this a fun holiday and think soon we will have caught all of the winter yuckies and be done for the season I can hope can’t I  LOL  🙂    I have been checking your new posts but responding while Levi is glued to me is another story He sure thinks he can type on my laptop  🙂    Best wishes to you both in case I don’t get to post again til after christmas when I should be free of smaller ones while they visit the other Grandparents for a few days.

Much love to you and many warm hugs



2 thoughts on “Christams time updates :)

  1. Oh dear Shelly what a shame that poor Levi is still so poorly, I am amazed you can get anything done with such a poorly babe. Our little grand-daughter (well she is 5 so not quite so little) finally had her ears checked out and she a fluid build up behind the drum and the paediatrician (SP?) told our daughter that this is seasonal glue ear and doesn’t really need surgery but it has two phases. Phase one is usually around 18 – 24 months old and again around 5-7 years old and then clears up and is brought on by colds with a build up of catarrh. It has been suggested that Kim is fitted with hearing aids so she doesn’t suffer at school but only as a temporary measure.
    I hope that this is the problem that Levi is suffering and that he will grow out of it; Kim’s ears and hearing are fine once she has got rid of the colds and catarrh until the next autumn/winter! Problem is that with a little one of Levi’s age they can’t blow their noses which would help.

    I very much hope you all don’t all go down with any more colds and sickness and that Christmas will be good for you. I am sending you warm Christmas wishes and health and happiness for the New Year. Don’t fret about trying to get anything out now, hopefully all will soon calm down and a New Year’s gift and card is something to look forward to 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Hi Lynn
      Thanks for the kind words of encouragement 🙂 Levi is just 11 monts now and as far as we can understand the plan is to put the drainage tubes in after the next appointment as they say his eardrum is not moving properly and they fear him having hearing loss. All I know is he is one miserable little guy and he lets us all know it too. I am happy that Kim had her Doctor visit but what about her ear pain in the mean time?? there is a long time til warm weather. I hope to get to work on my crafts while the little ones visit over the Holidays with other Grandparents. I am not counting on that though but that is the plan 🙂 I loved your treasure box post Very nicely done, What a girly look it has. I will keep watching for other posts from Leslie and you and hopefully I will get to post more soon. Oh yeah I got to go shopping tonight and only need a few more gifts for the kids and I will be done, so tonight I feel like it was a productive day !!!!

      Take care I’m off to bed to get some sleep while I can 🙂
      Hugs and love to you,

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