I got the flu for Christmas

Hi all

Well it was

not just a headache like I thought

Thanks to Levi it wa the Flu I got  🙂

But I’m feeling better today after much sleep and some soup. I didn’t get any crafting done and don’t think I will since my kiddies arent staying with the other Grandparents so I will be busy tomorrow. Christmas was nice even though I was sick We celebrated and opened gifts on the 24th since that’s when we were all together. I received a few new goodies from my kiddies  so I need to set to playing with them. I’m most excited about the beautiful butterfly bigshot die,and the lattice embossing folder. The family is all watching a movie together and then we will be off to bed for the night to get ready for the little ones tomorrow morning.  Hope you are all doing well.  I will try  to post again tomorrow and see how you are doing.

Hugs to you all,



4 thoughts on “I got the flu for Christmas

  1. Shelly 😦 I’m so sorry to hear that you have been waylaid by the flu. From all your posts about the round it had been making in your family I’m surprised you held out to the very last. Still, not such a good thing to be ill no matter what time of year it is.

    Maybe you might take up one of my sister’s, ummm, remedies? Lysol. I think she has stock in the company or something. She swears by the stuff and has a small can with her at all times. I know you posted one time that you clean with bleach, as do I. Lots and lots of work that is. Spray those germies and banish them from your house for good!

    I’m not sure how good that would be for your little Levi, though. Since he’s of an age where everything gets touched with slobbery fingers and then they get back into his little mouth. I’d be a little worried about the chemicals. Just a thought anyway.

    I’m so excited for you! The Stampin’ Up! goodies you got from your family. What fun to get presents you might actually use 🙂 Bummer that you were not able to use them as you had planned since the kiddies remained behind at your home instead of going to the other grandparents. Are you about ready for school to be back in session? Have a partially quiet home?

    Happy New Year to you and your family. Get well, now you hear!
    Love you – Leslie

  2. Oh Shelly how unfair that you went down with the dreaded bug over Christmas. Also what a shame you didn’t have the much anticipated few days to play.
    Sounds as though you need a months holiday 🙂 That would be a nice wish wouldn’t it? So glad you had some nice gifts and hope you can soon get time to play with them. I was given a Bigshot machine by my dear husband and I have since been perusing the internet looking to ee what embossing folders and dies to buy!

    All our snow has now gone after messing up all our plans – we had to cancel appointments and invites because we couldn’t get out and to make matters worse we were loaned our son-in-law’s car to give us a bit of independence leading up to Christmas and over Christmas. He will need the car back next week for work. Aaaahh well can’t be helped but it is so nice to be rid of the snow again and please no more.

    A very happy New Year to you and your family and do hope you are soon 100%.

    Much love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

  3. Happy New Year my Sweet Friend. May 2011 bless you and your family with love, laughter, a secure home, enough money to spare with some to share. Love you all.

    Just quickly popping in to tell you that.

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