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Hello Friends ūüôā
the appliance shopping is over , We got them delivered and all hooked up so Tomorrow aka today I get to do the over flowing hampers ūüôā I am happy with what we found a little more than Brian wanted to spend but they will pay for them selves in water and power savings within a year not to mention how much it was costing at the laundry mat @ 75.00 for three weeks YIKES!! Levi seems to be feelimg much better and seems to be jabbering alot more now ūüôā Sierra awoke me this morning saying she is sick and poor baby she is running the fever and not wanting to eat soppose I gave them what I had ūüė¶ Other than that all is well at my part of the world. Lynn I was wondering about you stomach that is a long time to be down with the flu. Hope you are feeling better soon. Leslie I have been notified of your new posts but havent gotten ober to your blog too much running but I will check them out tomorrow. I love you all but must bid you goodnight as it’s 1:30 A.M. and my wee ones will be up in a few hours. Take care of yourselves I will catch up with you all soon.

Love and hugs,


Levi update, appliance shopping and the stomach flu?!?!?!

Okay Friends here’s¬†the latest scoop around my humble house¬† ūüôā¬† I am happy to say that Levi did great with his ear tubes only took about 20 minutes¬†from the time they took him back til he returned. We have had no problems here at home. They drained a large amount of fluid from his right ear and said his hearing should be greatly improved. He is still kinda klingy¬†and hates the ear drops but other¬†wise doing good. Leslie I let brian read your post on the washer and dryer plus the man who owns the laundry mat gave us a lot of info on the top load¬†verses the front loaders from a business point of view¬† and he said to go with the front load if budget permits. Who would have thought it would be such a pain in the rear end¬†to find what I want. but I have never had new ones so this is a new adventure for me.¬† Yup the stomach flu has struck again!!! with ME¬† I tell you all I don’t¬†care if we bake like chickens in a hot oven this summer I want this winter to end!!!! I am throughly tired of everyone being sick around here I am beside myself since we are normally not this sickly of a bunch. All that being ranted I need to lay back down while I can as two little ones are still sleeping and the others have left for school I hate to sleep my day away but I hate the sickness even more.¬† Wish me luck that I’m the only one who catched this because stomach flu and NO washer and dryer with all these kids are not a thing to look forward to ūüė¶

Love and stuff to you all,



Valentines cards finished, photographed and waiting on me to upload

Sunday Edition

HI there Leslie and Lynn and Nancy

thought I’d pop in and say to all of you with one post. I am happy to report to you that I did get to do some card making¬† Not my best work but had a hard time getting motivated¬†¬† Go figure?? Got some photos and only need to fill my treat cups and attach them to the cards take a photo of them. I will edit them tomorrow and upload as a slide show I think. I had a really busy weekend with washer and dryer shopping just trying to compare prices and options ect to make sure I get the best price and quality. A very long trek indeed but we had a nice day never the less. Melissa and the little ones had a nice visit and have returned¬† safely and I am Thankful for that.¬† We have had some sadness this week as one of our friends tragically¬†¬†lost their 20-year-old¬†son .We went to the visitation this evening¬† Taking Heather with us and it was especially hard on her as they were friends plus she’s¬†never really been anything like this we have been very fortunate this way. We brought her home with us tonight so we really have a house full. All this has really reminded me of just how short our lives are and how we should be mindful of the time we have together.¬† I take Levi for his pro op appointment at 11:00 tomorrow so wish us well if all goes as planned they have to be at the hospital by 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday for his procedure I’m hoping for the best.

Ok enough yapping by me I am off to post to your blogs on the very awesome creations you’ve posted. Wishing you all a lovely night and a great day.

Love ya all,


Still snowing but we did have school :)

Hi there again Ladies¬† ūüôā

We have gotten the snow just not like they¬†said we would it started early this morning and is still snowing but he kids had school and they are expecting to cancel tomorrow due to sub-zero¬†temperatures with the wind chills. I can’t¬†remember having this many snow days¬†in all the time we’ve¬†been in this school district and that’s¬†been 15 years. Will is feeling terrible today and that is expected as the rest of us took about a week to feel better. I do feel good since I am getting a bit of computer time today while it’s still light outside¬† WOO HOO¬† ūüôā¬†¬†¬† I am off to check out you tube and the other blogs.

try to post again tonight

Love and hugs,


Look…. Ma……I’m aBlogging :)

Hiya Friends.

Finally getting a chance to give a little shout out to ya:)¬† We are gonna get some more snow tonight and I think we have the chance that there will be no school tomorrow if er get what they say. That being said my chances of getting on the computer will be slim. Thought I’d give an update on my Kitty She seems to be doing much better using her litter box regularly and really liking the canned catfood¬† ūüôā for that I am very happy. Will my 13-year-old¬†son has fallen victim to the flu bug and is feverish and croupy coughing Poor guy feels rotten¬†ūüė¶¬† Levi is getting the sniffles so I am hoping he isnt¬†getting sick…again or it will cause delay in his tubes getting put in. Brian is still having the sore vocal cord and doesnt¬†feel much better but does say the heartburn ect is much better I am wondering if talking causes more irritation it would make sense. Melissa is supposed¬†to go visit¬†her folks with the kids this weekend weather permitting so I may have a bit if time if Will is feeling better. I did however¬† get to make another flower with my paper strips and think it turned out nice I will post it when I get a chance. I got a string of Christmas lights hung around my area They are flowers and I thought they would make a calming atmosphere when I’m sitting there in the evening checking my mail ect. Thank you Leslie¬† and Lynn for the info on posting to Nancy’s blog I have yet to try again but may make it over there tonight.¬†¬† Hope you are all well and keeping warm.¬†

Love yo you all

Hugs and stuff¬† ūüôā


Laundry is done Yipee !!!!!

Well the laundry is finished and folded just needs to be divided¬†up to respective owners and put away but that will have to wait til tomorrow.Brian went with me and helped get it all finished up and we had a couple of hours¬†kid free with just the sound of the washers adjusting¬†and the dryers whirling around . Very relaxing indeed¬† ūüôā¬† The cost wasent¬†as bad as I thought it would be but still more than I want to fork out $20.00 Yikes I’m grateful¬†that¬† I don’t¬†have to do this all the time or we would be broke. I did come home with all the kids in bed and sleeping so I have a little time to myself tonight. Who knows I may even get to bed early.¬† Thanks you Leslie for the nice compliments on my flowers it was tricky to get them to lay just right I tried the atg¬†and was not successful so I broke out the sticky strip and it stuck just fine. I did use two 12 inch strips for the large flower¬†and one 12 inch strip ¬†for the small one . The button on the small flower is ¬†from an old coat I loved and the other is what I think is an old¬†jewelry setting Brian got me a bunch of them ( assorted) from an antique¬†store our friends had that went out of business and he helped them so they told him¬†he could have what he wanted so he brought me home some goodies for my crafting. When I get around to sending out your package I can send you some if you want me to I have plenty to share. I Will add some for you too Lynn if you ae interested. I just need to find the time to work on finishing up my projects.¬†We volunteered to keep the little ones for a spell since it’s so cold at their house¬†and the kids are having such a strapped time with cash flow and they only have a wood burning stove as their heat source with limited wood to burn, They didn’t¬†prepare to use it as they¬†had lined up to have a furnace and that fell through and buying fire wood can be pretty expensive. So I am working on getting¬† the schedule in order and they will come down and¬†take care of the kids in the evenings when they are not working.¬†¬†Now¬†what I am thinking is I need to assemble projects I can work on in intermittent¬†stages and stay on task with them. Any ideas would be appreciated,¬†that way I can fulfill my crafty desires and do all the other stuff I need to do also. Ok so I’m off to check out blogs and youtube then I think it’s bedtime for me.

Have a great evening

Love and hugs,


I got to do it……………. :) ………… with my paper

Hello Everyone

I am getting to post my small crafting and completed project. YIPEE¬†for me¬† ūüôā¬† As you can see I am still not quite got the hang of getting the photos inserted correctly so please bear with me . It’s been a while since I posted photos and had to really think about what I did to get them off my computer .Silly things were not where I thought they were. The camera software had me confused……..but then again lately that don’t take

So the inspiration for these flowers are thanks¬†to Lynn at Gardenpinks¬†she posted her calendars with paper flowers¬†she made and I had been wanting to give them a whirl. Since time is limited for crafting I wanted something I could do in stages, you know work on it then leave it if needed and pick up later where I left off¬† this was a great project for that. I was also inspired to use up my scraps from my good friends too Both had posted about using what you have Lynn’s¬†recent and Leslie at message in a fold a while back So armed with the ideas I set to work first I found some strips of 12 inch long paper and just trimmed them up so I had 2 for each flower, got out the edge punches and got to work. had a break here That accomplished I used my Martha Stewart scoring board and scored so I could do the folding ,creased each real well with the¬†bone folder. had another break this one lasting til bedtime was all settled. I was able to punch out 4 circles and added sticky strip ( atg¬†didnt¬†work well)¬†placed my folded strips¬†onto them and added the old jewelry piece and the button.I also sprayed the big flower with Stampin¬†ups vanilla shimmer spray and on the small one inked the edges with a sponge dauber¬†and chocolate chip classic ink. They are pretty I think ,Don’t know what I’ll use them for but it never hurts to have some embellishments on hand¬† ūüôā

WE are getting along better here got some more snow about 5 or 6 inches I think and will having blowing and drifting tonight. Ariel is finally better and was able to return to school today which made us both happy¬† ūüôā¬† Levi had his appointment yesterday and does have to have the tubes put in his ears they just wont drain and it is effecting the hearing so they think this is the best option fo him the day is not scheduled yet but very soon. His birthday is the 23 rd so we want it to be after that.

So far the 2 kiddies that didn’t get the flu arent showing any signs so I am hopeful it has passed them by but wont hold my breath¬† ūüôā

Brian is finishing the business part of the  taxes up as I type so all we need to do is get his W-2 from driving the Bus on the 20th and he will have them all finished.  I get to go to the laundry mat tomorrow and wash up the full hampers of clothes but will bring them home to dry them I havent been to one in years as we have been blessed with a washer and dryer for quite some time now. Gotta go now Morning just comes way too early for me around here( I need a really good sleep in day ) so as I close I will post a couple more pictures.

¬†¬† Here is a look at my small sleep space LOL Yup Levi is in pink¬†jammies as I am having a hard time finding any blanket sleepers his size I guess with all¬†¬† the cold weather people are snatching them right up. any way this is the correct angle of my¬†bed looking from¬†foot to top. Guess which side is mine??? *bing¬†bing¬†bing* you guessed correct !! My space is in the middle of those two¬† ūüôā¬† Sierra is kinda wrapped around my shoulders and I am on my side facing Levi while he has his little head up under my chin and Brian gets what I think is a large space on the other side¬† ūüôā¬† and if Savannah was not locked in the bathroom she would be at the top of my pillow opposite Sierra Kinda like my personal cat hat ( can’t¬†shake that cat off for nothing she will sneak back when I fall asleep.) thought you might think this funny¬† Since I do. Hope you are all well and keeping healthy and warm. Hope to be able tp post more as I am getting a better routine going around here and carving out some ME time.

Love and hugs to you all,