104.7 degrees……. yet another one :(

Woo Hoo 

NOT  !!!!!

We have another case of influenza!!  Yuck I say again Yuck. Well I am wanting to say some other words but they aren’t so nice ….so I’ll just keep my mouth shut ..lol

We only have 3 more possible candidates to catch this stuff then we are in the clear , with this one anyway. Poor little Ariel is the victim and I get pretty freaked out when she’s sick since she is so sickly. She is 10 and just topped out at 40 pounds she’s quite a tiny little thing. We kept her home today and only had Levi since Sierra went for a visit up North , I thought it was croup she was getting til the fever peaked and I called the pediatrician and she said that the FLU had come to town around Christmas and to expect the others to get it too even if not from Ariel as school is back in session and there is sure to be cases going around, The good thing is we can only get it once so those of us who had it already are safe Yipee. I am trying to keep positive about this as maybe we are getting it all out-of-the-way early and will be ok the rest of the season. I am seriously sick of the sickness around here …I mean we usually have some sickness in the winter but this year its off the charts!!!! I have done everything I can think of, We have vitamins ,lysol spray, bleach wiping ,I run everything I can through the dishwasher and my poor hands are so sore from washing them even the lotion burns them.I bet you all are sick of hearing me complain Sorry about that , I am not normally so whiney just a lot going on around here right now I wont dump it on here but it feels just like some crazy daytime soap opera.  I may be just crabby since I got new toys and havent gotten to play with them yet 🙂   I will post on Brian’s appointment after we get back Thanks for thinking of him I do so appreciate it, as well as listening to my woes.      Leslie I have been checking out your blog posts in my email  when they come in and I like the glimmer spray one. I had success with the tutorial you put up with reinkers,white glue,water and pearl ex powders I tried them again to see if they still sprayed ok and they seemed to work fine. I have thought of using them with the embossing folders and maybe some paper flowers for Valentines day. Hope you are making way with the paperwork, Brian is half way done with his. Lynn how are you liking your bigshot? I cant wait to hear what you’ve done with it. I love mine 🙂 How is your weather now? I forgot to tell you that since you posted on the hoar-frost we’ve had it here twice !! Brian got a few photos one morning, I thought it was very beautiful and neat since I’d not seen it before. I had to call up your post to show Brian when we had it as he had not heard of it either.

Hope you are all well

Much love sent to you,


6 thoughts on “104.7 degrees……. yet another one :(

  1. My Goodness!!! Doesn’t Levi go in for his ears this week? Or was that last week? You poor woman. I sure do feel bad for you and your family. What a trial you all are having with this flu. Is poor Ariel the last to fall or are there others yet?

    I can so relate to the sore hands you are having. I don’t know what lotion you use, but! There is a kind that I used to swear by when all our kids were home and my hands were cracked and bleeding, chapped, and rough. It is called “CORN HUSKERS LOTION”. The bottle is clear, the lotion inside looks similar to hair gel and feels like it too. It does not leave an oily residue on your hands. It dries pretty quickly and is kind of sticky feeling when you first begin to apply it. You will notice a difference in your hands as soon as you first put it on. Doesn’t sting like the others, there is no fragrance, and it works well.

    I will continue to pray for you, your family, and for Brian as he goes through his testing and diagnosis.

    Love you Shelly – Leslie

  2. Hi Leslie,
    yes Levi goes on Friday afternoon and I am hoping all goes well then. No Ariel isent the last one sadly there is still Will, Jasmine who shares a bedroom with Ariel and Sierra. All three girls are always playing together so Doctor says to expect the others to carch it. The crazy thing is we have been trying to get the flu shot for the kids but whrn we go for med checks which are once a month they have been sick or reciently sick so they cant give it to them. I guess we wont need it now though. I will have to look for the lotion as mine are as rough as sandpaper and sore. I could maybe use them to distress some paper ?? lol 🙂 Brian had his testing today and he has a growth on his left vocal(cord) flap there are several possibilities which can cause it,first one is being intibated and the vocal cord being nicked (he hasent had any surgery except at age 10 and that was 34 years ago) the next one is acid reflux which they are treating him for with some prilosec once a day for the next couple months then he will go back on March 1 to have another video scope ( I am praying they are right and this is it ) if it is not better he will have a biopsy for something like cancer. I appreciate your prayers and support and am thankful to have you as my friend.
    I am off to watch some youtube and get my craft fix 🙂 then to bed so I can keep up with my medicine giving schedule round the clock, Brian says its the perk of being a Mom teasing me and I do love her so I will put on a smile and do what I need to do add some hugs and kisses and pray She heals quickly.

    Love you too Leslie 🙂

  3. Man, oh Man. You’ve got your share of ills within your household. I’ll keep praying for you and your family. Brian will be first on my list with his iffy stuff going on. One can always hope that he is experiencing some fluke thing and not cancer. Right now, March seems forever away. Hopefully, by the time it does come around your household will be totally shed of the flu, Levi will have the problems with his ears fixed and then you can focus your attention on your “One and Only” instead of the many.

    This stress must be wrecking havoc with your migraines. I’ll make sure to include that also. Sure wish I could do more 😦

    Take care, my friend, and I’ll be around if you need to just rant a bit. You can email me if you feel the need.

    Love you – Leslie

  4. Hell’s Bells and buckets of blood Shelly. It has been one round after another for you, about time you had a break from all this sickness. I do hope that doctor is right about the fact that none of you will catch it again, I suppose that is right to an extent let’s just hope it hasn’t mutated! That is a worry for you and Brian and I will keep my fingers crossed that it is acid reflux – which is pretty nasty anyway and can cause some damage.
    The flu and variations has been rife this side of the pond too, so many people have gone done with it over the Christmas period and, of course, we have had endless media coverage about vulnerable people (those that suffer from asthma, respiratory problems or are pregnant) having the flu jab, there is concern here that it is swine flu. Rod is entitled to the flu jab but refuses to have it as he was so ill a couple of winters ago after he had the jab.
    We know quite a few people in the medical profession who are refusing the swine flu jab as they are concerned about the side effects, so we feel that if medical staff are saying no then we will too 🙂

    I have been having great fun with my Bigshot 🙂 I bought myself some dies and embossing folders; I have used some of the dies to cut tags out of the Christmas cards – good way to recycle! I shall buy some more dies once I work out which ones I “need”!! I’d love the rosette die but it is quite expensive plus I’d need to buy longer acrylic mats.
    Hope you get chance to play soon.

    Much love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Shelly & Lynn – My Joe takes the “Purple Pill”, Nexium, for his acid reflux problem. I really hope the Prilosec works for your Brian. That acid reflux is some nasty stuff, but not as bad as what could be.

      Many pharmacies in our town give flu shots (jabs – I like that better). There was a time when the main aisle in Wal-Mart had a couple tables set up with a nurse and quite a supply of torture devices. One of our friends had the injection and, she too, was worse off than her neighbors and other family with just the regular strain that was making its rounds.

      Lynn – I wanna see, I wanna see!!! What are you and our Famous Kim creating with your new Big Shot?
      Love you both – Leslie

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