Sickness update

Hi Leslie and Lynn 🙂

How are you ladies faring? I’m happy to hear Lynn that you are feeling the love with your bigshot they are an awesome tool to play with and I havent thought of die cutting those Christmas cards I always save, Great Idea. I too will be awaiting a glimpse of what you and Kim have been up to, How are her ear problems coming along? Leslie our insurance wont cover the Purple Pill and its very expensive so we are hoping that this med works he has also been told to stop drinking his caffeinated Iced tea and go to decaf so we are doing that too.I have been having the headaches but know it is stress related we have had a hard few weeks here. Guess I can spill since you don’t think I’m being whiney  🙂  besides the health concerns here we were told by our son and his wife ( parents of my beloved grandbabies) that they have been considering a separation and possibly divorcing!!!! wow that hit us out of nowhere to say the least, I know they have been having some struggles financially and with depression but I was not prepared for that. Any way we have been talking with them separately and as a couple about all this and they have agreed to try to work this out and for that we are thankful. I was beside myself since I am so attached to the little ones and separation would mean a move several hours away from us and a huge change in what they see as normalcy being with us so much and we know personally and from all our foster training that big changes like this can have a lasting effect on the little ones. so for now all I can do is pray that they mean what they say and are going to decide to apply more of themselves to reconcile this relationship.

 We had to take two of our pets into the Vet yesterday and was expecting the worst outcome as Savannah our 14-year-old cat was wetting herself and the house and not eating( again Bam she just started acting this way) they say it’s a severe bladder infection and the fact that we have fed her dry food her whole life chances of her recovering arent fantastic gotta love our vet he says change the diet or just go get your shovel !!! she seems some better today but she needs to be put away in the bathroom where it is moppable til we see if the wetting stops. Then Sasha our 13-year-old Pomeranian has breast cancer with lumps in her bottom breasts so I ask what does that mean he says take her home enjoy her she don’t know she has cancer only you do (She is too old and we don’t have the money for heroic surgery that most likely wont help her and only drain her) so when she refuses to eat and drink we will know its time to let her go.

So there is my soap opera you know I think I could give one of them a good story line  🙂  I had planned to play tonight but opted for bed instead but awoke after several hours and can’t sleep so I decided to check my mail and post and check on you my friends so I am off to check out recent blog posts and maybe some youtube. I love you both and Thanks for the safe place to bare it all, I feel better having been able to get it all out. I appreciate your prayers and thoughts and will keep you posted on my crazy life 🙂 It’s only gotta get better

Love and big hugs,


10 thoughts on “Sickness update

  1. WOW!! I’m so sorry to hear about the upheaval in your home. I’d say you are just a tad overwhelmed and frustrated. You are handling this better than I would, quite frankly. You and your family will remain in my prayers since that is all I can do for you 😦

    Your poor cat and dog 😦 You are very fortunate to have a vet that tells it like it is. From what I’ve been told by others, and some reading I’ve done, life expectancy after surgery and radiation on older dogs is about six months. The poor dogs don’t do very well after the surgery because of their advanced ages and the radiation doesn’t help much either. You lose both ways then. The poor dog has trouble getting around and hurts worse, and your available pocket money is spent faster with not such hopeful results in the end.

    I’ve heard about cats getting Urinary Tract Infections. Crystals form in the urethra and the bladder which causes them to not be able to hold their water. Did the vet tell you how long it would take for this to clear up once you change food for your cat?

    I’m really sorry to hear about your son and his wife having troubles. I hope they can get things sorted out for themselves.

    Shelly, I sure do hope that your life begins to turn around for the good. You sure do need it to happen with all the craziness going on. You want to vent, you go right ahead. Kind of being trapped in the middle of all the mayhem with no where to go is pretty scary. I’m here for you whenever you need me.

    Love you – Leslie

    • HI Leslie
      Thanks again for the venting forum 🙂 it’s greatly appreciated. I am hopeful about Brian as I just don’t want to think of the other possibilities I guess kinda bury my head for a bit to process it all. I asked him if he noticed any difference in his sore throat and so far nothing but it has only been since Monday for the med change. I am scared since my uncle was diagnosed with throat cancer this past summer after a several month long sore throat that didn’t respond to treatment and Brian has had his since late September early October and hasent had any relief.
      Now about Savannah she seems to be urinating in the kitty box but hasent done the other,but she isent eating alot right now but seems to be eating more each time I feed her. We were told that female cats pass the stomes without problems usually since the passage is pretty much straight out where as males arent so lucky. so she should show improvement and be better in a week or so and if not the treatment was not successful so that too I just have to wait and see.
      As for Sasha my sweet doggie I’m not gonna put her on the crazy old dog diet I’m not gonna over feed her but why deprive her when she already is in the late stage part I’m just going to let her enjoy her treats ect. and enjoy what we have left. She is an awesome little dog that thinks she’s Nanna from peter pan she herds the kids and tells on them when she are up to mischief like sneaking around They can never get by her 🙂 she howls when the babies cry to let me know they are making noise like I can’t hear them 🙂 Way funny. She even mothered the younger cat we have P.J. thinks she’s a dog. Sasha developed milk and nursed that crazy cat for 2 years funniest thing to see. we have some photos of them together.
      Levi’s appointment got cancelled and moved to Monday now as Dr. had an emergency!!! The others seem better today and I am happy the weekend is here so I can sleep in an extra hour tomorrow 🙂
      I’m off to do some laundry, Dishes ,Clean the bathroom and hopefully vaccum the floors oh and of course keep the med schedule 🙂

      Take care Leslie and I am loving the projects on your blog. The more successful demonstrators seem to have successful blogs and I think yous is right on target, too bad I have a demo already Or i’d be heading to yours 🙂
      Love and hugs to you,

      • Your poor Savannah and Sasha. I loved reading about your “Furry” family members. Listen….if you can’t figure out how to make your movie software work and create a tribute to your Sasha after she has gone, I have an idea. You send me photos of your Sasha with information and I’ll create a “Tribute” to her for you.

        Poor Brian. I bet he is fit to be tied not knowing what is going on with his throat. I REALLY hope the Prilosec helps him and cures the inflammation and soreness he is having. THAT would be a total blessing.

        Little Levi…having to suffer through the ear ache longer. Poor little man. I hope, and pray, that he gets relief soonest. It is about time for the “ill wind” to stop blowing about your house.

        Shelly, I thank you for your very nice compliment on my Stampin’ Up! blog. I do appreciate your words. You stick with your Demonstrator and don’t even think of bailing on her. There are so many blogs that have awesome offerings and the people do some really great work. I thank you for your sweet words of encouragement.

        I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.
        Love you – Leslie

      • Thanks Leslie,
        I will keep that in mind about my furry babies and thank you for the offer lets hope its later not sooner 🙂 I am hoping the Doctor things for Levi goes good maybe they will say he is healing up and forgo the surgery for a while but that is just a waiting game too. As for Brian he seems optomistic and says he dont think it will heal over night so we just need to be patient Gotta love that wise man of mine 🙂 I love Marsha my demo but she is still unsure of how her business and right now as long as she makes her minimums with stamp club shes happy and she does an awesome job in our classes so if anyting would ever happen there where I’m demoless I’ll be heading your way 🙂 Thanks again for all your prayers and support.
        We had some more washer problems late last night and I have to think God has a great sense of humor as we had water all the way into the kitchen/ dining room area and didnt know it til Brian went to plug in his camera to charge up the batteries and stepped in the water, Seems the washer thingy went out on the last load of towels and leaked under the wall That was a late night mess I tell you so now the washer is full of wet towels that cant be washed and the dryer is full of towels the same amount as the washer but dry 🙂 at least all the other laundry was finished. as for bed didnt make it there til 3 a.m. oh well everything got a good cleaning 🙂 I feel better today to spite all that s going on as Brian and I had some good laughs lasst night as we cleaned up our mess.

        Many hugs and love,

      • HI Leslie,
        I wasent upset about your offer to do tribute I am greatful for the offer 🙂 I am just a big weenie with the whole parting with them thing 🙂 We had our other cats Jethro a siamese for 16 years and Sprocket for about both males and spent lots od money trying to save them and just had to realize it was time to let them go Man I tell you some of the hardest things to do 😦 Well beside having to let our 15month old baby go but he was so sick I had at least made peace with his passing. But I will probably need some help since I just dont seem to have time to play with my stuff. we are thankful that the air is so dry that clean up wasent too bad just took alot of moving stuff around since I have have stuff everywhere like a dresser in the laundry room for the little ones since closet space is limited here come to think of it space period is limited here LOL 🙂 any way all is good Brian says when tax refund comes back I get a new washer and dryer something with a warranty 🙂 yipee !!!! Not what I had planned to ask for but it is what I need. I was thinking more on the lines of a refridgerator but the one we have works so that isent a real need. I appreciate you Leslie and the cyber hugs are nearly as good as the real ones 🙂 I am happy that I can come on here and get real and constructive words of wisdom and love thats what real freinds do and I dont have many of those (my own issues:) )so I am greatful and thankful for you. Brian bless his heart seems to be taking it all in stride he is usually very even keeled Thats one of the reasons I love him he really balances me out. Well i am home with only a few kiddies so I am gonna check out a few things and maybe SHH….. get to be crafty???? Thats the idea in my cranium anyway I’ll let you know.

        Much love and big hugs,

  2. We have a saying here Shelly that it never rains but it pours and that is for sure what has been happening with you. What a load of agony and sadness to be saddled with when you have more than enough on your plate with looking after the children plus the illnesses.
    Excuse me if I offend here but I think your son and daughter-in-law need a good kick up the backside to offload on you just now. I know there has been depression to be dealt with and financial problems – we’ve all been there and some of us still there – but splitting up is not the answer. Working together is the answer here and they have to take reponsibility for their own problems here not dump on poor mum who has been battling away for the last few months.
    I am so sorry Shelly that you are having to deal with their problems and have the worry of maybe not seeing your grandbabies so much especially when you have the worry of Brian too. I so hope all this works out well for you and for them.
    What a bummer that Levi’s appointment was cancelled.

    Then on top of all the human pain and worry you then have the worry of your pets. Life can be such a bitch at times can’t it? I hope your pussy cat is soon better and her bladder infection soon sorts itself out. I am so sorry to hear about your poor dog; enjoy her while you can. She will wonder at all the extra special treatment but what the heck.

    Kim’s hearing has improved of late because her ears are gradually draining. Some days are better than others but the thing she hates most is when she is at school and all the children are shouting in the play area because she can’t determine whether the calls are for her or just the general noise. She can cope in the classroom so long as it is relatively quiet then she can work out where the sounds are coming from. The deafness or slight deafness seems to affect her directional ability. We are still waiting for her next appointment, these things seem to take so long with some hospitals being so inefficient and incompetent!

    Shelly, as Leslie said, I am here for you and you rant, vent and spill all you want if it helps you. Isn’t that what friends are for? Stay strong friend 🙂

    Much love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • HI Lynn
      No offense taken 🙂
      Tried to answer earlier but got sidetracked by the kiddos 🙂
      When we talked with kids the other day thats what we were doing 🙂 Giving the KICK One of the problems our son has is that Brian and I never discussed issues(argued) in front of them our kids and so they tend to think we didnt have any and that things have always been rosey for us….Not!!! We have had and do have and will have disagreements as we are two different people. Not that Brian and I are ALL THAT just have been able to put things into perspective and Divorce has never been a word in our vocabulary I soppose that is because of our childhoods We just made the decision that our relationship was going to be different than what we had seen and realize that it is work to make things work. So I think there are some unrealistic expectations and She has some about him too ( Maybe read too many romance novels) There is fault on both sides and we told them that.
      We are way too attached to the grandbabies I know many would say but we have a 5 year old grandson that we are not allowed to be part of his life and are thankful to be able to be so involved with these two.Plus I am just a bit baby crazy 🙂 I am happy that Kim isent havint the pain she was. It’s so horrible when you cant really do much to help them.
      I am just enjoying my sickly pets as much as I can 🙂 Sasha has been getting her whole Doggie biscuits instead of just half and Brian got her the regular dog food not the older dog one that she didnt like as well so she is a happy pup. Savannah has been eating her canned food and drinking alot of water but still seems to be wetting on her kitty bed so she must be having some problems still.I just dont like having her shut up in the bathroom I dont want her last days if it is to be spend all shut away from us.We all take turns sitting in the bathroom with her Nothing like sitting in there 🙂

      As for Brian we are hopeful and praying for the best outcome but the waiting is hard some days more than others.
      Thanks for the encouragement and I will take you up I’m sure on the venting and such. I appreciate yours and Leslies friendship and value your opinions.
      Take care Friend
      Love and hugs,

      • I think my words about not raining but pouring came at the wrong moment there Shelly with your washer developing a leak 😦 Good grief how much more???? Good job you and Brian could laugh about it. It sounds as though you and Brian have a similar relationship as Rod and I have.
        We never argued in front of the children, so much so that one day when I was ranting about a particular person to Rod we suddenly realised there were two little tear streaked faces peering in at us. When we asked the girls what was wrong they said “We thought you were having an argument”! Bless ’em.
        Rod and I don’t always agree so we agree to dffer 🙂 Much less stressful and we always tried to discuss problems.

        Leslie that is a very thoughtful thing to do (reference the tribute). These fur babies certainly do get under our skin don’t they? At the moment we are feeding a stray cat that has suddenly appeared from who knows where. Every evening it sneaks into our porch to eat the food we put down but isn’t inclined to stay around to say hello just yet. Hate to think of that poor pussy cat outside and no friendly words but we are hopeful he/she will realise we are nice people really 🙂 He/she is sheltering in our shed somewhere amongst all the junk and it appears to be a tortoiseshell colour with two white back paws – that is all we saw as it streaked off 🙂 Rod is wondering whether it is a female with babies!!

        Take care.
        Big hugs and love
        Lynn xxx

  3. Shelly, were I nearer you I’d give you a big HUG! Sure seems as though you need one with all that is going on around you.

    Maybe even go so far as to find a babysitter for half a day and take you and Brian both out for a Margarita or two 🙂 No…more like a trip to a masseuse to get all the kinks worked out and have a time to just relax and focus on your own selves instead of everyone else.

    When our dog was alive (a black lab), she shed quite a bit. Our washer drain developed a “Hair Ball” and hacked it up all over our floors. What a mess that was, so I can relate to the clean up. That was not fun to do. Living in a mobile home and not having concrete floors we worried about damage to the wood beneath and hoped we had got the water all cleaned up before it had a lot of time to soak in and cause real problems.

    Lynn – I remember you had mentioned one of your grandchildren having ear problems. Poor Kim, I sure hope she doesn’t end up with damage to her ear drums from this.

    Shelly, I’m sorry for the premature offer of a “Tribute” to your Sasha. I feel like such a jerk. Never the less, the offer still stands, even if it is totally inappropriate and premature. Enjoy both Savannah and Sasha while you still have them to cuddle with and love on.
    Love you – Leslie

    • Leslie – we are keeping our fingers crossed for Kim and her hearing although it seems that children prone to seasonal glue ear have two periods in their lives when they are most vulnerable – between the ages of 18 – 24 months old and again between 5 -7 years old and then they grow out of it. At the moment Kim’s hearing is improving as her cold symptoms are clearing up and obviously the fluid is draining away, all we hope is that she doesn’t catch any more colds this winter!

      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

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