I got to do it……………. :) …………..play with my paper

Hello Everyone

I am getting to post my small crafting and completed project. YIPEE for me  🙂  As you can see I am still not quite got the hang of getting the photos inserted correctly so please bear with me . It’s been a while since I posted photos and had to really think about what I did to get them off my computer .Silly things were not where I thought they were. The camera software had me confused……..but then again lately that don’t take much..lol

So the inspiration for these flowers are thanks to Lynn at Gardenpinks she posted her calendars with paper flowers she made and I had been wanting to give them a whirl. Since time is limited for crafting I wanted something I could do in stages, you know work on it then leave it if needed and pick up later where I left off  this was a great project for that. I was also inspired to use up my scraps from my good friends too Both had posted about using what you have Lynn’s recent and Leslie at message in a fold a while back So armed with the ideas I set to work first I found some strips of 12 inch long paper and just trimmed them up so I had 2 for each flower, got out the edge punches and got to work. had a break here That accomplished I used my Martha Stewart scoring board and scored so I could do the folding ,creased each real well with the bone folder. had another break this one lasting til bedtime was all settled. I was able to punch out 4 circles and added sticky strip ( atg didnt work well) placed my folded strips onto them and added the old jewelry piece and the button.I also sprayed the big flower with Stampin ups vanilla shimmer spray and on the small one inked the edges with a sponge dauber and chocolate chip classic ink. They are pretty I think ,Don’t know what I’ll use them for but it never hurts to have some embellishments on hand  🙂

WE are getting along better here got some more snow about 5 or 6 inches I think and will having blowing and drifting tonight. Ariel is finally better and was able to return to school today which made us both happy  🙂  Levi had his appointment yesterday and does have to have the tubes put in his ears they just wont drain and it is effecting the hearing so they think this is the best option fo him the day is not scheduled yet but very soon. His birthday is the 23 rd so we want it to be after that.

So far the 2 kiddies that didn’t get the flu arent showing any signs so I am hopeful it has passed them by but wont hold my breath  🙂

Brian is finishing the business part of the  taxes up as I type so all we need to do is get his W-2 from driving the Bus on the 20th and he will have them all finished.  I get to go to the laundry mat tomorrow and wash up the full hampers of clothes but will bring them home to dry them I havent been to one in years as we have been blessed with a washer and dryer for quite some time now. Gotta go now Morning just comes way too early for me around here( I need a really good sleep in day ) so as I close I will post a couple more pictures.

   Here is a look at my small sleep space LOL Yup Levi is in pink jammies as I am having a hard time finding any blanket sleepers his size I guess with all   the cold weather people are snatching them right up. any way this is the correct angle of my bed looking from foot to top. Guess which side is mine??? *bing bing bing* you guessed correct !! My space is in the middle of those two  🙂  Sierra is kinda wrapped around my shoulders and I am on my side facing Levi while he has his little head up under my chin and Brian gets what I think is a large space on the other side  🙂  and if Savannah was not locked in the bathroom she would be at the top of my pillow opposite Sierra Kinda like my personal cat hat ( can’t shake that cat off for nothing she will sneak back when I fall asleep.) thought you might think this funny  Since I do. Hope you are all well and keeping healthy and warm. Hope to be able tp post more as I am getting a better routine going around here and carving out some ME time.

Love and hugs to you all,



5 thoughts on “I got to do it……………. :) …………..play with my paper

  1. Yay for you Shelly! Your flowers are really pretty! I like your centers too! Very nice to hear that you’re finding some time for you in your new schedule! That’s always important! I look forward to seeing more crafting posts soon then, right? 🙂
    I was always hoping to catch up on everything I missed on everyone’s blogs. I think at this point I’m better of just jumping in and starting over! So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! lol
    Hope you have a happy day!
    Nancy 🙂

  2. Shelly!!!! AWESOME flowers. My goodness they are beautiful. I’ll definitely have to give them a try. Glad to see that you did get snatches of time to create.

    Good to know that the flu is (hopefully) on its way out of your home. What a trial you have had. Poor Levi, he will feel so much better once the tubes are in his ears. My Rissa had it done when she was a little over 1-1/2 years old – not quite 2. She had raging infections in her ears and was really miserable. The tubes remained in her ears for several years and fell out on their own. She has no ill effects from the tubes and that was in the early 1980’s.

    So cute, your little “cuddle bunnies”. I bet it gets crowded in there when you want to sleep. Going to bed long after everyone else has retired must be a bit tricky. Easing in and trying to not step or lean on anyone.

    Keep warm, enjoy your trip to the laundromat – ya right 😦 – and be safe.
    Love you – Leslie

  3. Shelly those are beautiful flowers, absolutey gorgeous and love the centres. They make such a lovely addition to any craft project because they are so striking. So happy for you that you managed to find some moments of ‘me’ time there 🙂

    Oh what a drudge having to drag laundry along to the laundromat and costly too I bet.

    Hope the powers that be get a date sent out pretty soon for Levi to have the tubes inserted and then hope it will soon be a pain free time for him and good hearing.

    How on earth do you get comfortable with such a bed full Shelly? Must be quite tricky getting in there without waking anyone up or distrbing them. They look so cute all asleep like that, arms and legs everywhere. One our daughters used to sneak into bed with us and always ended up curled around our heads but not until she had got her cold hands and feet all over us 🙂 When our grandson came to stay when he was younger (about Levi’s age) he would only sleep if he was well snuggled in between us but what a fidget he was 🙂
    Keeping fingers crossed that the flu avoids the rest of your family.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Hi there Lynn,
      Thanks for the accolades on the flowers I had fun getting them made. Melissa is trying to get it set up for Levi on the 25th that is just 3 days after his 1st birthday so atleast he will enjoy his Cake 🙂 Boy this little guy can eat, and he is into everything !! Never a bit of rest now that he has figured out this walking thing 🙂 I will let you know on the laundry mat since I didnt get to go yesterday, Kids were home as school was cancelled with the blowing and drifting snow. We are going after I get supper fixed and I am not looking foward to it. It’s sure to be pretty costly since I have between 8-10 loads !!
      Now for the sleeping question …I don’t get much sleep in that bed when I have the kids so I had Brian put up the little toddlwr bed in the girls room for Sierra when she stays and I am looking for a used crib for Levi, We dont really have the room but I am willing to be cramped so I can sleep 🙂 I figure we have them often enough it will be worth it in the long run.Once Levi is bigger I can put him in Wills room when they stay. And yes they both fidget and kick something fierce.

      Take care
      Love and hugs,

      • When Joe and I are on the road and I have to do laundry out there, I hate it. Tied down and can’t do anything else for fear someone will come and take our clothes out and just plop them anywhere – which has happened before. Worse was a construction crayon was left in a washer and everything had blue waxy spots all over it when I took stuff out of the dryer. Didn’t know that little crayon had gone with the clothes. Arrrrgh!

        I don’t envy you and your sleeping arrangements. For such small people they sure do pack a powerful kick. And they can sure move from one end of the bed to another during the night. Bet you feel free when the babies are home with their parents and you have only Brian in bed with you 🙂

        Those buttons on your flowers are more than beautiful, they are stunning! Love your flowers. I’ll have to try it again. Messed one up when I tried today and I got a fan. Guess not long enough paper 🙂
        Love you – Leslie

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