Laundry is done Yipee !!!!!

Well the laundry is finished and folded just needs to be divided up to respective owners and put away but that will have to wait til tomorrow.Brian went with me and helped get it all finished up and we had a couple of hours kid free with just the sound of the washers adjusting and the dryers whirling around . Very relaxing indeed  🙂  The cost wasent as bad as I thought it would be but still more than I want to fork out $20.00 Yikes I’m grateful that  I don’t have to do this all the time or we would be broke. I did come home with all the kids in bed and sleeping so I have a little time to myself tonight. Who knows I may even get to bed early.  Thanks you Leslie for the nice compliments on my flowers it was tricky to get them to lay just right I tried the atg and was not successful so I broke out the sticky strip and it stuck just fine. I did use two 12 inch strips for the large flower and one 12 inch strip  for the small one . The button on the small flower is  from an old coat I loved and the other is what I think is an old jewelry setting Brian got me a bunch of them ( assorted) from an antique store our friends had that went out of business and he helped them so they told him he could have what he wanted so he brought me home some goodies for my crafting. When I get around to sending out your package I can send you some if you want me to I have plenty to share. I Will add some for you too Lynn if you ae interested. I just need to find the time to work on finishing up my projects. We volunteered to keep the little ones for a spell since it’s so cold at their house and the kids are having such a strapped time with cash flow and they only have a wood burning stove as their heat source with limited wood to burn, They didn’t prepare to use it as they had lined up to have a furnace and that fell through and buying fire wood can be pretty expensive. So I am working on getting  the schedule in order and they will come down and take care of the kids in the evenings when they are not working.  Now what I am thinking is I need to assemble projects I can work on in intermittent stages and stay on task with them. Any ideas would be appreciated, that way I can fulfill my crafty desires and do all the other stuff I need to do also. Ok so I’m off to check out blogs and youtube then I think it’s bedtime for me.

Have a great evening

Love and hugs,



15 thoughts on “Laundry is done Yipee !!!!!

  1. Oooooh, A DATE NIGHT!!! Gazing into each others eyes, dancing to the music of swish and whir, whispered words of endearment, hands touching occasionally while folding clothes, watching the other people in the room that are alone, being thankful you have each other. Awesome!! Coming home to a quiet house, how cool is that?!

    With your Son and Daughter-In-Law at your home with the little ones at night sometimes, that will be good for them and you. A bit cramped with all the bodies in one home but still it will be good for them to be around family. As long as they can keep from playing the blame game and getting all out of sorts this time will be good for them.

    Have you heard anything from your 18 year old daughter? She doing alright out on her own? I know there was a bit of trouble there some time back.

    What is Brian’s eBay store name? Does he buy and sell antiques? Small things like books, jewelry, documents, and the like? How did he get interested in antiques? Me, antiques are like a flower garden grown from seeds. I can’t tell a weed from the growing flower, they all look the same to me. I wouldn’t know an antique if it sat on a shelf next to me every day. With all this snow you are having, Brian must be having a time driving the “Brat Mobile”. Brrrrr!

    I’m looking forward to seeing crafty things from you when you have a night or two to yourself to create. Have you done anything exciting at your monthly card meetings with your Demo? Any tips you want to pass on? I so love that VersaMark and Classic Ink tip you gave me, as if you don’t already know that 🙂 Truly, I’m glad you have that once a month escape from all of the stuff you do at home. Think you are way busier than I am 🙂
    Love you – Leslie

    • The best part was the quiet house 🙂 We actuall were the only ones there except for the attendant who had to explain the way the machines operated 🙂 All are side load with pull out trays for all the soap,bleach,fabric softener added at once. I have the old fashioned washer top loeading 🙂 I use the downy ball for the softener and juat add soap and belasc while it fills. Kinda felt embarrassed not knowing how to do my laundry tee hee. But All is done and put away so I am a happy camper. I had planned to make up my project packages tonight but opted for a movie with the family instead so I will shoot for tomorrow or Monday since the kids will be out of school on holiday. Heather has now moved in with Brians parents which is a much better situation for her and there are similar house rules as ours and she seems to be setteling in good When she got kicked out of her other residence wwhich we knew she would she asked me if she could come back home and as hard as it was I told her no, the tension and fighting around here has dropped off and thats the way i’d like to keep it,
      Brian’s ebay name is godislove2 he dont have a store but has worked his way up to power seller, He likes old papers and documents best but has sold a wide variety of things. I am not an antique kind of person Not that I dont like them just not real interested in them 🙂 This really works for us as he drives the school bus full time and does ebay full time but is still here to help me with this wild bunch we have. I know eventually he will go back to a ” real job” but I like this set up for as long as we can. He can always drive again since he has that esperience but he dont like being away from home says money aint everything and the kids are only little once so he dosent want to miss them growing up just to climb the ladder. And Driving the school bus taked a special kind of person I for one would not be that type of person 🙂 Mouthy teenagers and me are not a good mix 🙂 i will try to get some things compiled for you for the monthly class ideas. We did a real neat technique book one time where we did 3-4 atc sized cards to put on printed pages then had them bound so we could flip through them and have directions and samples it was a big hit. Punch art booklets done the same way seem to be a hit too.I have a file fron splitcoast for booklet let me know if that sounds interesting to you. I really enjoy stamp club some of us have been together for 10 years 🙂 and Marsha is a good drmo and we have alot of fun hanging out with the girls. hope you are faring well.

      Love to you,

  2. haha…I love Leslie’s response here! Have you ever considered writing romance novels, Leslie? You could do a whole “Dirty Laundry” series…oh, maybe not! lol They sound a little too risque! lol

    Shelly…this post says it was made at 3:51 am! Is that when you went to bed? That’s when I’m getting up! We could have another visit and “coffee” as we pass in the night! lol I meant to tell you that lemon bars are my FAVORITE…even more than chocolate! 🙂

    I think I’ve missed something else, which is no suprise, but Leslie mentioned a monthly card meeting and a Demo. Can you please tell me what that’s about? It sounds like great fun! 🙂
    Have a great day!
    Nancy 🙂

    • Nancy – Most Stampin’ Up! Demos here in the US have a “Card Club” once a month. The members meet, usually, at the Demo’s house to make two to four cards. They get to use new stamp sets, try new techniques, and learn about all the new goings on with Stampin’ Up!. They also have to purchase a pre-set minimum. Depending on the number of Club Members (10 for example) each month one person gets to be the “Hostess” and earn the goodies when each member has to purchase $15.00.

      Some Demos have a fee they charge to be in the club. For example they charge $25 that is paid to the Demo at each meeting. When the member purchases $15 in Stampin’ Up! stuff at the club meeting they get some of their fee back. I think this was instituted so the Demo could justify the cost of paper and other supplies used for the club meetings and be able to keep a good stash of stuff on hand.

      I’ve seen some Demos have a “Big Shot” or a “Die” club. How those work I’m not sure but each member that wants to purchase a Big Shot pays a monthly fee that goes toward the purchase of a Big Shot. At the end of the club membership they get to take a Big Shot home with them. There are “Marker Clubs” where the members pay a monthly fee that goes toward the purchase of an entire marker set at the end of the club thing.

      Once a month each club member comes to the event and makes something. A card, or a felt belly band that will go around a paper cup for HOT coffee (like Starbucks does). All kinds of things are done at these club meeting events. The women get together and talk about stuff, have a bit of time away from family and household demands, and do something that is fun. Some of these events have a snack and a beverage, not all of them though.

      These events had been a way for the Demo to meet their quarterly minimums. Using incentives for the club members to bring someone with them is encouraged so the Demo can get “new blood” and maybe a Workshop or two out of it to boost their sales.

      I don’t know if your Demo has such things going on but you might check around to see who has what. If your Demo doesn’t have clubs and is not open to having clubs, you can find someone near you that does. It might sound harsh and lay a guilt trip on you for bailing on your current Demo but if you are looking to spend some time outside your home with other like minded women and share a bit of “girl time” instead of being alone all the time (which I don’t know if you do spend all your time alone) – it is my feeling that you go where you can get your needs met if someone is unwilling to meet your needs.

      As to your comment of me writing a romance novel….well I did already in the above entry and that is about the extent of it all. Wracked my brain just to get those few words put together 🙂

      Hope I’ve answered your questions on the card meeting and demo thing.
      Love you – Leslie

    • Yes Nancy the laundry mat was a very romantic place 🙂 But it was nice to have some quiet conversation uninterrupted with Brian It dosent happen much around these parts 🙂 No my post wasent that late/ early this post will say 6:30 a.m. and it’s really 12:30 a.m. so its the time zone thing. Although I have made late posts like tonight. gotta grab the time when I can lol. Lemon bars are my favorite !! yummy I can make them from scratch but found a box mix where you just add some water and 3 eggs mix up and bake How easy is that and wow they are sooooo good. like I said I could eat the whole pan of them but dont need to do that or I will gain the weight i’ve lost. Sounds like Leslie hasfilled you in on the monthly club question. I started years ago when my friend Judy became a demo and it is inespensive way to get my crafting goodies. Since Judy has moved another friend Marsha joined as a demo just to keep us all together each the monthly club helps her meet her required sales per month and we all get to hang out and still get our supplies, A win win situation for us all.

      Hope you are feeling better,
      Love and hugs,

      • Hi Nancy
        I tried to post to your blog yesterday evening and dont hink I was successful. Please let me know what to do.

  3. Loved Leslie’s Romance at the Laundromat 🙂 That girl sure has a way with words.
    It must have beena drudge having to go out in the cold with all the laundry but look on the bright side Shelly – you were in a warm place with just you and Brian and no kids 🙂 I’d have packed a picnic and a flask as well 🙂
    Glad you are working something out with your son and DIL, they need to spend time with the children and the children need to spend time with them plus they may come to realise just how hard you and Brian are having to work as well. And it will, hopefully, give you a chance to play with your crafty stash.
    Are they on top of their finances? Perhaps they need to do a proper budget too. We have a saying here that “when poverty walks through the door, love flies out of the window”. It is hard to stay in love when there are money worries.

    I would love some of those jewellry settings Shelly if you have some to spare. They set those flowers off very prettily.
    I will try and get my thinking cap on to come up with some ideas for you. Although you could try the grid card technique that I made a video of – that is something that can be done over a period of time and makes a lovely card front. for part one in case you didn’t catch it before although I’m sure you have seen it.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Hiya Lynn
      Leslie does have a gift for writing I think travel guides or reviews would sound exciting written by her 🙂
      The outing to do laundry was an inconvience but the bright side was chatting with Brian and a picnic sounds great except I had worked like mad to get the eating and all out of the way so we could leave the kids without a big fuss. and a flask …….of……. margaritas 🙂 lol thats a thought too.
      Son and wife have a budget but both work at local fastfood places and hours have been drastically cut for them. They dont live outside their means but diapers for 2 babies can be a real big expense I know I have them so much I need to begin working with Sierra being potty trained but have just been lazy about it. Our area and state have a very high unemployment rate and if you have a job you’ re one of the fortunate ones. The money worries are part of what is going on with them right now with both working it doesnt leave alot of time for each other and like I said unrealisric expections that the other person is the one to make you happy all the time just something thats not true. Some maturing is needed and that I think comes with time and expereince. I have more than enough jewelry settings to share so I’d be happy to send you some Thanks for the brainstorming on ideas for me it is appreciated. as for you grid card I had forgotten obout them it is something I could work on in stages. I was thinking of doing some background papers and homemade embellishments sorta have elements ready to make a quick card in a pinch plus it would be a way to use up my abundance of scraps.I’ll jeep you all poste to what I come up with.Yup I watched your video Very nice 🙂

      Take care I’m off to bed.
      Big hugs,

      • Yes I now how much nappies (diapers) cost as we still have a grandchild in them. When our twin daughters were born we couldn’t afford to use disposable nappies all the time so only had a pack for when we were out and about and the rest of the time we used Terry towelling ones that had to be pre soaked and then washed 😦 What a PITB that was and I had the girls potty trained as quickly as possible!!

        These days you have to grab any job that is available. It must be so hard for them working long hours and not a big wage at the end of it. With unemployment so high and wages so low it still amazes me that there are some people who can aford to buy fast food snacks. I hope things do improve soon for your son and his wife. That sort of grinding life doesn’t help relationships especially when they look around – tv adverts are the worse – and think they see others living a better lifestyle.

        Glad to hear that Heather has settled down okay with the grandparents. I admire your courage to say ‘no’ to her; we have been in this situtation and other parents may look askance at your attitude but I think they are the fools if they turn themselves into doormats and those kids are not going to appreciate or respect the parents. When Heather matures she will respect and appreciate you and Brian. Well done 🙂

        Another idea I have used for background papers – I used cheap printer paper, stamped and embossed a background stamp all over the sheet then crumpled the sheet up well, roughly smoothed it out so all the creases are still visible and then rubbed an ink pad all over – I used a gold ink pad – it looks lovely where it makes the creases appear darker. You could also do the same but instead of an ink pad spritz with some shimmer before crumpling ito a ball, then before the shimmer dries out crumple up tight and then smooth out and leave to dry. Looks quite effective!
        An accidental surprise happened the other day – I was spritzing various shimmer sprays over a card and mopping up the excess with a piece of kitchen towel. When I’d finished the kitchen towel was covered in lots of shimmery colours and looked gorgeous! I have since stamped bold images over the towel and cut parts of the stamped images out, then I stamped one of the images onto plain cardstock and used the cutout parts to add texture and fill to the image on the cardstock. Looks quite good. 🙂 I have taken some photos and hope to upload them to my blog over the next day or two.

        Hugs and love
        Lynn xxx

  4. @ Nancy
    posted to your blog last night and dont think I was successful. Please let me know if you got it.


    • Good morning Shelly!
      I’d be so happy to see a comment from you on my blog! No…there isn’t one there yet!
      Just use the drop-down under the comment box and pick the profile you want to use. I believe there’s a WordPress option there. Or you can just use your name if you want. Then click on “post comment”. It should work! I don’t have any security on! I hope you give it another shot!
      Have a great weekend!
      Nancy :o)

      • Gave it anther try. I used ny blogspot account inthe dropdown box so we will haveto see. Love the page by the way that s what I’ve posted several times . Hope you are feeling better.
        Take care
        Love and hugs

  5. Good morning Shelly!
    I’m afraid your comment didn’t work! I’m really not sure what the problem is but thanks for trying…again and again! lol I’m glad you liked the page! 🙂 No…I’m not feeling better…yet! Having some tough days right now…but all is well regardless! Thanks very much for asking…I think I kept forgetting to answer you on that one! Seems my mind doesn’t work when my head hurts…at least that’s my story these days! It has nothing to do with my age! lol
    Hope you have a very happy day!
    Nancy 🙂

    • Shelly I’ve noticed on Nancy’s blog that when I leave a comment whether using my wordpress account or blogger account it doesn’t straightaway leave the comment. When I press the post comment button I have to wait for the page to reload and then scroll down again and press the post comment button again and then do the same again. It usually takes at least twice if not three times before the comment loads. HTH

      Lynn xxxx

      • Shelly, what I do when going to a blog, like Nancy’s, is I first sign in to my WordPress blog then open a New Tab on my browser (I use Firefox). In the New Tab I go to Nancy’s, yours, Lynn’s, and Indira’s blogs – one at a time – to see what new activity is going on.

        When I want to leave a comment in Nancy’s blog there is a place to choose OpenID. There is a drop down list with WordPress as one of the choices. I select that and type in my WordPress blog sign in name (message8 or messageinafold). After you do that and post your comment WordPress will put up a message asking if you want to do that. I select YES and then WordPress creates an OpenID for blogspot. After you do that a time or two you won’t have to do that anymore.

        Just be sure to sign in to your WordPress blog first before you go to the other blogs and leave comments. Hope this helps you out.
        Love you – Leslie

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