Look…. Ma……I’m aBlogging :)

Hiya Friends.

Finally getting a chance to give a little shout out to ya:)  We are gonna get some more snow tonight and I think we have the chance that there will be no school tomorrow if er get what they say. That being said my chances of getting on the computer will be slim. Thought I’d give an update on my Kitty She seems to be doing much better using her litter box regularly and really liking the canned catfood  🙂 for that I am very happy. Will my 13-year-old son has fallen victim to the flu bug and is feverish and croupy coughing Poor guy feels rotten 😦  Levi is getting the sniffles so I am hoping he isnt getting sick…again or it will cause delay in his tubes getting put in. Brian is still having the sore vocal cord and doesnt feel much better but does say the heartburn ect is much better I am wondering if talking causes more irritation it would make sense. Melissa is supposed to go visit her folks with the kids this weekend weather permitting so I may have a bit if time if Will is feeling better. I did however  get to make another flower with my paper strips and think it turned out nice I will post it when I get a chance. I got a string of Christmas lights hung around my area They are flowers and I thought they would make a calming atmosphere when I’m sitting there in the evening checking my mail ect. Thank you Leslie  and Lynn for the info on posting to Nancy’s blog I have yet to try again but may make it over there tonight.   Hope you are all well and keeping warm. 

Love yo you all

Hugs and stuff  🙂


2 thoughts on “Look…. Ma……I’m aBlogging :)

  1. Hi Shelly
    Sorry to hear that Will isn’t feeling too good; hope Levi’s sniffles don’t develop into much and so sorry to hear that Brians vocal chords are still causing him grief but at least the heartburn is better. I can empathise with the heartburn, it is so uncomfortable and can make me feel very down. Hate it when I get it at night especially if I get reflux too. Some days I almost live on indigestion tablets even when I try to eat sensibly – less fatty foods and chocolate 😦

    Kim had her aural check out last week and the consultant has decided that she does need the tubes after all and also her adenoids removed. Ruth is hoping she can get the appointment for just before the half term break in February so that Kim has a complete week from school to recover and get used to being able to hear properly again.

    Hope you do get some time this weekend to do a bit of crafting; think the flowers are becoming a firm favourite with you at the moment 🙂 I made quite a few the other night, some are quite small as I found a piece of script paper and thought the flowes would like nice made from that and they have turned out well.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Hiya again,
    Thanks for the sympathy on the illness situations here. I am ever hopeful that Jasmine will catch this and put it all to an end so it will have gotten each and everyone of us and have noone wlse to strike. We are changing the diet Not that we have really bad habits but Brian did have to give up his caffinated Iced tea and we are now drinking the decaf kind. We don’t eat alot of fatty foods since I have had problems with that since my gallbladder attack left me unable to handle eating them.

    I will keep Kim in my thoughts and prayers. It will be great that she will regain her hearing . This weekend will hold some crafting time I want to make my Valentines cards for the kids and maybe finish up Yours and Leslies stuff . The flowers are a hit since I can work on the easily and I have a few more ideas too.
    I am off to check out some blogs 🙂

    Much love,

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