Levi update, appliance shopping and the stomach flu?!?!?!

Okay Friends here’s the latest scoop around my humble house  🙂  I am happy to say that Levi did great with his ear tubes only took about 20 minutes from the time they took him back til he returned. We have had no problems here at home. They drained a large amount of fluid from his right ear and said his hearing should be greatly improved. He is still kinda klingy and hates the ear drops but other wise doing good. Leslie I let brian read your post on the washer and dryer plus the man who owns the laundry mat gave us a lot of info on the top load verses the front loaders from a business point of view  and he said to go with the front load if budget permits. Who would have thought it would be such a pain in the rear end to find what I want. but I have never had new ones so this is a new adventure for me.  Yup the stomach flu has struck again!!! with ME  I tell you all I don’t care if we bake like chickens in a hot oven this summer I want this winter to end!!!! I am throughly tired of everyone being sick around here I am beside myself since we are normally not this sickly of a bunch. All that being ranted I need to lay back down while I can as two little ones are still sleeping and the others have left for school I hate to sleep my day away but I hate the sickness even more.  Wish me luck that I’m the only one who catched this because stomach flu and NO washer and dryer with all these kids are not a thing to look forward to 😦

Love and stuff to you all,



Valentines cards finished, photographed and waiting on me to upload


7 thoughts on “Levi update, appliance shopping and the stomach flu?!?!?!

  1. What a mixed bag of stuff you have going on around your house. Kind of like the Good, Bad, and Ugly 😦

    I’m so glad to hear that Levi fared well through the surgery. The ear drops, from what I remember with Carissa, were hated because of the tickling in her ear and down her throat. It was such a deep tickle that she could not get to it, because I thwarted all events of fingers in ears, and she hated the drops. I resorted to a diversion tactic and a bit of bribery. When it was time for her ear drops she would run to her room and close the door – 2-1/2 years old at the time and she was FAST. I carried the bottle and a Hershey’s Kiss into her room. I promised her she would get the chocolate if she would sing for me.

    There was a lot of bawling done, a few temper tantrums – this time NOT from me – but I did get her to finally be still and accept the drops. After they were administered I’d have her sing “Twinkle Twinkle Littler Star” or the “Alphabet” song and use her fingers to demonstrate the song. This kept her hands and fingers away from her ears while she sang. When the song was over I would pull her in my lap and give her the chocolate, hold and rock her until she wiggled free.

    I’m so sorry to hear that you are laid low by the stomach flu once again. Sure do hope this passes quickly and it has finally left your home.

    Hey, I’m glad to have helped you out with some information about the front load washer. Something for you to consider and think about. I know they are tremendously expensive but in the long run they do seem to last longer than the top load type do. We’ve had ours for going on nine years now and (knock wood) we have had no problems with it. The dryer is about eight years old and I bought a dryer lint cleaning tool set off the Flylady site and use them twice a year to clean out the lint that passes the trap. Living in a mobile home I’m terrified of a dryer fire so that is one thing I do religiously.

    Hope to find you well soon and am looking forward to seeing your Valentine cards and your other crafting goodies you’ve created 🙂
    Love you – Leslie

    • How funny is this I almost named my post the good the bad and the ugly, great minds sure think alike 🙂
      Levi is better with the ear drops in his right ear and I think thats because its been so full that the clogged feeling is normal for him but he is like fighting a wild beast with the left ear It takes two adults to pin him down. Thankfully we only have a few more days to do it and he will be all set. I have noticed that his balance seens a bit off I wonder if its because he started walking with his ear so filled and maybe it set his equalibrium off and now that its right he still trys to compensate still that will be a question for the doctor.
      I feel much better this evening so I’m hoping it was a 24 hour thing Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂
      We went to a few other places locally today and not much luck the price factor is my major ssetback. We hope to go to Champaign as its a larger town and maybe we will have some luck there. I have my eye on a set at Menards that I think is reasonably priced and will be heavy duty with all the washing I have to do plus do more laundry at a time,,,,,,,, hmmmmm…….. maybe I am motivated by the thought of more craft time ???
      Wanna hear something funny I cant remember how I made the youtube video with my program,,,,,,,major brain freeze going on 😦 so I thin I will just upload them and try it that way again,
      Thanks for checking in on me. I am enjoying your videos lately but only had time to watch 1 tonight the stickles one. Very nice ,Love the flowers they are soooo pretty.

      hugs and love,

      • I don’t envy you in putting drops in Levi’s ears. I remember that time only too well with my Rissa. Those little, tiny, people are sure strong and are a force to behold when they begin thrashing about and fighting. Hopefully once his ears have healed Levi will not “list” any longer and he will walk normally, his body righting itself as he gets better.

        I know what you mean about a “brain freeze” when I try to do something that was difficult to begin with. Can’t remember the thousands of things I did before to get things to work. Hope you get it figured out and we can see your beautimous creations 🙂

        Looking for appliances can be so disheartening when they are priced so high and it is something you need in your everyday life. Hope you do find something that fits in your budget and you can get back to a normal life….if there is such a thing 🙂
        Love you – Leslie

  2. What rotten luck Shelly, you poor thing 😦 Do hope that bug soon goes. I had a nasty tummy virus last year that lasted for 12 weeks and I lost nearly 2 stones (28lbs) in weight, luckily there was no sickness. Sad to say it occurs periodically and seems to be triggered if eat something on the fatty side. I am suffering again with it – never learn! Think this is the third or fourth time of it returning.
    The flu has been awful over here in the UK too – touch wood I have managed to avoid it although Rod had it and so have the girls and their families and it takes so long to clear up. Snotty noses everywhere 🙂

    That is good news about Levi, I bet he will be wondering what all the noise is 🙂 Kim has her operation at the beginning of March.

    It is so strange to be talking about top loaders versus front loaders because here in the UK you really have to pay an arm and a leg for a top loader and as most people have fitted kitchens then a front loader makes sense as it will fit easily under the work surface. Washing machines are still expensive though. Our old machine has been going for almost 20 years now and it wasn’t new when we had it so we have been lucky with it. It is starting to sound noisy though so reckon the bearings are starting to wear out 🙂 As long as it will limp along until we sell the house and then we can buy a new one 🙂 You should see the list of household items I have drawn up for when we sell our house. Then there is the list of craft items I will be afford to buy too – with all that money in the bank I shall thnk I’ve won the lottery 🙂

    Hugs and love
    Lynn xx

    • Hi Lynn sorry to hear you are feeling poorly 😦 I hope you get better soon, I am so tired of snotty noses and poopy diapers and you name it if it goes along with the flu stuff YUCKY!!!!! I am so ready for summer to arrive and these germs in our area to get cooked away by the heat or whatever happens to them.
      I am happy for Kim, It will be such a great thing when she can hear properly for all of you.
      Funny about the washers isent it , here the front loaders are all the rage and carry a very big price tag and there are some toploaders that dont have the agataters in them and work more like a front loader with the water savings and all.But the top loaders like that are still pricey . The top loading ones are not as espensive but have smaller washing drums. I have never had a new washer and dryer so all this is not as wasy as I’d hoped. I hope for you that your house sells soon and you can have the nice things on your list 🙂 I have a few crafty things on a list but will have to consult (Brian) my financial advisor 🙂 lol
      wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • Lynn, I’m so sorry to hear of your stomach ailments. Good grief, being laid low for 12 weeks sounds like torture. Do you have pain along with the ailing stomach? I read that bit and wondered if you have gall stone problems, but thought differently after a bit. My Rissa had her gall bladder removed before she was 21. She had a stone the size of a quarter and I nearly lost her. So I tend to go a bit bonkers when I hear of people having bad stomachs for long periods of time.

      The “Bucket Woman” (Keeping Up Appearances) has a front loading washing machine in her kitchen as did the show with Dame Judith Dench (can’t remember that program) from the 007 movies with her as the head of MI6. When we are gone for a long time and the washer has had time to thoroughly dry out – I leave the door open after I am done washing – it can begin making the most horrid noise during the spin cycle. By the time the second load is done the noise has ceased and all is well.

      Have you had any interest in your home? I suppose with winter having a strong hold where you live it is not so easy to get in and out of your place. Here’s hoping that when Spring comes around and your gardens and trees begin blooming you will have many offers to choose from. Don’t know what it is like in your neck of the woods but over here it is a “Buyer’s Market” and the homes are going for far less than they would have in the past. I hope you guys are not suffering the same.

      Poor little Kim having to wait another couple months before she can find relief. That poor little “munchkin”. Do keep us informed on how she is doing. From Shelly’s description of Levi and the ear drop dosing she is having the same problems I had with Rissa. Oh the wailing and the crying and the wriggling is quite the drain on a parent (grandparent’s) nerves and is thankfully over in less than a week – although that feels like forever!

      Hope you are all well and you are getting in more crafty time 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

  3. As Kim is 5 years old I don’t think the drops will be such a problem but so looking forward to her being able to hear again. She is so deaf just now.

    So glad to hear you are feeling better Shelly. Let’s hope Levi’s list to port soon corrects itself.

    No Leslie, don’t worry it isn’t gallstones, definitely a stomach virus. A friend had it a few years ago and it lasted for many months with her and she couldn’t afford to lose any weight as she is so skinny

    Many houses are suffering the same thing here with the market flooded with low – mid price range houses not moving. Ours is a bit further up the price range and we set the price a little higher to allow ourselves some negotiation space 🙂 We had another two people come to view last week – having to keep the house clean and tidy is driving me nuts!!! Just hope that sooner rather than later someone wants the place enough to buy it. So far we have had one couple who seemed very promising bringing their architect and builder to view at various times but since then it has gone all quiet. Last week we had a farmer who is considering buying the surrounding farmland as that is on the market too – now that would be ideal but then it would mean waiting for the owner of the farmland to accept/negotiate an offer first. We can only keep hoping 🙂

    Love and hugs to you both
    Lynn xx

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