super quick post

Hello Friends 🙂
the appliance shopping is over , We got them delivered and all hooked up so Tomorrow aka today I get to do the over flowing hampers 🙂 I am happy with what we found a little more than Brian wanted to spend but they will pay for them selves in water and power savings within a year not to mention how much it was costing at the laundry mat @ 75.00 for three weeks YIKES!! Levi seems to be feelimg much better and seems to be jabbering alot more now 🙂 Sierra awoke me this morning saying she is sick and poor baby she is running the fever and not wanting to eat soppose I gave them what I had 😦 Other than that all is well at my part of the world. Lynn I was wondering about you stomach that is a long time to be down with the flu. Hope you are feeling better soon. Leslie I have been notified of your new posts but havent gotten ober to your blog too much running but I will check them out tomorrow. I love you all but must bid you goodnight as it’s 1:30 A.M. and my wee ones will be up in a few hours. Take care of yourselves I will catch up with you all soon.

Love and hugs,


2 thoughts on “super quick post

  1. Woohoo washer and dryer fixed up and all systems go 🙂 That must be a load off your mind not to mention the trek to the laundromat and the cost.
    Levi is obviously making up for lost time with his increased “jabbering”, now he knows what he was missing out on before. So glad he is settling down well with his ‘new’ ears and that must be a huge relief to you but poor Sierra. Do hope that soon passes without making too much more laundry for you.

    My tummy problems were caued by some kind of virus which was never tracked down but it has a nasty habit of returning for a few days at a time now. Last year it was horrendous but the positive side was that because I had to be careful what I ate I lost some weight! Silver linings in the most unexpected places 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

  2. Laundry and dishes. Two things that NEVER seem to be done for any length of time. At least the lugging heavy baskets out of the house and back in is over and you don’t have to go outside in the cold nor at a time when it is convenient for others. What kind did you spring for? The top load or the front load?

    Sorry to hear about your little Sierra. Hopefully that will pass just as quickly as it came. Sounds like Levi is getting with the program and making himself heard in the family 🙂 Cool beans!

    Lynn, I’m sorry to hear that you have some kind of nasty bug that comes and goes. The losing weight part has a good and bad side. Good that you lost the weight but it is bad that you had to be really sick and feel like death warmed over to do it. I hope that you are not troubled by it for long.

    Shelly, are you guys going to be hit with more snow his week? One forecast here shows you will and the next station shows it goes way north of you. Hope it does miss you. The accumulated snow this year near you and further east is really something else. I don’t remember a year like this one since in the mid 1980’s.
    Love you all – Leslie

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