Three inches of new snow

 HI Friends

 Well we  ended up with just 3 inches of snow  and the kids had school today so all is good .   Today seems to be a better day as the chest congestion and all is  much better than the last few weeks maybe this thing has run its course  Yipee !!!!  

I have been feeling a bit well more than a bit depressed as of late I am so hoping the sickness is getting a move on to someplace  other than here.  I have a severe case of cabin fever and you are right  Lynn some good ol sunshine  will be a welcome change to all this cold and snow. 

Brian has acquired a very large doll and precious moments collection for his Ebay sales and it has taken over the living room which puts an axe on the flylady cleaning routine and not to mention with a house full of girls  a bunch of baby dolls are quite appealing to try to get to  🙂  Which makes corralling the kiddos a bigger challenge than normal.

I have been having some challenging feelings with oldest daughter lately and have been trying to work through them. As you all know already my 4 youngest children are adopted through the foster-care system of our state and so we have a unique set of dynamics in our home. Any way she has always maintained that she wants no part of her birth family to which I an Brian have said don’t say that you may one day change your mind and want to seek them out.  Well we have offered to give her all the information which is a lot of where they are ect. We have chosen not to give any negative details to her situation as we feel like that would be wrong as people can change don’t mean they do but they can and we aren’t the type to run people down even though we know for a fact they have not been as kind to us.We had a phone call the other day from  the birth brother and asked her about it just in passing and got the response that she had no clue she only wanted to find the sister which is all good no matter who she wants to find that her choice now that she is an adult. What I’m having a hard time with is the lies  still constant lying she has pursued them all and not the sister at all ??? so why not just say hey I’m curious. Still looks at us and says I have no clue how they even got the cell number ??? what the message says you called me and gave me your number so I’m calling you back. so we asked that and said we are ok with you finding them just be honest and say you gave them the number.  which she responds I did no such thing…. It’s a cell phone you can’t just look in the phone book and get it. any way since she has such a history of lying to me I am just having some flags here.   So I have been struggling with some odd feelings here since all this is happening. I guess I should mention that she is the biological daughter of a family member which has caused a huge rift with my family for 17 years now and I have paid a high price to parent this child. I do love her to spite that she is like loving a cactus most of the time I usually get spiked  lol.   also no other family member has the cell number so we can’t think that it came from anybody else except Brian , myself or her. I am having some old wounds opening and I don’t like it a bit . Sorry again to Dump here but there just isnt any place else that I feel safe to unload. as I type this I think maybe I wont post but just send it to the trash as I have a few recent posts since I feel like I’m such a downer all the time In fact I’m not I’m usually a silver lining kind of girl in reality just seems to be a bunch of stuff happening all at once. Brian goes back to the Doctor about his vocal cords on Tuesday the 1st and says he can’t feel much of a difference in how his throat feels so we are hoping that his new scope testing shows some improvement to the growth. I will keep you all posted on it.  The young ones parents seem to be doing better and working on their marriage issues and we have heard no more use of the word divorce so I am ever hopeful about all of that since you all know I am way too attached to Sierra and Levi  I love them like they are my own since we have them so much, kinda hard not to get so caught up with them. Ok enough of my wallowing in self-pity I need to wake Brian from his and Levi’s nap We have not been sleeping much around this place…. go figure  🙂  I think I will ask him if we can go to the thrift store near us and I can rummage through the stuff a bit maybe we will find some great Ebay treasure 🙂 

Take care all hope you are all doing well and I am gonna try to be more positive in my frame of mind.   what is your opinions on anti depressants??? they have talked about giving me some I am not sure how I feel about them. I was on them years back after we lost our little baby in 96  for a while and it seemed to me that all they (Doctors)  wanted to do was load me up with pills which I don’t want at all.  Brian and I have talked and both are just not sure what I should say to this.  Input would be appreciated as I value your opinions. Ok this time I’m rally gonna go.

much love to you all with lots of hugs too  🙂



Hello Friends :)

Hello friends

thought I’d jot you a quick note. Been feeling a bit better and was given a new med to try in addition to the ones I’m on now but haven’t taken any yet gonna start it tomorrow.  Been told I have too much stress in my life ?????  Like I didn’t know that already   lol.  Did get to make a card last night but it needs some tweaking to be nice maybe tomorrow if I can get around to it.   We are having rain tonight and have a winter storm advisory for tomorrow evening for 5-7 inches of snow!!!!!  I am hoping it passes us tight on by. we just had 60 degree weather last weekend and got all the other snow all melted away and now this.  Oh well all’s well that ends well Spring will eventually get here and with it some green grass and singing birdies  🙂  I hope you are all doing fine. Leslie loved the tour on google map you can see our trailer in it.  Will our son loves google map and has done all our relatives near and far for us. Lynn lucky you getting all the spring flowers popping out already I can’t wait til we get some. Nancy I am gonna follow the lead of Lynn and Leslie and will eventually get a post up to you  🙂 Well I’m off to get some much-needed sleep but wanted you all to know I’m thinking of you.

Take care

much love and lots of hugs,


Hello again

Hi Friends   🙂  

just poppin in to say Hi and let you all know I’m thinking of you.  Having a hard time shaking this Flu/virus. The antibiotic hasnt really helped and so I see Dr, again in the morning hopefully I will get some answers. We are getting some snow as I type and had a steady rain most of the day. We had a nice weekend and I did a little shopping and found one of those sticky ended pick-up sticks used for small bling, little eyes, and small punched piece’s I am excited to use it. Havent crafted lately as all I seem to want to do is sleep and I’m getting sick of that makes me feel like my days are wasted. Lynn sorry to not have posted on your previous post Your daughter is lovely she sure could be a model You and Rod sure should boast about her  🙂   And I loved seeing all the little flowers spring forth I can’t wait to see if my Iris’ bloom this year they were just foliage last year.  Leslie happy to hear of your progress with the paperwork bet you feel good at the end of the day. Looking forward to your crafty projects too. Nancy hope you are feeling better with your headaches and all, I still cant seem to leave posts at your blog???  I will keep on trying though.  Ran across a post on youtube by Krafty Katsy and she seems to be feeling better modern medicine never ceases to amaze me.  Well I’m off to bed…. told you that’s where I spend my time  🙂   Hope you are all well and keeping safe and warm where its cold at. I will try to post again soon, 

Much love and many hugs ( to make up for the ones I’ve missed )



Just a quick stop in. I went to the Doctor and am on some antibiotics and anti naseau meds. Still feeling poorly and hope that the stuff kicks in soon or I will make another trip to the Doctor.  Havent checked any online stuff in a few days. Hope you are all getting along well and enjoying the warmer weather. We are on the mend around here and I am grateful for the warmer temperatures I hope they are getting closer to being here to stay. Take care friends and I will try to check you all out tomorrow.

Much love and many hugs,


Ok here goes … Another shot at this :)

So here we  I mean I go again trying to get photos up. Here is the washer and dryer we picked I was able to get the front load kind and Wow it works great and is really quiet. I love how well it cleans the clothes and I can do much larger loads therefore it takes me less time 🙂  I have a towel on the top of them to save   them from getting all scratched up.

Now onto the crafty stuffs. Here are the 3×3 Valentines cards I made a while back and been struggling to get posted. I made 10 of each they are for my family I always make each one a small card on every holiday. again the photos are getting all mixed up

Sorry  🙂

here are the other crafty cards I’ve had the chance to do. I felt really good to get back at my desk and play with all my toys. I’d forgotten how relaxing it is to just sit there as craft uninterrupted. Very fun indeed.   so here they are.these cards are for Krafty Katsy  from the kiddos.

another paper flower I put together really bulky Will have to think of what it will go on as it takes up


Hope you all like them I made them from some card kits I got at big lots and adding my own stash of stuffs.  have A few shots of the kids but I’m getting tired and have already stayed up way later than I need to so I’m off to dream land and I hope to blog with you all tomorrow.

Good Night Friends/

Hugs and Love to you all,


Levi Update

I wanted to let you all know that Levi had is follow-up appointment with the ear specialist and they said he is doing very well and they checked his hearing and it is now un the normal range so they are really pleased. I an so thankful his hearing is better I can’t wait for your Kim to regain her hearing Lynn What a joyous time that will be for all of you. 

 I did get to do some crafting and took some photos too  🙂  I will get all of them posted someday. 

I am now onto the respiratory part of this virus/flu thing and have spent to evening sneezing and blowing my nose. I need to stuff a handkerchief in it and plug it up!!!!!    Sorry to Whine and Cry I’m feeling like I need a nice Mommy to take care of me  🙂 so I can get over all this….. garbage (Bet you thought I was gonna maybe cuss huh…. I thought about it  lol ).  Leslie I would like to partner up on the fly lady thing but can’t send photos via phone ,don’t have that add-on with our plan Maybe when we renew in a few months.   I am happy to see you making some headway in your paper pushing  bet it feels good. Keep up  the good work you can do it.  Lynn….. Bad influence???? …. No way Not you  🙂     Any way it goes I’m grateful to call you my friends 🙂  I am off now My bed is calling for me to get some sleep so until we meet again.

Much Love and Many Hugs sent to both of you


I so dislike Winter

Hi everyone Sorry to be missing for a while We are onto another round of winter Flu/ Virus ‘ , I am so ready for winter to end I know that’s wishing my time away but I am thoroughly SICK of being sick and having sick kids!!!!! We got hit with about 5-6 inches on snow again yesterday and poor Brian is the chief snow shoveler and he is still sick himself Anyway all this stinkin sickness is even getting him into a foul mood (not that I blame him). Not to mention that clearing all the snow is a really hard job .  I have been keeping up on everyone’s blogs entries  and yesterday I watched a few youtube videos as I lay in bed. So far I seem to be the only one who is wrapped around the commode I hope that passes the small ones around here up the respiratory part I can deal with better. Levi is ear infection free so I see that as a huge blessing. I have been able to get a bit of late night crafting in before the new wave hit so I am very pleased with myself. Leslie I look around my cluttered house and see many Monsters to tackle Just need to get the masses past this winter and then I will make time for the work that needs to be done. I am rooting you on from here even if I haven’t posted to let you know.  The kids are busy playing and Brain wants to watch the super bowl this evening Me I think I’ll just sit here and VEG out for a bit while it is surprisingly quiet.  Hope this finds you all doing well.

Take care Friends,

Hugs and Love to you all,