Winter storm slippery roads and such

Hi Ladies

Sorry for the long delay in getting posts up. Sierra has been a sick little girl and keeping me quite busy.We are in the Middle of this storm with tons of sleet and freezing rain so we have some pretty slippery roads. School was cancelled for today and I’m thinking for the next few days also as they are forecasting 12 to 15 inches of snow with strong blowing and an arctic blast of cold air following the storm front. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we don’t lose power thats another thing they are saying is likely to happen so the mayor of Danville has opened the palmer arena in the event that happens to people who don’t have power and for stranded motorists in need. Local business’ and places are closing for tomorrow already so I guess we just have to wait and see what happens. I can’t remember a winter like this in my lifetime unless it was when I was very small. I did make it to get some groceries and lots of milk incase we get snowed in with all the kiddies.  Tons of game playing and books around here to read if we do. I did work the other day on my post but just keep having problems getting the photos loaded into the post, Tried as a slide show and didn’t even have any on it just the ones I’d posted in the post earlier. I will get them on here sometime 🙂  Leslie are you in this part of the storm too?   Is Joe and the other family drivers having to be out in this? If so I Pray they will all be safe.  I have been keeping all the emergency and road workers in my prayers and any one else who has to be out and about for the rest of our safety and service needs. I know they are saying this system has snow, rain,sleet, and even tornadoes  !! How crazy is this.  Ok I’m going to get back to the mass chaos around me , Turn my back for a minute and they are everywhere and doing everything  🙂  Hope you are all doing well keeping healthy and feeling better. We are fine here just waiting this thing out  I love you all If I don’t post for a bit I will as soon as I can the lights are flickering as I type 😦    Please also Keep Krafty Katsy in your thoughts and prayers as it seems she’s having some complications with meds following  her bone marrow transplant and wont know if her body rejects it for three whole weeks if that happens I don’t know what happens for her as they had to kill off all her own to add the new ones. Very scary time for her and her family.

Love and hugs


3 thoughts on “Winter storm slippery roads and such

  1. Hi Shelly, I had heard that severe storms were being forecast for parts of America. So glad we don’t have that sort of weather! Hope you all come through okay and don’t lose the power supply. The weather this winter has been pretty diabolical all around the world – if there hasn’t been deep snow and bitterly cold frosts and winds then there have been floods. And this is global warming?????
    Your children have had so many days of school due to bad weather, worse than we have experienced although further north of the country were very badly hit.

    Hope Sierra is soon on the mend. Are you feeling better?
    Wishing all goes well for Krafty Katsy, a nerve wracking time for her and her family.

    Keep warm, keep sane 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Glad you popped in for a minute. Wowzers, you have been hit this entire winter by all the snow. I’m sorry to hear about Sierra being so ill. Hope your bit of time to update us means she is on the down side of her ailments and getting better.

    Sounds like you have been able to get some crafting done if you are trying to get photos uploaded. Hoping you don’t have to leave your home for shelters after this storm. Maybe this storm will settle down enough that your lights will remain on and you can stay safely in your home. I’ve heard about Krafty Katsy and have been sending prayers for her. What a trial she has had, poor thing.

    I’ll keep you all in my prayers and will await to hear from you for details of your world.
    Love you – Leslie

  3. Hi Shelly!
    Just popping in for a quick minute! Hope you’re faring okay! So sorry about your weather and all the flu that’s been running through your house! I’ll be praying that your power stays on and all goes well!
    Please keep us posted as you’re able!
    Take care!
    Nancy :o)

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