Winter storm update

HI there everyone.

We are all fine  and appreciate the prayers and thoughts of us here . The biggest part of the winter precipitation we received was sleet we got about 1 to 2 inches accumulation and a small amount of snow nothing like many around us though. Many counties around were powerless and shut down from the snow. We just got sleet for about 18 hours straight then we had the light snow and now its very cold and the winds are supposed to pick up this evening with bitter cold tomorrow morning . We may still have the kids home tomorrow with all that , We will just have to wait and see.  Thank you all for checking in on me I so appreciate how you, My friends care about my welfare. Sierra seems to be feeling better I think she is starting to realize that her family situations are not the way they used to be and she is asking about why things are different. What do you say and how to make an almost 3-year-old understand what is going on.  I just try to divert her thoughts to some fun activity and get her going in a different direction.  Jordan called Brian and I the other morning before we were even awake to let us know that he wants to see a Doctor about this situation He has been meeting with our Minister at the church and they are going to start with some marriage counseling real soon  but I think My Son is getting to the point where I think he could crack. Enough of the sappy stuff I finally got my order in for stamp club I ordered the cupcake stamp set and matching two-step punch and the build a petal two-step flower punch going to order the stamp set next month, the Sell a bration set I got was Bliss I think. Any way I am shooting for some free time this evening to get a little crafty but have to wait to see what transpires later  🙂  The kids are all getting along well  paired up in separate rooms for right now thus allowing me a few computer minutes. I will try to post again this evening after I get the small ones down for the night.


Hugs and love to you all



6 thoughts on “Winter storm update

  1. Glad to hear you’re coming through the storm okay! I was sure praying your power would stay on! To be without would make things much harder…and colder! I’ll watch for an update later!

    I got some of the same Stampin’ Up items at my last Splurge night. It was my turn to be hostess and the sales were quite high. I still had some Christmas money I had been saving as well, so I have quite a few new items coming! It was really good timing with the sale-a-bration! I hope you do get to some crafting…it’s always a good thing! 🙂

    Take care,
    Nancy 🙂

    • Phew! Glad you all came through the storm okay and the power stayed on. The weather situation around the world has been freaky this winter and the poor people in Queensland, Australia have just come through severe floods to be hit by a terrible cyclone and high water surges today.

      So glad Sierra is on the mend but the little ones do notice these things and it does upset them. They react to the tension and stress. I very much hope that the situation between your son and his wife can be resolved for the better but it does take two to tango. They have to both pull together and at the moment it sounds very one sided. I feel so sorry for you as you are caught in the middle and having to deal with the grandchildren’s reactions to all this. Is your dil aware how Sierra is reacting?

      Hope you can destress a little in your crafty space 🙂

      Love and hugs
      Lynn xxx

      • Hi Lynn!
        How are you doing?
        It’s been a really tough week here! The weather has gone from -35 yesterday, up to +1 today! That does terrible things to my head as well as my wardrobe decisions! lol Yes, I’m looking forward to my new toys! I’m not even sure when they’re coming. Within the next week, I think! 🙂 Did you watch the video I sent? Any luck tracking down that die?
        Nancy 🙂

      • Nancy I did watch the video you sent – thank you for that – and I have tracked down the die. I am pondering whether I really need it or would just like to have it 🙂

        I think with your weather doing such weird and wonderful things I would hibernate until it has sorted itself out!

        Lynn xxx

  2. So glad to hear that you are all safe and warm in your home. What a mess you have had with the weather. 18 hours of sleet you probably have an ice skating rink at your home!

    Your poor Sierra, on top of being ill she has concerns about her safety and security within her family. Such a big load for very small shoulders. I’m glad to hear that her parents are taking steps to work their issues out and get help. I’m also glad to hear that your Jordan is aware of his physical problems and is taking the step to get medical help. That is a huge step toward having such a better life.

    New goodies?! Carving out time for yourself and your crafting?! AWESOME. Hope you get your photo stuff worked out so we can all see what you have been up to 🙂
    Love you – Leslie

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