I so dislike Winter

Hi everyone Sorry to be missing for a while We are onto another round of winter Flu/ Virus ‘ , I am so ready for winter to end I know that’s wishing my time away but I am thoroughly SICK of being sick and having sick kids!!!!! We got hit with about 5-6 inches on snow again yesterday and poor Brian is the chief snow shoveler and he is still sick himself Anyway all this stinkin sickness is even getting him into a foul mood (not that I blame him). Not to mention that clearing all the snow is a really hard job .  I have been keeping up on everyone’s blogs entries  and yesterday I watched a few youtube videos as I lay in bed. So far I seem to be the only one who is wrapped around the commode I hope that passes the small ones around here up the respiratory part I can deal with better. Levi is ear infection free so I see that as a huge blessing. I have been able to get a bit of late night crafting in before the new wave hit so I am very pleased with myself. Leslie I look around my cluttered house and see many Monsters to tackle Just need to get the masses past this winter and then I will make time for the work that needs to be done. I am rooting you on from here even if I haven’t posted to let you know.  The kids are busy playing and Brain wants to watch the super bowl this evening Me I think I’ll just sit here and VEG out for a bit while it is surprisingly quiet.  Hope this finds you all doing well.

Take care Friends,

Hugs and Love to you all,


8 thoughts on “I so dislike Winter

  1. My poor sweet friend 😦 I’m so sorry to hear of you all being sick once again. All this cold and snow is wrecking havoc all over the place. From my local forecasters we are in for more snow. We’ve had about 5 inches so far with the winds blowing it into 2 to 3 foot trenches. It rained this morning but the sun was out later in the day.

    Your poor Brian out there working his shoulders and back into criks and cramps shoveling all that snow. The bonus in all this is Levi has no more ear infections – Praise God for that!! You all take care of yourselves and get better. I hope you don’t think my posting of my Personal Monster has been meant to get you pushed into doing something. I’m not doing that. I’ve got such a mess and my time is running out quickly.

    You will all remain in my prayers.
    Love you – Leslie

  2. Thanks for the well wishes Leslie I appreciate them. So far there is no more snow in our near future and I hope it stays that way. Sorry to hear that you are getting a ton of snow also This winter has been just plain ole crazy!!
    I don;t think your post was meant as any more than you stated I too beat myself up on a regular basis for my house not looking like a magazine page Go figure it don’t with all these kids running around. Any ways for years I’ve been a list maker and I must admit they were pretty long and I’d get up early work all day late into the night only to be defeated by that list. Enter Brian and his take on my list : Shelly you have a list of 50 things to do in one day and get upset and feel like you failed when you only accomplished 35 of them so you add the extra 15 onto tomorrows 50 bringing that total even higher to reach so just make a list if you must check them off and add as you need to the stuff isen’t going anywhere and you do a good job Awww aint he sweet ? He is but why then do I continuely slip back into the self beatings??? Old habits ?? No I have come to realize that I have set myself up for failure as I am never going to be June Cleaver Like I have aspired to and I’m not sure if anyone else is either. So my house is cluttered with Toys, Brians Ebay stock of stuff and the fact that there are 3 kids and 2 adults living in this small place and sometimes more of us and we each have stuff that takes up the space we have 🙂 But I do feel inspired to get things in so sort of order with maybe different storage Ideas, so I think I will look on the web to see some practical and inexpensive ideas to meet my needs ( don’t want to spend alot since the kids seem to be rough on things at times ?? again go figure lol ) I’m here cheerung you on to finish the race you’re in and believe that you will defeat the monster in the end 🙂 Hope you have a great day .

    Much love and hugs,

    • Awwww Shelly 😦 I had to learn, the really hard way, that my “Perfectionism” is what holds me back. If you don’t think I have those tendencies just go back to my blog and look at the boxes and bins with very neatly typed labels and that will tell you all you need to know. Most people would be happy to just dump all the fuel receipts together, maybe add them up and call it good. Not me 😦

      Because I am a “Perfectionist” that never gets much accomplished – lists or no lists – because I have this voice screaming inside my head from my foster mother “Do it RIGHT the first time”. I can’t tell you how many nights after dinner I was doing the chore I had to do in the morning over and over again until it was “PERFECT” for her.

      You have lots of energetic kids in your home and your husband. I’m here by myself. I bet my house looks every bit like yours does with no one but me to blame it on. When our kids were all home I nearly went bonkers with the stuff they broke frequently. I used to get really angry and yell “I can’t wait until you get a place of your own. I’ll come and visit you and break something of yours!” After the kids left and were on their own they would ask Joe to come by and visit them. When I said I was coming they ALL said “No, I don’t want you breaking anything!” Yikes!! My words coming back to haunt me 🙂

      I know what you are doing, I’ve done it. Go from one end of the house to the other and clean it really good. The next day it is back to being like it was before you started the massive cleaning.

      Listen, you want to join me in a house cleaning event for the month? Start in the kitchen? One task a day and only that one task. I’ve got to get back to having Flylady’s daily missions. Today is to empty and wash out the trash can. I’ve done that already. Tomorrow is to clean off the kitchen counters. You know, move the toaster over a bit and wash the counter down good to clean off the dust and the crumbs. Get the counters decluttered also. Just 15 minutes at a time and only the counters. Not the cupboards. Just the countertops.

      Say, have you heard of The House Fairy ? If you are having problems with your kids picking up after themselves and you find you are the one constantly doing it this might help you out.

      You want to join me, just let me know and if your phone can take photos we can send each other our before and afters 🙂 I’ll have to send you an email with my phone number if you want to text that way.

      Hope you are feeling better and finished “Praying to the porcelain idol”. That has got to be the worst part of being ill. Glad to hear that the snow has subsided in your area. Poor Brian, he finally gets a rest from that back breaking work.
      Love you – Leslie

      • Hi Leslie
        I need to check out the flylady site sounds like what I need . I had the night from ////well you know that one place.
        Seems like every thing that could happen DID!!! Man That Murphy has sneeked back in while I was down sick LOL, All is goo though finally got all the kids down and have tons more that needs done but it’s 11:35 and I am just out if sream, Brian bless him spent the night helping me try to get it all under control to no avail.
        Now on a great note I went to do my errends ( onky got about an hour in a half) and stopped by my local biglots and got a couple paper stacks Why ??? I have tons of paper alerady but none like them. I also picked up a basic gray card making kit and was able to put 2 cards mostly together before the little people returned from the outing with parental units. I didn’t follow theit layouts completely but I was happy to be at my desk and have something to release my creative energies.
        I didn’t make it out the door this afternoon before the school called me to come pick up Jasmine so we will have her home tomorrow I.m sure. Can’r wait for Spring 🙂 Stormy weather ……..Bring it on!!! lol Hugs

  3. Shelly I am so sorry to hear that sickness has struck again and poor Brian having to deal with that snow as well. Hope that the snow will soon go and that you will all feel on top of the world before too long. A few hours of sunshine would make all the difference.
    It is wonderful that Levi is now longer suffering, so very glad to hear that news.

    What you have to ask yourself Shelly is wha sort of life do these women have who clean endlessly? The house is uncomfortable because the inhabitants are made to feel uncomfortable. The important things are that food is prepared and cooked, the laundry is done and everything else will be fit in somewhere along the line 🙂 There is so much more to life than endless cleaning of a house – children to enjoy and cherish, husband to love and return the love, good books to read, family to talk with, play with and crafting!

    Sending you lots of hugs and love
    Lynn xxx

    • Amen Sister!!! Preach it!! Yes, Lynn you are correct. There is so much more than housework and our poor Shelly doesn’t get the benefit of anything except being pulled in multiple directions.

      We’ll have to work on her. We can be a bad influence from far away 🙂
      Love you both – Leslie

      • I can be a terrible influence 🙂 It covers up my own laziness!!
        I found that I’d spend hours cleaning, dusting and polishing and then what? Back to doing the same thing the next day – life is too short. I have a good blitz through once per week and then little tidy ups during the week and all is fine. I’m happy and so is everyone else and no guilt trips. If visitors are expected then another mad whirl and then forget it.

        I was once told that no one knows how long dust has been laying on a surface so long as it isn’t disturbed 🙂 The problem is when you have children around who like nothing better than to draw smiley faces in the dust 🙂 The answer then is to hand them the dusters.

        Love and hugs to you both
        Lynn xx

    • Hiya Lynn
      Thanks for realty check. I don’t know what my deal is kinda obsessive compulsive I think. I guess I need to just let most of this CRAP go. I really don’t get out much lately and think looking at the clutter and yes Dust I mean this is the dustiest place I’ve ever lived in and yes my kids HAVE to write in it 🙂 I can dust with a damp cloth so it wont fly all over and in a matter of hourd theres a layer again. Son’t help that the t.V. stand is wood and glass. I think maybe I’m getting Spring fever needing to feel the sunshine and warm breezes on my face. Hope you are feeling better and all is well there.

      Take care,
      Hugs and love back Atcha,

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