Levi Update

I wanted to let you all know that Levi had is follow-up appointment with the ear specialist and they said he is doing very well and they checked his hearing and it is now un the normal range so they are really pleased. I an so thankful his hearing is better I can’t wait for your Kim to regain her hearing Lynn What a joyous time that will be for all of you. 

 I did get to do some crafting and took some photos too  🙂  I will get all of them posted someday. 

I am now onto the respiratory part of this virus/flu thing and have spent to evening sneezing and blowing my nose. I need to stuff a handkerchief in it and plug it up!!!!!    Sorry to Whine and Cry I’m feeling like I need a nice Mommy to take care of me  🙂 so I can get over all this….. garbage (Bet you thought I was gonna maybe cuss huh…. I thought about it  lol ).  Leslie I would like to partner up on the fly lady thing but can’t send photos via phone ,don’t have that add-on with our plan Maybe when we renew in a few months.   I am happy to see you making some headway in your paper pushing  bet it feels good. Keep up  the good work you can do it.  Lynn….. Bad influence???? …. No way Not you  🙂     Any way it goes I’m grateful to call you my friends 🙂  I am off now My bed is calling for me to get some sleep so until we meet again.

Much Love and Many Hugs sent to both of you



2 thoughts on “Levi Update

  1. So glad to hear that Levi’s hearing is back to normal. That is awesome news. Has his equilibrium worked itself out? Is he walking straighter now since his ears have cleared, or is he still listing?

    Our son, Aaron, lives in Colorado. He and his girlfriend have pneumonia so you be careful and get the rest you need so you don’t come down with that nasty bit of stuff. You go right on ahead and whine, we’ll listen and support you. Want some chicken soup? I’d make some for you if I could get it to you in time 🙂

    I’m excited that you got some crafting done!! Woo Hoo and YOU GO GIRL! Can’t wait to see your photos when you get them posted.

    Take care of yourself – Love you – Leslie

  2. Hi and Thanks 🙂 I am taking Ariel to the Doctor tomorrow Can’t get the feverdown for anything so i think she may need an antibiotic I am gonna ask about myself while I’m there, Levi is walking straight now and getting rally good at his climbing and getting loose skills 🙂 He is also just singing and jabbering all the time which is so cute. I;m happy it has turned out so niceky, he has 4 jaw teeth coming in and his ears arent bothering him a bit so thats good. Ahhhh chicken soup…. Yummy I love the stuff. I have been eating alot of that here lately. gonna try to uoload the cards tonight.

    take care, Love and hugs,

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