Ok here goes … Another shot at this :)

So here we  I mean I go again trying to get photos up. Here is the washer and dryer we picked I was able to get the front load kind and Wow it works great and is really quiet. I love how well it cleans the clothes and I can do much larger loads therefore it takes me less time 🙂  I have a towel on the top of them to save   them from getting all scratched up.

Now onto the crafty stuffs. Here are the 3×3 Valentines cards I made a while back and been struggling to get posted. I made 10 of each they are for my family I always make each one a small card on every holiday. again the photos are getting all mixed up

Sorry  🙂

here are the other crafty cards I’ve had the chance to do. I felt really good to get back at my desk and play with all my toys. I’d forgotten how relaxing it is to just sit there as craft uninterrupted. Very fun indeed.   so here they are.these cards are for Krafty Katsy  from the kiddos.

another paper flower I put together really bulky Will have to think of what it will go on as it takes up


Hope you all like them I made them from some card kits I got at big lots and adding my own stash of stuffs.  have A few shots of the kids but I’m getting tired and have already stayed up way later than I need to so I’m off to dream land and I hope to blog with you all tomorrow.

Good Night Friends/

Hugs and Love to you all,



5 thoughts on “Ok here goes … Another shot at this :)

  1. You have a great washer and dryer set. Woo Hoo!! I can certainly relate to being amazed at how clean the clothes come out with the front loaders. We got ours in 2002.

    I love your cards!! They are beautiful. Your Valentine cards are just adorable. How sweet of you to make cards for your children to sign and get sent to Krafty Katsy, that is awesome. Awesome crafting you’ve done here. I’m also glad to hear that you enjoyed your time in your room and had a meditative period.

    Awww, you did a great job in getting your photos uploaded. Who cares if they are out of order, besides you’re running a fever and have been wrapped around the feet of the porcelain idol. Get your rest and get better. You and your family are in my thoughts and in my prayers.
    Love you – Leslie

  2. Wowzers this post is surely wonky.
    About the flower I was saying it’s really bulky so I need to think about what I will use it on. When I write on here then post photos like the washer and dryer ones they are all together then I added the next text as to what I was showing then photos ect., However when I publish they get all mixed up. I also had a connection problem last night and thought I had lost all my work but Thank goodness for save as draft 🙂 I needd to check out the tutorials on here and get it figured out. Thank you for the accolades on the cards I had much fun with them all, as for the kids cards the only one I actually stamped was the cat on the yellow card as that is from Sierra and she has trouble with big stamps but all the rest the kids did themselves along with embellishing and layouts. They have been card making with me for a long time.The Rose red bird one I made a while back but am including it in the cards going out to her. I did check on her yesterday and she has posted that her counts are on the rise so that is an answered prayer that her transplant is working 🙂
    Had Ariel at Dr. today and they said maybe we have the flu again or a strain of it. Ariel’s got the croupy cough but her lungs sound good so just watch the fever 103+++ as for me keep and eye on the coughing because of the pneumonia thing and watch the fever 102+++ so I am in bed while Brian helps the kids with homework and he’s making frozen pizza’s for dinner easy peasy cooking and cleaning. I’m off to surf the web and doze whichever happens. Take care and I’m happy to hear of the work you’re getting finished. Keep pressing foward each day you get knocked off makes you closer to your goal. Horray for you !!!! Way to Go !!! Rah Rah Rah!!!! Can’t think of a rhyme right now LOL 🙂

    Big hugs and much love,

    • My California daughter, Heidi Jo, has Whooping Cough and it is highly contagious. She said the doctor told her the immigrant population is bringing it here with them. She’s been pretty sick and has bruised her diaphragm from all the coughing she’s been doing. I hope you guys have not been exposed to that.

      You get better, rest is what your body really needs.
      Love you – Leslie

  3. Shelly I hope you can soon get rid of that cough and that Sierra will son be better too. It is bad over here with so many people coughing and spluttering. Rod has been poorly for the last few days with the sniffles and coughing and one of our daughters cannot shake her cough off nor can she sleep very well as the coughing wakes her up. She needs to go to the doctor but won’t!

    On to your post – great stuff about your washer and dryer. So glad that turned out well for you and you are pleased with them.
    Love your cards and that flower is beautiful. It may be bulky for card but it could be used to go on a gift. The valentine’s gifts are so sweet. Your children have done a great job with the other cards, clever them and that is a lovely thought to send to them to Kafty Katsy. Also great news that she is responding well to treatment.
    Oh Shelly I have problems with wordpress messing up the order of my photos. That is why I tend to use a small divider at times because it messes up things and that is the only way I can make sure some of sort of order is maintained. I have also learnt to keep photos put in the centre. Someone else suggested to me to upload all the photos I want to use. Then type up what I want to say but wherever I want a photo just type “photo” and carry on with text. When you have finished then go back to all the places where “photo” has been typed and one at a time delete the word and insert a photo from your wordpress gallery and make sure to tick ‘center’. That way your post will come out more as you want it!

    Wishing you well, hugs and love
    Lynn xx

    • Guess I’ll tell you what I just told Shelly. My daughter that lives in California, Heidi Jo, has Whooping Cough and doesn’t know whom she caught it from. She takes the bus to work, along with lots of other people. Her doctor told her the immigrants are bringing it over. You might want to nudge your daughter into getting checked out. From what I understand, if Whooping Cough goes untreated it can have devastating results.

      I’m making my way to your blog so I can read and see what you’ve done in your garden.
      Love you – Leslie

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