Good news from testing

Hi ther Friends

we have gotten the test results from the bronchoscopy and they were good what showed up was thick mucus which wasent good and can form again but it was not cancer so we can deal with this better aided by the right medications and the right doctors care. The copd is still bad news for her lungs since there is alot of damage to her lungs from her years of smoking two plus packs of cigarettesa day for 55 years so we still have many hurdles to cross but not the cancer one at least on this day. We are going to set up some home health visits and she has quit smoking and we know what to look for if she starts having othr episodes. I am so worn out but greatful for the good news. I am taking the kids to see her today since she is feeling up to the troops visiting. I so appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I will try again to post later.

Love and hugs to you



Another Hospital stay for Mom

WHi Friends
Please pray for my Mom as we are having some more testing today. She has been in hospital since Saturday and had soooo many tests ran but I feel like she needs to get them done so we know what is happening inside her lungs. I will take laptop with me when I go so I can check in while I’m there.
take care and I love you all.

shelly ps we had 73 degree weather and sunshine today !!!! I even saw some blooming daffodils ūüôā Spring has sprung……… I hope

Whats been going on

Hi Friends ,

Sorry about the long absence but have been super busy and strapped for time alone.

Wed.16March 2011

The Doctors appointment with my Mom went ok I guess They said with her COPD things will only get worse since the lung damage is already advanced so  is pretty much a waiting game. She is having an overnight oxygen level test tonight to see how much she needs to be on day and night. I think she is to the point where she will have to have oxygen all the time to keep her saturation levels where they need to be.  She has had a terrible spell today which was scary for all of us. We are waiting what the Doctor will do tomorrow. We are needing to get a legal document giving my sister and I power to make decisions for my if she is unable to for herself . Really hard to think that we are getting to this point I am hoping for miraculous healing and that we still have a long time before we have to use something like that.

Lynn we are getting ready to start spring break after tomorrow and the kids had days off for spring teacher training and presidents day I don’t think they have many more days off after break til school is out in late may early june. How is Kim faring ? sorry to seem so unconcerned lately I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed.¬† We are having some warm weather today and tomorrow we should hit 69 degrees Woo hoo¬† its a heat wave!!!!!¬† I am noticing the grass getting greener and some buds on a few trees and shrubs so surely spring is on its way.

Nancy¬† how are you feeling. Sorry to hear that you were /are maybe still struggling with all the headaches. Mine has been somewhat under control¬† with the sleep meds and preventative I am just some times needing the pain meds. I long for the time long ago when I didn’t have them.

I was able to get some much-needed crafty time this morning and managed to get 1 card completed I tried for the college/vintage look Cant say I’m totally pleased with it but I gave it a good shot I will try to post with this and would like imput on what you think it could use or if there is too much of something used with it. I think I need to find a layout and color challenge and go from there as I’ve lost my mojo I think. If i have a start point I can change things from there.¬† I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with all the kids.

Well its Thursday 17¬†and school went well but Mister Levi has decided he don’t like to sleep at nights here lately so we are running a bit low on energy here at 6:30 p.m. Dinner was easy since I put a ham in the crock pot earlier and have plans to have leftovers tomorrow¬† Hip hip hooray!!!¬†¬† We had temps in the low 70’s so I threw open every window I could and the house is properly aired out since it was so windy out.¬†¬†¬† I had a long talk with my Mom today and she is wanting to get the lawyer appointment set up asap because she is afraid the doctors may not think she can make decisions for herself and if nothing legal is in place we will have no rights without going to court.¬† again I don’t like to think that my parents are getting along in age like they are but alas tis true since I’m no spring chicken either.¬† LOL¬† ūüôā¬† Still waiting to hear from Doctor on Mom. Guess that’s about all thats been going on here we have a school meeting in the morning about Will getting things set up for the highschool then the rest of the day should be free and I’m sending small kids home for the weekend since it’s warming up and they will be ok there. Maybe i’ll get some craft time in?? I’ll let you know.

I will close for now .

lots of love to you all I hope to be able to check in more on you all soon,


P.S. I am going to post a couple of pictures of the dolls Brian gave me from the now gone doll collection.  One is Little Sherlock which is cutest  little face. and a little girl in pink very pretty dolls now I need to find a place in my space  to display them. Also added a picture of the birthday cards I put together .

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News on my Mom

Hi there everyone¬† ūüôā

¬†Stopping by to give an update on all that’s happening around here.¬† Still having some hard days around the house, We all miss little Sasha but each day it’s getting better. My Mom is back in the hospital and Doctors are testing her for pneumonia or the actual Flu virus. She has COPD really bad and is having a very hard time breathing with her O2 sats being in the 70’s which is not good. I have been trying to devide my time up at the hospital getting Doctors to answer my questions ect . and at home with the kids and the intestional part of this stupid flu stuff.¬†Brian and I went to the visitation of our good friends Mother tonight¬†What a sad time for them as her death was very unexpected.¬†Hit very close to home ¬†since my Mom is so sick right now ¬†Kids only have a 4 day school week this week and next then we have a 10 day spring break. Definately need some time to just recoup. I will keep you all updated as I get the time. I’ve been thinking of you all and hope that each of you are faring well. Leslie I hope you are getting your paperwork finished and that Joe is feeling better How scarey it must have been to get that call from Joe with him being far away from you. I’m happy that the Doctor was able to help him. Lynn I hope your weather is nice and that you are able to get out in the garden . Nancy how is your headaches¬† Doing better I wish for you.¬† I’m off to try and get a bit of relaxing in then off to bed Need to be up bright and early with the kiddies.

Lots of love to you my good friends,


A hard goodbye to My Sasha

¬†Yesterday I said¬†the ¬†final farewewll to my sweet Sasha. This post is hard so it will be short.¬† I have had her almost the whole time I’ve lived here and she was a constant shadow always near me I feel the loss everywhere I look.¬† I miss here plain and simple. Leslie i got your post I knew you must have been busy I will get back with you all soon.

much love to everyone of you,


Feels like a daytime soap opera

Hi friends just a quick check. I am running on very little sleep and want to try to get a nap after I get the kids off to school

Feels like I live in a crazy daytime soap Does anyone else ever feel this way? Well I bet you do Leslie especially the walmart truck episode  lol

Didn’t get Sasha put down yesterday because I was at the hospital with my Mom¬† Will find out what is going on today I hope. Seems pretty serious from what my sister got out of the appointment yesterday when Doctor sent he to be admitted.

Would you believe Levi has the Flu- virus AGAIN  I got a nice hair treatment ( blessing of having long hair I guess )  needless to say I have been super busy with all thats happening right now. On a great news note though Brians appointment went well and the growth is getting smaller so the meds are working which is a huge relief to me and him. I will try to update later in the day if theres time

 Thanks for the prayer and kind worked of encouragement. Nancy sorry about your headaches I pray you are feeling bettter now. Thanks Lynn for thinking of me. Leslie  hope paper work and birthday projects are progressing well and Joe is safe on the road.

Love you all