Feels like a daytime soap opera

Hi friends just a quick check. I am running on very little sleep and want to try to get a nap after I get the kids off to school

Feels like I live in a crazy daytime soap Does anyone else ever feel this way? Well I bet you do Leslie especially the walmart truck episode  lol

Didn’t get Sasha put down yesterday because I was at the hospital with my Mom  Will find out what is going on today I hope. Seems pretty serious from what my sister got out of the appointment yesterday when Doctor sent he to be admitted.

Would you believe Levi has the Flu- virus AGAIN  I got a nice hair treatment ( blessing of having long hair I guess )  needless to say I have been super busy with all thats happening right now. On a great news note though Brians appointment went well and the growth is getting smaller so the meds are working which is a huge relief to me and him. I will try to update later in the day if theres time

 Thanks for the prayer and kind worked of encouragement. Nancy sorry about your headaches I pray you are feeling bettter now. Thanks Lynn for thinking of me. Leslie  hope paper work and birthday projects are progressing well and Joe is safe on the road.

Love you all



One thought on “Feels like a daytime soap opera

  1. It never rains but it pours Shelly. Hope all is okay with your Mum? Poor Levi being hit again wth this damn virus but that is the nature of viruses. We are all goin through it yet again – forgot what number we are on this time around and we are keeping our fingers crossed that Kim will be over it before her operation in 12 days time.
    Several hospitals have closed their wards to visitors due to the flu and stomach virus. Speaking of hospitals we have just heard that Rod’s eldest daughter has cancer of the colon and went into hospital to have the tumour removed on Monday but the initial exploratory operation found the tumour was larger than expected and inflamed, so the poor dear has to undergo 5 weeks of daily radiotherapy to try and zap the tumour before attempting a further operation. She is in good spirits considering it all.

    Wishing you well and that Levi recovers quickly. What will happen about Sasha? So very glad Brian is responding to the treatment – bet that is a load off your minds.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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