A hard goodbye to My Sasha

 Yesterday I said the  final farewewll to my sweet Sasha. This post is hard so it will be short.  I have had her almost the whole time I’ve lived here and she was a constant shadow always near me I feel the loss everywhere I look.  I miss here plain and simple. Leslie i got your post I knew you must have been busy I will get back with you all soon.

much love to everyone of you,



2 thoughts on “A hard goodbye to My Sasha

  1. Oh Shelly…I’m so sorry…I’m sending BIG, BIG hugs and lots and lots of love for you!! Crying right along with you in your sorrow. It will get better though, I promise! Just know I care, okay? I’ll be praying for you too!
    Nancy 🙂

  2. So very sorry Shelly. I, too, am sending big, big hugs and lots of love. Feel for you right now and know what you are going through.
    There will soon be a time when you can easily share the memories of her but you have done the right thing for her.

    Lots of love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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