News on my Mom

Hi there everyone  🙂

 Stopping by to give an update on all that’s happening around here.  Still having some hard days around the house, We all miss little Sasha but each day it’s getting better. My Mom is back in the hospital and Doctors are testing her for pneumonia or the actual Flu virus. She has COPD really bad and is having a very hard time breathing with her O2 sats being in the 70’s which is not good. I have been trying to devide my time up at the hospital getting Doctors to answer my questions ect . and at home with the kids and the intestional part of this stupid flu stuff. Brian and I went to the visitation of our good friends Mother tonight What a sad time for them as her death was very unexpected. Hit very close to home  since my Mom is so sick right now  Kids only have a 4 day school week this week and next then we have a 10 day spring break. Definately need some time to just recoup. I will keep you all updated as I get the time. I’ve been thinking of you all and hope that each of you are faring well. Leslie I hope you are getting your paperwork finished and that Joe is feeling better How scarey it must have been to get that call from Joe with him being far away from you. I’m happy that the Doctor was able to help him. Lynn I hope your weather is nice and that you are able to get out in the garden . Nancy how is your headaches  Doing better I wish for you.  I’m off to try and get a bit of relaxing in then off to bed Need to be up bright and early with the kiddies.

Lots of love to you my good friends,


3 thoughts on “News on my Mom

  1. Shelly, I’m so sorry to hear of your recent heartbreaking events. You have a hole in your house now that your Sasha is gone. Sure do wish I were closer to give you a hug.

    I hope your Mom will get better very quickly while she’s being tended to at the hospital. Another worry for your already heavy heart.

    Take care of yourself my friend.
    Love you – Leslie

  2. Have been wondering how all is faring at your end Shelly. You seem to have little time to get yourself better when you get hit by yet another blow. Hope very much that your mum responds to treatment and is soon on the road to recovery.
    Why do your children only have 4 day weeks at school for the next fortnight? Our children still have another 4 weeks to go before they break from school for a fortnight for Easter. Kim’s ear operation is due next Monday but she has been hit by the flu bug again and is coughing fit to bust. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she will be well enough to have the operation.
    We have had sunshine during the day for the last three or four days although the wind has been very chilly and there have been night frosts but I’ve still been able to get out into the garden to tidy up. Actually I’m still battling blackberry bushes in another part of the grounds to make things look tidier for prospective buyers. Time is running short for cutting and burning because I must stop before the end of the month as the birds are looking for nesting sites and I don’t want to be destroying nests.

    Many hugs and love for you dear friend
    Lynn xx

  3. Hello Shelly!
    I’m so happy to hear that time is making it a bit easier to cope with the loss of Sasha! Time really does help heal. You have enough other events going on to take your energy, don’t you? I’m sorry to hear about your Mom. I know your life is exhausting enough but now to throw in the time at the hospital…YIKES!! Being at the hospital is more than exhausting all on it’s own, isn’t it? So are you looking forward to the kids being home for the break? Or does that make it more difficult for you right now?
    Thanks for checking on my head! I’m still struggling but I’ve had a couple of easier days mixed in so I’m doing okay! 🙂
    You keep us posted when you can, okay? It helps to know just what to pray for!
    Love & prayers,
    Nancy 🙂

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