Whats been going on

Hi Friends ,

Sorry about the long absence but have been super busy and strapped for time alone.

Wed.16March 2011

The Doctors appointment with my Mom went ok I guess They said with her COPD things will only get worse since the lung damage is already advanced so  is pretty much a waiting game. She is having an overnight oxygen level test tonight to see how much she needs to be on day and night. I think she is to the point where she will have to have oxygen all the time to keep her saturation levels where they need to be.  She has had a terrible spell today which was scary for all of us. We are waiting what the Doctor will do tomorrow. We are needing to get a legal document giving my sister and I power to make decisions for my if she is unable to for herself . Really hard to think that we are getting to this point I am hoping for miraculous healing and that we still have a long time before we have to use something like that.

Lynn we are getting ready to start spring break after tomorrow and the kids had days off for spring teacher training and presidents day I don’t think they have many more days off after break til school is out in late may early june. How is Kim faring ? sorry to seem so unconcerned lately I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed.  We are having some warm weather today and tomorrow we should hit 69 degrees Woo hoo  its a heat wave!!!!!  I am noticing the grass getting greener and some buds on a few trees and shrubs so surely spring is on its way.

Nancy  how are you feeling. Sorry to hear that you were /are maybe still struggling with all the headaches. Mine has been somewhat under control  with the sleep meds and preventative I am just some times needing the pain meds. I long for the time long ago when I didn’t have them.

I was able to get some much-needed crafty time this morning and managed to get 1 card completed I tried for the college/vintage look Cant say I’m totally pleased with it but I gave it a good shot I will try to post with this and would like imput on what you think it could use or if there is too much of something used with it. I think I need to find a layout and color challenge and go from there as I’ve lost my mojo I think. If i have a start point I can change things from there.  I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with all the kids.

Well its Thursday 17 and school went well but Mister Levi has decided he don’t like to sleep at nights here lately so we are running a bit low on energy here at 6:30 p.m. Dinner was easy since I put a ham in the crock pot earlier and have plans to have leftovers tomorrow  Hip hip hooray!!!   We had temps in the low 70’s so I threw open every window I could and the house is properly aired out since it was so windy out.    I had a long talk with my Mom today and she is wanting to get the lawyer appointment set up asap because she is afraid the doctors may not think she can make decisions for herself and if nothing legal is in place we will have no rights without going to court.  again I don’t like to think that my parents are getting along in age like they are but alas tis true since I’m no spring chicken either.  LOL  🙂  Still waiting to hear from Doctor on Mom. Guess that’s about all thats been going on here we have a school meeting in the morning about Will getting things set up for the highschool then the rest of the day should be free and I’m sending small kids home for the weekend since it’s warming up and they will be ok there. Maybe i’ll get some craft time in?? I’ll let you know.

I will close for now .

lots of love to you all I hope to be able to check in more on you all soon,


P.S. I am going to post a couple of pictures of the dolls Brian gave me from the now gone doll collection.  One is Little Sherlock which is cutest  little face. and a little girl in pink very pretty dolls now I need to find a place in my space  to display them. Also added a picture of the birthday cards I put together .

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2 thoughts on “Whats been going on

  1. Shelly so sorry to hear about your worries and concern regarding your mum; a miracle would be most welcome but I think you and your sister are doing the right things in case that miracle doesn’t come along and it will relieve your mum’s worries too.
    Please, please don’t apologise about not being on here, you have more than enough on your plate with all that is going on in your life. We just love to hear your news whenever you have time and energy.
    Happy to hear that life on the kids front is somewhat easier although it would be easier still if Levi slept better. He is probably responding to your distress. Have you tried burning lavender oil or using something lavender based at night for him? Jill,our daughter, recenly problems with Liam not sleeping too well and waking up at some silly hour in the morning so she now bathes him with a lavender scented soap, burns lavender oil at night in his bedroom and uses a lavender scented washing powder/fabric conditioner on his PJs and bedsheets and it seems to work.
    Love your cards, they all look beautiful and those dolls are absolutely gorgeous 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Lynn is correct. You have a lot going on around your home and the continued upheaval keeps you really busy. We only hope the best for you and love it when you do post to let us know you are still around and fighting the good fight.

    I’m glad to read your Mom has agreed to having you and your sister help her legally and protect her interests when the time is necessary for that. Truly, it will give you peace of mind if/when the need does arise and you won’t be helplessly looking on as decision making is out of your hands.

    Looks like both you and Lynn have little boys that are rearing and ready to go for Spring to be here and don’t want to miss a minute of it 🙂 Surely these little guys will get their sleep patterns back in check and allow the grown ups to be better prepared for the new day 😉

    Love your cards. They are fantastic. The dolls are really cute. I see you have the Vintage Wallpaper embossing folder as well. I love that folder. The beautiful butterflies you “fussy cut” are delightful. That Eiffel Tower stamp looks really good. I’m so glad to see that you have had some time to yourself for creating beauty. Look forward to more 🙂
    Love you – Leslie

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