Good news from testing

Hi ther Friends

we have gotten the test results from the bronchoscopy and they were good what showed up was thick mucus which wasent good and can form again but it was not cancer so we can deal with this better aided by the right medications and the right doctors care. The copd is still bad news for her lungs since there is alot of damage to her lungs from her years of smoking two plus packs of cigarettesa day for 55 years so we still have many hurdles to cross but not the cancer one at least on this day. We are going to set up some home health visits and she has quit smoking and we know what to look for if she starts having othr episodes. I am so worn out but greatful for the good news. I am taking the kids to see her today since she is feeling up to the troops visiting. I so appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I will try again to post later.

Love and hugs to you



7 thoughts on “Good news from testing

  1. So glad the news is better than you imagined, hopefully the right medications will soon get her sorted. Is your mum an active person? If she is an active person then this will stand her in good stead as it will help to move the mucus build up.
    I can imagine that you are exhausted, at least you can breathe more easily now as the concern is less.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. That is very good and welcome news to hear. Sounds as though the doctors are on top of things and are formulating a plan for her recuperating.

    I can imagine you are “plum tuckered out” with all of the things going on in your life right now. You, Shelly, please take care of yourself and get your rest. Hopefully once your Mom is home from the hospital and has the Health Aid coming in you will be less stressed.

    We will all be here, awaiting news in your life as you can post.
    Love you – Leslie

  3. Shelly….are you all right? I haven’t heard from you in a while and am considering calling you to see if you are okay.

    I know you have such a full and busy life, and that is part of the reason for my concern. How is your Mom doing? Is she doing well with the Health Aid? Is this the week of the children being home for Spring Break?

    Just checking on my sweet friend and making sure you are okay.
    Love you – Leslie

    • HI Leslie
      I am doing ok We have been trying to get back into the groove and arent so successful 😦 the Small ones have been staying up til 2 in the morning!!!! I have to be up at 6 so the sleep factor for Brian and I is NONE πŸ™‚ or atleast it feels that way. My Mom is doing better but I think she is going to keep smoking and Like I said before I know it is going to be a hard time for her but bottom line is it is killing her literally and I just dont know how many times I can watch this unfold I just kills me when I have to watch her struggle to breath and watch what they have to do to help her. I love my Mom but am not sure how many more times I can do this ( this is not our first time going through this ). Needless to say I am feeling a bit blue.
      I along with the rest of the family unit are still reeling after Heather looked up birth family and moved in with them kinda feel cast away like an old shoe. Liike I stated before all my children are adopted through the foster care system so the State of Illionois took custody of my children and they had 3 years to recover their situation and decided not to for what ever reason. I know I shouldent be so upheaved about this but never the less it still hurts πŸ™‚ We continue to have the kids most of the time, Sierra dont like to sleep at her house says shes scared and we got to see that first hand this past Saturday night. She says there is a ghost there and she is really terrified now I dont think she sees a ghost more like shadows ect. and they live right nest to a very wooded area so the night time noises is sometimes creepy I think any way so I can only imagine what a 3 year old thinks when she hears noises and sees shadows I know I was easily creeped out as a kid. so for now I dont want to push that situation and she does not act like that while she is here.
      Ok noe since you share your DRAMA QUEEN moments I will do like wise hope you get a laugh out of it.
      Like I said I’m feeling kinda blue lately and a bit cranky ……. well a few nights ago I had a real pity party ( should have sent out some invitations LOL ) Poor Brian is the unsuspecting audience. Had a long weeping binge and ended with telling him I feel like I hav a pack of blood sucking vampires on me all the time πŸ™‚ a bit over board huh? any ways I dont even think vampires come in packs more like a flock since they fly right ? lol πŸ™‚ Gonna try to get some rest tonight since the kids are sopposed to go home…. maybe sierra ???? but she does sleep all…. Levi well he is a bit confused right now he was doing really good , I will have to wait and see. Ok duty ( doody) calles diaper changer number one in demand…. ME 😦 Talk to you later,
      Love to you all if you are reading this,

  4. Shelly it is no wonder you feel blue with all the stresses and strain you have been under of late and you obviously are stil not 100% in good health yourself either.
    I realise you are worried sick about your mum and the fact that she won’t stop smoking – a very difficult situation – but you can only do so much and she is an adult and has made her choice. She knows deep down that the cigarettes aren’t doing her any good as do all of us who smoke so you will have to accept that; like an alcoholic the only person who can make that change is the one drinking or smoking. Don’t beat yourself up about it, know that is easier said than done.

    So sorry your daughter decided to leave you and Brian and I can empathise with how you feel as could any parent who has brought up a child and then had this sort of thing happen. It feels like a kick in the teeth and doesn’t it hurt? Been there, the pain does ease over time and you always hope that they come through unscarred.

    Hope those vampires don’t scar you too much πŸ™‚ Hunt out the garlic quick!!!!! Where was my invitation to this pity party? I’d have brought a bottle of something:)

    We had a time with one of grandchildren who was scared about the night noises such as owls and foxes when staying here but we found picture books with the various creatures in and talked to him about them and showed him the trees ‘dancing’ in the wind and he is now fine with all those noises. They are just different from the night noises he was used to.

    Don’t worry about the typos Shelly. I do them all the time because my keyboard doesn’t always work as it should and drives me mad and I don’t always spot them until after I’ve pressed reply or hit send πŸ™‚

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  5. Shelly, I fully understand your “Vampire” analogy. And you do deserve to be a Drama Queen from time to time. Frankly, I’m surprised that it has taken this long for you to have a melt down. Me, it would have been months and months ago. You’ve got more grit than I have.

    All of the demands of the household and care and feeding of your family lands squarely in your lap. Help from no quarter is given. So I DO understand why you feel like your life is being sucked out of you. A good cry helps wonders and even voicing your feelings is a good thing.

    Boy, I don’t know what to say about poor Sierra and her fear of being home. Poor sweetie, and I know you all are trying to do the right thing for her.

    As for your Mom, well Lynn is correct. You’re Mom is going to have to be the one to make the decision to quit smoking. All others that tell her to do it will only make her less inclined to take the step to stop. I’m speaking from personal experience since I do smoke and have for many years.

    Your Mom knows the health risks and the damage she is doing to herself. If this weighs so heavy on your heart that you feel anger and frustration at her for putting you in the position of being her caretaker and watching her make it worse….you may have to step away from her for a while if you can. Does she have siblings that can step up and help or do you have siblings that can step in for a while?

    I can tell you are really down in the dumps and need some coddling and being taken care of for a change. You go right ahead and vent. I can’t be there to do much for you…but I can offer a place to vent your frustration and get it out.
    Love you – Leslie

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