Sorry for the long absence

 Hi there Friends  🙂

Long time no post 🙂   I have been feeling kinda depressed but I think things are getting into a better place . The weather is warm today and looks like spring is getting here so the small ones are going to be going home soon, now I will still care for them while Melissa and Jordan work but I will be getting some free time in the evenings soon.  Jordan and Melissa have both gotten new jobs with better pay and insurance benefits so things are looking better for them too. I am coming more to grips  with Heather moving  in with Birth family.  I still need to have a long talk with my Mom about her health concerns but that too feels better to me. Brian is still having quite a bit of pain with his vocal cords but he sees the Doctor soon and we will find out what to do next.  I was able to have a nice phone visit with Leslie a few days ago and she is a real spirit lifter 🙂  Thanks Leslie I needed some encouragement and I appreciate your kindness and love.  How is Joe by the way? I’ve been keeping him in prayer.  Well I am off to run some errands with Brian so I will post again soon.  Lynn happy to hear  tha kim is doing better ,sorry I didn’t answer your post the other day.  Next time I have the pity party I’ll give you a shout and you can pop on over with a little something … LOL maybe medicinal margaritas ?????  

Love to you all,