Sorry for the long absence

 Hi there Friends  🙂

Long time no post 🙂   I have been feeling kinda depressed but I think things are getting into a better place . The weather is warm today and looks like spring is getting here so the small ones are going to be going home soon, now I will still care for them while Melissa and Jordan work but I will be getting some free time in the evenings soon.  Jordan and Melissa have both gotten new jobs with better pay and insurance benefits so things are looking better for them too. I am coming more to grips  with Heather moving  in with Birth family.  I still need to have a long talk with my Mom about her health concerns but that too feels better to me. Brian is still having quite a bit of pain with his vocal cords but he sees the Doctor soon and we will find out what to do next.  I was able to have a nice phone visit with Leslie a few days ago and she is a real spirit lifter 🙂  Thanks Leslie I needed some encouragement and I appreciate your kindness and love.  How is Joe by the way? I’ve been keeping him in prayer.  Well I am off to run some errands with Brian so I will post again soon.  Lynn happy to hear  tha kim is doing better ,sorry I didn’t answer your post the other day.  Next time I have the pity party I’ll give you a shout and you can pop on over with a little something … LOL maybe medicinal margaritas ?????  

Love to you all,


5 thoughts on “Sorry for the long absence

  1. Hi Shelly so glad you are feeling more uplifted and that you had a cheering phone call from Leslie. I can very much imagine that she did lift your spirits.
    The weather has been glorious here too of late and that can make such a difference to your outlook too, to see and feel that warm sunshine and all the spring flowers is so heart warming and cheering.
    I made a ball of paper flowers and put it up on my blog, take a looksee next time you have 5 minutes to spare 🙂
    It will be lovely for you to have some free time in the evenings too so you can relax for a while. That’s marvellous news about new jobs for Jordan and Melissa, more pay, better perks and hopefully they can see more light at the end of tunnel.
    so sorry to hear that Brian is still no 100% with his vocal chords and my fingers are very much crossed that the doctor can help him.
    It was lovely to see you posting again and I hope you will soon have time to post more and perhaps show us some of your lovely creations.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • HIya Lynn 🙂 Big hugs to you.
      Happy to be posting again. Had a nice day with the family and lots of sunshine !!!! Havent been able to get myself to crafting but did repolish my nails tonight along with Jasmine and Ariels so I feel pretty accomplished. Been trying to figure out my phone with no luck Gonna have to look for a video tutorial on it. lol Brian had taken over my craft area with all his Ebay stuff and finally moved and rearranged the bedroom so now I can get to all my goodies again. Woo Hoo 🙂 I do understand what Leslie is saying about my daughter and I know that she is right that the dream family seems so much more than what she had. My hormonal crankiness is just rearing it’s ugly head. Gonna rush off here to answer Leslie and then shower and hit the hay for the night. We get the small ones back tomorrow evening I think.
      Have a great evening or day which ever it is when you read this.

      Much Love,

  2. Cabin Fever! I think that is what you have been experiencing. Being cooped up in your house with all the kids and their illnesses over the past several months. Now that the warmer weather is here you can open the doors and windows to allow fresh air in and get yourself outside and enjoy the beautiful arrays of flowers popping up all over the place.

    I’m sorry to hear about Brian. That is scary for you both, not knowing what is wrong with his throat and vocal cords. I can imagine all kinds of terrors popping in and out of your head as to what may be wrong with him.

    So glad to know that your older kids have better paying jobs with better benefits also. It will be good to have the wee ones back for the work days and have your evenings free. Get in some time for yourself, which is very much needed, and have your creativity let loose once more 🙂

    Joe is doing better, thank you. He had an encounter with food poisoning almost two weeks ago and that is what has made him ill. Our doctor gave him a shot of something and prescribed some medications and he is getting back to his old self now. Which is really good.

    I didn’t get the chance to talk with you about your daughter. Fact is, the thought came and then zoomed right out of my head. This is not a reflection on you as a parent and I really need to stress this to you. You and Brian loved her as you do all of your children. She was not treated any differently than your other children.

    The thing your daughter is going through is wanting to know about herself. Where she comes from and who she is. All the years she was with you, and knowing she was adopted, she has created a fantasy birth family in her head. This is something that no amount of love can stop from happening.

    The sad part of all of this is that her fantasy is in a struggle right now with reality and she is feeling sadness and a bit of anxiety over the conflicting things going on before her eyes. She is also going through some feelings of betrayal. Being so young her convictions of what her world SHOULD be and are proving not to be is very hard on her emotions and her heart. The betrayal she is feeling is not about you and Brian, but more towards her birth family for the mess they have made of things and have no intention of correcting.

    Give her time, she will work this all out. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. My children’s father told the older kids that I was dead after he had stolen them from me and I lost track of them for 12 years. Now that my relationship with my children is getting better as each year passes, their Fantasy Mom is being replaced by the REAL Mom. They came back into my life in 1991 and it has been a struggle with some of them.

    The worst part of all of this, on my side of the fence, is that my children are finding siblings all over the country that are old enough to begin looking for their birth father and extended family. My children are finding out that they are not the only ones with fantasy parents and siblings.

    Carissa is the only child that I had with me all her life and that is because I was pregnant with her when her father and I were getting divorced. Shortly after the divorce he took our kids to the zoo and never came back with them. 12 years of searching proved fruitless then the foster care system in Arizona contacted me when they wanted to take my parental rights away.

    Give your daughter a bit of space, but do let her know that you are there for her and always have been. The birth family is not going to change all of a sudden and become the type of people they need to be. My children’s father continues to prove that day in and day out. Just let your daughter know that you love her. You can give her guidance from time to time but she needs the space to work this out in her own way.

    Please know that none of this is Your Stuff and you don’t need to take this on personally as a cross to bear or feel that you have not been the ideal parent for her. You have loved her and you continue to love her. That is all she needs and she will appreciate you for it.
    Love you – Leslie

    • I appreciate your words of wisdom Leslie and know that you are right. I need to be more patient and less cranky. Thank you for sharing your life trials with me I appreciate you for caring enough about me and my situation to open up about what must have been a hellish time in your life. I Am happy Joe is getting better and glad it was only and I say it lightly the reminants of food poisioning which I know can be a very bad thing. I need to get showered and to bed for church in the morning and I had a longer response for you but some how deleted it!!!! grrrrr. Take care and tell Joe Hi from us 🙂

      Love and hugs,

  3. Well said Leslie 🙂 Shelly please listen to Leslie, she makes an awful lot of sense. I think quite a few adopted/fostered children create fantasy families and reality can be very hard for them to come to terms with.
    One day she will grow up, become mentally mature, have her own family and then understanding will come.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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