Another Hospital stay for Mom

Hi there friends

have gotten to read your blog posts but havent replied to any ….Sorry

We had another emergency room visit late Saturday night  and Mom finally got admitted in the wee hours of Sunday Morning  😦   She seems to be regaining her strength and breathing a bit easier. Saturday night was a horrible nightmare and the nurse assured me that she will have good bouts but to expect more and more spells like this and the worse is yet to come he says  😦  I don’t know if it can seem worse and I don’t want it to be. Very long day Sunday was as I only got a couple hours of sleep so had a monster headache all day. Brian was a sweetie and got the kids to bed and I took a sleepy pill and was in bed a little after 9. I feel much better today and only have the small ones til around 3 so I will have an easier evening since the kids havent had much homework as we are nearing the school year Yipee!!!! I have stamp club tonight which I’ve missed the past 2 times with Mom and Heather being in the hospital both times….. I plan on seeing Mom before club then all I will have to do is come home and kiss and hug the kiddies who will already be down for the night. Melissa either gets off early every day or goes in the afternoon so I have plans to play with my stamps and paper. I will have the weekend free too 🙂  We all survived the power outage which sadly happen a lot in the warmer months and I didn’t get my cuddle time but had a great date day with my fabulous Brian  🙂 . I am off to finish the laundry and fix lunch get things ready for dinner and put some clothes on that I can wear in the public lol  jammies not a good thing to wear out …..  since we have to have the heat on today  only in the 40’s low 50’s  What happened to my 80 ++++ weather of last week !!!?????   

Love and hugs to you all,



I’m in the Dark :)

OK I feel like a true pioneer 🙂 MY Telivision time was rudely interrupted by a stinkin power outage!!!! There I was watching the second night of dancing withthe stars the elimination and bam!!! nothing no lights , fans, and its 91 with the heat index ……. Oh fooey I only watch t.v. on Mondays and Tuesdays!!!!  The kids were outside playing all sweaty and stinky so the two younger ones had to get a sponge bath to get clean for bed and my battery operated candles are making great nightlights for them. I think the showers will have to be cold tonight since we now have a electric hot water heater as of last year with all the water leaks and all, Will was the lucky one to use the hot water and just made it out of the shower while it was still light out.

 My day with Brian was nice we went for a nice hike and the honey suckle scent was very pleasant and I thought of Leslie’s post and Lynn’s fond memories of her early married years. We found a few fossil rocks and one that is in the shape of a heart I will post that if I can later, We went to lunch at the Olive Garden in Champaign for the soup and salad lunch special and that was delicious. Back home to meet up with Melissa and Levi and then the kids came home from school with no homework so that was a nice way to end the afternoon. Early dinner of leftovers with the dishes done by 7:00 pm so I could watch my program is peace and quiet……..well it is quiet  lol  🙂 so I am typing in candle light to  on my laptop thank goodness my battery is charged 🙂 and will save this and post when the power is resumed.  I am grateful for cell phones and laptops and battery operated candles tonight. and the real candles too…….now if the kids will only go to sleep I could maybe use this as a nice ending of the night with my sweetie  wink wink  🙂 cuddling by candle light could be nice 🙂  Hope you are all doing well. I will check on your posts as son as I can.

Love and hugs to you all


P.S.  at least its not raining so we can have the windows open last outage it was blowing rain and we about baked in here 🙂

Update hot hot hot day and we are able to use the air conditioner  Yipee 🙂   Kids were up til late since they are all worked up being so dark…… late night to bed so I lost out on my snuggling!!!! will get Sierra back tomorrow morning and will dont have school tomorrow so he will be home to play with them. Sopposed to get some severe weather tonight and tomorrow  I hope it passes us by. Take care friends I will post later if I can.  hugs 🙂


 Wanted to wish all my Blogging Friends a very Happy Mother’s Day Hope you all had a wonderful day. We went to Church then the Family took me out for Dinner. Really nice to not have to cook or clean up. Now all the kids are outside playing and I get some time to play on the internet. Having really warm weather the last few days Yesterday we had Tornado warnings and severe w rain and wind but we all fared well and I am anticipating Tuesday as we will be kid free and it’s gonna be warm so maybe Brian and I can have a picnic?? Thats my plan anyway.  We have been weathering the different situations happening around here and we only have 2 weeks of school left. Yipee summer will finally be here. My Mom seems to be having some more breathing issues the las week or two so wish me luck that she stays well I am not ready for a repeat of the hospital stays but fear that  is what will be.  Well I’m off to check on the blogs and so forth. I miss getting to stop in here like I was seems like I might be able to more often this month since Melissa has shortened hours a few times a week for the whole month.

Love and hugs to you all,