Hello :)


Hello everyone  Sorry for the long absence . Getting into a better summer routine with all 5 kiddos being here all day long. We are having such weird weather here that either it’s too hot to send them out or too much rain so we have been doing many movies and some house cleaning and rearranging, I figure if they’re  here why not get them to pitch in  🙂 We did get to do a little card making  done for Fathers Day I will have to try to get some photos since they are all so proud of their creations.  

I have been following the posts on all of your blogs  and hope you are all faring well as your summers are in full swing. I have been doing some cleaning of my craft space trying to get everything more accessible so I can use what I have ( seems to me I spend more time arranging than creating ) I am amazed at all the scrap paper I have so I am vowing to use it up before cutting into whole sheets . Not to mention I think I have some sorta problem with all the paper in general I get this nice paper and then can’t make myself cut into it because it’s so pretty. What am I thinking?????  By the way Leslie  I was able to get quite a nice shopping spree From the gift card  Thanks again 🙂   Ok I need to get off this computer Get showered and some sleep tomorrow is a long work day for Melissa and Jordan so we will have the two small ones all day ( and Levi is getting to be very fast with his short little legs  lol ) so I will be busy most of the day.

Take care Friends,

Love and hugs to you all,

  • Shelly