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Hello everyone  Sorry for the long absence . Getting into a better summer routine with all 5 kiddos being here all day long. We are having such weird weather here that either it’s too hot to send them out or too much rain so we have been doing many movies and some house cleaning and rearranging, I figure if they’re  here why not get them to pitch in  🙂 We did get to do a little card making  done for Fathers Day I will have to try to get some photos since they are all so proud of their creations.  

I have been following the posts on all of your blogs  and hope you are all faring well as your summers are in full swing. I have been doing some cleaning of my craft space trying to get everything more accessible so I can use what I have ( seems to me I spend more time arranging than creating ) I am amazed at all the scrap paper I have so I am vowing to use it up before cutting into whole sheets . Not to mention I think I have some sorta problem with all the paper in general I get this nice paper and then can’t make myself cut into it because it’s so pretty. What am I thinking?????  By the way Leslie  I was able to get quite a nice shopping spree From the gift card  Thanks again 🙂   Ok I need to get off this computer Get showered and some sleep tomorrow is a long work day for Melissa and Jordan so we will have the two small ones all day ( and Levi is getting to be very fast with his short little legs  lol ) so I will be busy most of the day.

Take care Friends,

Love and hugs to you all,

  • Shelly

6 thoughts on “Hello :)

  1. Shelly it was so lovely to read your post and hear that you were getting sorted out. I have no problem with getting the children to help with housework, after all they create most of the mess so why not? When our kiddies were at home they had certain jobs to do as well as keep their bedrooms clean and tidy and that was a chore in itself 🙂
    Aha another paper hoarder 🙂 I am exactly the same about paper, hate cutting up very pretty papers. I actually find it difficult to use any type of papers on my cards as layers and don’t know why I have so much but I have always had a love of paper. I tend to use stamps and inks as backgrounds rather than paper. I also sometimes think I spend more time organising and tidying my craft stash than actually use it; I’m hoping that once we have sold up and moved into a new house I will be able to unpack all my craft stuff and finally get down to creating some projects. I have a list of projects I want to have a go at and I also have several items – all packed away – for altering. I bet my brain will go blank once all those come out of hiding!!

    So happy to see you posting again and hope you will have another chance soon
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Hi Lynn 🙂
      Yes I am a horrible paper hoarder while I was cleaning I found some that I had up in my cupboard Lovely paper but sitting there uncut. I am going to take Leslies advise and uae my scraps Which I must admit there are lots there too.. some from when I was a stampin up demo and would precut stuff for classes and put in packages to keep together so needless to say I have alot to work with without getting into my Pretty patterned stash :). Seriously I am going to make myself use some of what I have and try to quit getting any new paper and get something else crafty. My latest project is the petal flower punch from stampin up I have seen so many beautiful creations with this and distress inks and the inking tool which I dont have any of , so I am using my Stampin up inks and trying to make my own inking tools . I will let you know how it turns out.
      Today we took the kids to the park on a picnic and after we were done eating a deer came right up about 20 feet from us just visiting I guess the kids all thought it was lovely. Poor thing was limping from a sore on its hind leg so Will my sweet boy looked up one of the rangers to let them know it was injured.. Today really was nice the temprature was in the upper 70s and that is warm compared to how it was the past few days. I will try to post some photos from our outing today tomorrow if I can remember what I did lol.

      Well my timer is buzzing to rinse out my hair conditioner then I’m off to surf youtube for a bit then into bed for Church tomorrow ( it’s our last day teaching the 2 year old class then Monday starts our vacation bible school at which we help in crafts and the older ones around here are crew leaders and game helpers) Things will be busy all next week 🙂

      Much love and hugs,
      Tonight it is raining again with the chance of rain the next few days.

  2. The old saying “Many hands make light work” is true. However!! Many LITTLE hands makes more work, lol. I’m so glad you did have the help in getting things sorted.

    Your craft room arranging an clean up sounds like me. Spend more time moving things around and finding unused stuff. I have several stashes of paper that has been cut a little bit and then left. This winter when I get home maybe we should do some kind of a challenge to use up our scraps and maybe ship them off to clutter up the craft room of someone else 🙂 Sounds good to me 🙂

    I’m so glad you were able to go on a shopping spree just for YOU with the card you won!! Grinning from ear to ear 🙂
    Love you Girlfriend – Leslie

  3. Hello some how there is a P.S. about the rain and I didnt notice it til I reread my post….. don’t know what I did but it’s there….. and yes it is raining

    • Shelly it sounds as though you all had a great time at the picnic and to have a deer come so close. Well done Will for finding a ranger to let him know there was a deer with a problem.

      I am waiting for a Stampinup punch to arrive after seing how to make a peony flower with it. I go to a site run by an Australian who used to be Stampin Up Demo but has dropped out and she makes some gorgeous flowers with various punches, she also has some Youtube videos and these can be accessed via her site. Have a look here http://valitasfreshfolds.blogspot.com/ I think you will like her work and it will enable you to use up some of that paper! Another Youtuber I watch is GinaK with her StampTV, she does some lovely work too – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vwoastEqPc&feature=feedu
      You might already have seen some of these but just in case you haven’t!! There is another one I have found who makes gorgeous flowers but I can’t find the link at the moment, I shall have to come back. My broadband connection is being very slow this evening.

      It was hot here too today, close to 90F!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot sunshine for the first time in weeks of overcast, cloudy weather with some showers and wind. It is going to be hot again tomorrow with thunderstorms tomorrow evening and then fresher and cooler apparently! hey ho!

      Good luck with using that paper stash up! I have made my own inking tools – for alcohol inks I bought a square of white felt and stuck velcro onto a block of wood and cut the felt into rectangles the same size as the block of wood and fixed those to the velcro and it works a treat! For the foam inking tool I used blocks of wood again with velcro and bought a sheet of cut ‘n’ dry (think it is called – the same stuff Tim Holtz uses) and cut pieces an attach to the block with velcro. Saves lots of money!! The link I mentioned above that I need to find for you she shows you how to make your own inking tools!

      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

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